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  1. Well today I took delivery of a beautiful fender Jazz am standard in mint condition, truly thankful to all of you for advise and guidance leading to the purchase.. thank you
  2. Lol, up cycling literally taking the pss
  3. There may be a change in the works.. watch this space lol
  4. I bit the bullet and decided to get a Squire Classic Vibe 60 fretted and fret less, I’ll have a few days to try them out and return the unwanted instrument, thank you all for advise and guidance. I also tried a p bass and I’m really keen on that too.. I’ll see how well my lessons go and maybe get one as well. thank you all, I’m glad to be part of this community archie
  5. Is there much difference in quality from say a MIM to a USA fender, I had a beautiful Fender Japan assembled but i don't have access to it just now. Ive looked at Fender Players, American Standards and professional but i reall amn't sure if i would notice the difference. My EBMM L3 BFR was expensive but shes incredible, Im looking to be comfortable on the starter levels of bass learning. Maybe when I feel good ill sell the GTR and buy a better bass. Thanks
  6. Good idea, why didn't i think of that LOL. I have an eye on a Fretless Squire Classic Vibe 60s Jazz, which is probably not too bad.. i'll get the fretted version and see what one i prefer, I love the sound of Fretless growing up with Jaco and Alain Caron sort of gave me the taste. I want to learn properly not be a guitarist who plays bass, but be a bass guitarist!
  7. I play Flatwounds on my Yamaha sa2100 and love the tone, I’ll have to give a flat wound bass I think, the Warwick has rounds on them plus they are quite old so are dull sounding
  8. I really need to have a look through the classifieds.. but i keep getting drawn to the bling lol
  9. I assume a P/J is the pickup type, Ill look into that too. Thank you Sir
  10. I had a beautiful Japanese Fender Jazz that I loaned to my wifes uncle.. still waiting to get that badger back, But im open to trying anything. Just spotted a nice Sandberg TT and a Sandberg fretless, but im worried i spend it and cant do it justice. Thank You
  11. Hi Looking for some advise, i am a long time guitar player and have recently taken up Bass (warning Scott Devine is a gateway drug). I have a lovely 5 String Warwick Rockbass (corvette??) but I'm looking to get a 4 string too. Im sort of lost on options. Ive always looked lustfully at Fender J basses and recently Sandberg TT4, but im aware that Im unlikely to gig so spending lots isn't really what i want to do or afford! Id like a good easy to play J or P bass thats not gonna break the bank, maybe up to £900. Also Im sort of fascinated with fretless and wonder if buying something new to me should I consider fretless and go for the whole enchilada! Thank you all for advice and guidance.
  12. [quote name='Dom in Somerset' timestamp='1342870353' post='1742089'] I got mine here: www.yandles.co.uk [/quote] Love that place. I travel down to Yandles every chance I get. Usually with my mate Ben from Crimson Guitars. Such a great selection
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