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  1. no intros needed for this, recently bought from @castlemaine22 to try, but as I have an OC2 and Octabvre, I am really covered -1 octave wise. In used condition with marks and signs of use. Velcro underneath. £35 


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  2. 4 hours ago, jimbobothy said:

    Ordep, could I ask what the plain pedal is? The knobs look to be off a SolidgoldFX pedal?

    Its a blueberry bass od clone that I got from the classifieds. Sounds ok for always on low gain dirt.

    2 hours ago, tayste_2000 said:

    That’ll be one hell of a volume jump when you kick in the fx10 😂


    Have you messed with the setting where the tone is all the way off?

    Haha Yeah it will be, but its always on and that setting on the pic is not how I run it. Usually 11 o clock-ish for tone.

    I think I tried before but iirc it will be dubby? Will try that again later tonight.

  3. Selling this awesome drum pedal case from Mono. Very sturdy and will handle any abuse with almost hardcase-like protection. Mainly used to store my double pedal but as they are sold now this is surplus to requirements.

    Can be a good case for your custom pedalboard or other stuff too. (the divider on the middle is just held by velcro and can easily be removed)

    £50 collected from Aylesbury HP18 or can post at buyer’s cost.





  4. 1 hour ago, Stub Mandrel said:

    I'm not talking Peart/Bonham type setups.

    20-30 years ago every drumkit seemed to have two toms mounted on the bass drum, now they typically only have one. Our drummer says 'it's just the way people do it these days', but for the extra space and cost I can't see why?



    *I have an old Hohner kit with three toms (but I can't play it very well)

    my Terry Bozzio reference means that I dont assign drums/toms to specific notes. my needs are simple and I can do with a very simple setup.  

    As mentioned earlier, people sometimes remove the other tom to have the ride on a “hihat” level.

  5. 4 hours ago, Stub Mandrel said:

    Why has having just two toms become so popular these days?

    The exact opposite of gear multiplication that applies to other instruments?

    In the gigs/jams I have done as a drummer I never felt that having only two toms to be lacking.I am no Terry Bozzio tho. 

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