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  1. Hi Guys. I'm after a cheap'ish Electro Acoustic Classical Guitar if anyone has one? Leave some details, and I'll get back to you. EDIT: Right hand, hollow body and cut out preferable. Thanks! Chris.
  2. bedrovelse

    The London Bass Guitar Show 2014

    I'll be going. So close to my birthday it'll be a nice little treat, it'd be rude not to.
  3. bedrovelse

    Recording newbie requires help.

    Using the behringer always put me off recording, because it was direct from the bass and the tone was terrible. It may sound a little better from an amps D.I, but I found it hard to use to record. Almost soul destroying. Having read the blurb and viewed some youtube videos I'm excited to get cracking with the One, looks like a good product.
  4. bedrovelse

    Recording newbie requires help.

    Cheers for all the help guys. I ended up going for the Apogee One for Mac, which I brought from a fellow BC member. Wanted an audio interface, but with the additional mic I can record acoustically and with the whole band together for rough demos/writing ideas. It wasn't until I started looking at the suggestions did I realise what I needed/wanted. I'll see how Garageband goes, but I may convert to Logic Pro, now that I've upgraded my mac. Thanks guys!
  5. bedrovelse

    July Composition Competition - THE RESULTS!

    Big funk fan, so lowdown was especially good, well done. Vote went to JamesFlashG though, just had that 'something' about it, really liked the keys. Good entries people.
  6. bedrovelse

    Recording newbie requires help.

    I'm just testing the waters at the moment, don't particularly want to spend too much. What software do you use with it? PM sent. Cheers.
  7. bedrovelse

    Recording newbie requires help.

    Hi Liam. Do you have any recorded samples I can listen to? To get an idea of sound quality you are producing with that setup? Thanks. Chris.
  8. bedrovelse

    Recording newbie requires help.

    Hi Guys. I'm pretty new to this recording game. Here's what I've got going at the moment. Instrument -> Behringer USB Guitar Link -> Garageband. The quality of the recording is not that great and the bass tone (or lack of) is not so good, and I want to dabble into making some music. Instrumental style, with keys, drums. (Drums from samples or made using the software) I'm also looking at maybe sacking Garageband and using Reaper, as I've heard good things on BC. What can I use to replace my Behringer? As I just don't feel it's working. Any information on best cause of action, will be appreciated. Thanks. If I've missed something you need to know, let me know.
  9. Hi People. I'm buying some other effects and decided I need to make some space on the pedal board and get rid of stuff I don't use, so... For Sale, EHX Mini Q-Tron Envelope Filter. Brought this brand new about a month ago. Works a treat and never had any problems with it. Again, comes more or less brand new, with original box and all the crap inside of the box. [b]Lookings for £45 posted to UK mainland[/b]. No trades, need the dough! I'm based in High Wycombe, so if you pick it up or want it delivered (within reason, regarding miles) I can. Prefer Bank Transfer or cash on collection,etc.., brought loads of stuff on here so hopefully people can vouch for me. I'll try and put some pictures up tonight, if required. Ta, Chris.
  10. bedrovelse

    Feedback for Danweb22

    Brought a MXR Micro Amp from Dan. Quick response, and delivery. Pleasure to do business with! Cheers Dan!
  11. bedrovelse

    Pedal Board wanted.

    Looks good, at over 150 miles, slightly out of the way though. Thanks for the post. If I had the time I'd try and make something similar.
  12. bedrovelse

    Pedal Board wanted.

    Hi. I'm after a medium'ish (think 6-8 sized 'boss pedals')sized pedal board. I'll review whatever you have and see if it fits the bill. Not too bothered on make. As long as it's in good nick and cheap'ish. Will be checking out the 'items for sale' forum also. Let me know what you have available folks!.
  13. bedrovelse

    SOLD: MXR Micro Amp

  14. [url="https://www.facebook.com/events/445231305562340/?ref=ts&fref=ts"]FACEBOOK EVENT[/url] [url="http://www.newwhiteastros.com"]NEW WHITE ASTROS WEBSITE[/url] Hi di Hi. Couple of bands on at The Red Lion, Reading on Friday 17th May. Come check this out. Especially New White Astros. (Where I'll be playing some low end loveliness) Cheers!
  15. bedrovelse

    Wanted: Rack Tuner.

    Hi Guys. Looking for a cheap'ish, good Rack Tuner. Open to any available. PM me the details with price and I'll get back to you. Thanks. Chris.