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  1. I sold an Ibanez project bass to him. He paid within minutes, was easy to talk to and the deal went perfectly. Top guy.
  2. Hey there, as you can see I've not used this forum in months as I've been too unwell to play basses, let a lone tinker with them - so that's why I'm selling my project bass. It's an early 90's (94 if I'm correct)[b] [i]Ibanez SR405[/i][/b]. The body is Maple, the neck is Maple and the fretboard is Rosewood. 2 Ibanez DX passive pickups. 16.5mm string spacing on the bridge. It's needing new pots, some filler and a respray (or you can keep the 'roadworn' look). Fretboards fine, frets are fine, truss road may need adjusting as it's not had strings in awhile, headstock has a massive scratch and the tuning heads are in perfect condition. Body has about 5 big dents and loads of annoying dents and dings, and the lower horn has been completely stripped of paint after a bad fall. If you have some cheap pots lying around, you can get this running for very little effort. If you're wanting a good project, you could get this reprayed and filled for under £15/20 and it'll look brand new. As you can see, the body is littered with dents and scratches. Never found out what this plugged up pot hole was about. Photobucket is really not working at the moment, so i'll upload the high res images onto a open folder there later tonight and edit my post. I'd like [b]£65 delivered[/b] for this bass, I think that's an alright price that's roughly £25 for the body, £25 for the neck and £15 for courier. I'm never gonna use it again in my life, so i'm more than happy to negotiate prices and i'm also willing to split body and neck. Happy to use any couriers you like, if not i'll go with whoever is doing the best deal. Will be sent in a massive cardboard box with loads of bubble wrap and airbags. Happy to accept Paypal (you paying fees) or bank transfer. Thanks for reading, Chris EDIT ; [url="http://s19.beta.photobucket.com/user/Micehorns/library/Ibanez"]http://s19.beta.phot.../library/Ibanez[/url] More images in there.
  3. Are those the DX pickups? and completely passive? If so, it's an early 90s (as oppose to the mid 00s) SR405 in natural American maple. I would upload a picture from the '94 catalogue, but I've lost it. Have a bump from a fellow sr405 user!
  4. [quote name='steve-soar' timestamp='1329511283' post='1543783'] I use one of these to jam out song ideads. I've had mine for quite a few years. It's battered and I tweeked it a little, (lowered the nut and saddle, levelled a couple of frets) and it's had the same set of D'Addario coated strings on for nearly 3 years and it plays and sounds great. This is a total bargain. Good luck, mate. [/quote] Thanks man, for £110 first hand it's a brilliant price and I haven't seen an acoustic out there that's better. This is half that and it's barely been touched. Don't make me have to eBay it people
  5. Up for sale I have a Samick Strat neck and body. I'm selling them seperately because I don't have a box big enough for the full guitar, if you really want the full guitar and can wait a week until I find a new box, then I'll sell for [b]WITHDRAWN[/b] First up the body ; As you can see it's in an Ok state, missing the 3 white strat knobs (I'll update this if I find them), and one of the pots has disappeared inside the control cavity but they all work well, the pickups work, the selector switch works. It's perfectly fine to plug in and play. The back plate it being held on by one screw, you'll need to drill new screw holes for it to fit perfectly. The pickups have been discoloured from nicotine, this guitar spent about 10 years in my friends smokey room. I have given it a thorough cleaning, so I don't think you can smell the smoke. [i][u][b]WITHDRAWN[/b][/u][/i] A 5mm by 5mm chunk has been taken out the front of the stomach contour. This is the worst damage on the body. The neck is completely fine with no damage whats so ever, truss rod works fine, machine heads hold the strings well. Frets show signs of play but aren't damaged or raised/depressed, still sound good. No noticable dead spots. WITHDRAWN Will send this within 3 days of payments. Will take bank transfer or Paypal with you paying the fees. As I said at the start, I will sell if you want the full instrument but at this moment in time I don't have a box big enough for the whole instrument. Thanks for reading, Chris. PS - Google says this is a Samick, I hope i'm right
  6. ON HOLD. Hey there, up for sale I have my Yamaha F310. I bought this in August last year from Thomann and it's rarely been touched, as it's too loud for my bedroom (my room's empty) and I find myself just playing my electric guitar unplugged instead. Everything is in working condition, infact the protective plastic is still on the pick guard. The strings will need replaced, as they're pretty lifeless (Cheap strings that came with the guitar). The last couple have went for £60-70 if you include the postage, a few have went for £35-50 pick up only. I'm selling mine for [i][b]£55 Including P & P. [/b][/i]I will send with a courier within 3 days of payments. If you have any prefered couriers, please say, I will send it in a secure box that I got it in. Bank transfer or Paypal thanks. If you want any new or larger pictures, please say so and i'll PM them. THanks for reading! Edit : Thought I'd link to some reviews from Amazon customers, just to show it's one of the best budget acoustics out there [url="http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B000I1V5KA/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1"]http://www.amazon.co...howViewpoints=1[/url]
  7. Hey there, up for sale I have my Zoom B2.1u with Zoom power supply and a USB connection. I can't seem to find either the original box or the instruction manual, but everything you need is on the Zoom website and can be downloaded as a PDF file. I've had it for a good number of years and it has been on the floor the whole time, so it's not in 100% condition, just a few areas of dust and dirt that I can't clean out. Last one on eBay went for £55 including P+P, so I'll sell mine for [b]£45 Inc P+P[/b]. I'll send it in two boxes, packed out with bubble wrap, using Royal Mail next day delivery and signed. (if you wish to use a different courier, that's fine). Bank transfer or Paypal (with you paying fees). If you want full resolution images send to your email, please say so. Thank you for reading!
  8. I bought a bass off Darwin 2 years ago. Arrived quickly, well packaged, easy to deal with and everything went well. Top guy!
  9. My only bass is my Ibby SR405 that I was given as a birthday present 9 years ago. I enjoy playing my bass, that is the most important part of it for me. The neck fits my tiny hands, the action is absolutely perfect and the tone, although passive, can fit my style. I like to see how far I can push things with the kit I've got, I like the thrill of having the most beat-up, crap instrument and that gives me the desire to push myself. If I ever bought a Ibby Prestige model or a Spector euro, etc it would not change a thing for me (Other than fear of looking at my bank account ) Would my tone be better? Not to any great, noticeable difference (I'm still running through crap amps and cabs lol). Would my playing ability increase? Nope. Would anybody else actually care or notice? Probably not. I like to browse photography forums and I alway notice that my favourite photographers on the forums don't spend their days in the 'Equipment' or "For Sale" sections, they always post their work in the photoblogs/sharing sections of the forums. I always found this as an inspiration to just forget about all the crap involved and just go for it (...I still suck, but hey lol). Oh and i'm completely and utterly broke, so this could also explain my feelings. When I go on my "I love cheap stuff" rants, it always comes across as if i'm dissing those who buy loads of basses or buy expensive basses. I really don't mean it in that way at all. We're all just doing different things trying to achieve the same outcome
  10. Ok, this sale never went ahead first time, so I'm re-using my old advert and dropping £10 from the original asking price. Anymore pictures or higher res. images just message me Take care.
  11. As you can see The Yammy now has strings. You can also see the polishing I done to the frets and how nice the wood grain is on the neck, somebody must be interested. Take care. Edit : I see [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Yamaha-RGX420S-Electric-Guitar-/150513674999?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item230b506af7"]this one [/url] went for £60 as a collect only, so I brought my price down to £60 INCLUDING postage and packaging, saving you around £15.
  12. Bump again. If you wish to discuss prices, please do so.
  13. Hey there, I'm selling my Yamaha RGX 420S. I bought it new in 2003 for £220 in Sound Control (RIP), it's well used, has a lot of dents at the bottom and one large(ish) chip on the body contour at the back (about an inch by an inch). The reason i'm selling it ; I rarely play guitar since I sold my guitar amp and my Line 6 POD. In terms of style and play, I'd say it suits metal/prog/neo-classical style of playing, as the neck is very, very thin (Ibanez style). It has nice low action and a decent tone out of it. You can also experiment with the Direct switch, it basically by-passes the pots and gives you full tone and full volume from the rear pickup. It has a Licensed Floyd Rose bridge, I'll be honest with you here I find them slightly annoying for changing strings, but I may not be using the correct technique. It also has a locking nut, which as you know is a fantastic addition of you're trying to be Dragonforce. Funnily enough, it's the loudest guitar I've ever played acoustically, it can resonant well and loud. Being a Yamaha, you know there will be no faults with it. Oh and I spent an hour polishing the frets for whoever will purchase this, as I'm so kind lol. Any questions about the features or body, just ask. I think this would be a great project guitar, you already have a classic modern guitar shape, a fast, thin neck and a light Alder body. Drop your favourite active 'buckers in, install a real Floyd Rose, etc. There are loads of options to make this an Ibanez RG killer for a 3rd of the price. I think £70 (including postage and packing) is a good deal for a working, well used, solid instrment. [url="http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/ContentDetail/ModelSeriesDetail/0,,CNTID%25253D2254%252526CTID%25253D223700%252526CNTYP%25253DPRODUCT,00.html"]Yamaha RGX 420s website[/url] [url="http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b177/Micehorns/Yamaha/"]My photobucket[/url] ^^ Check out my Photobucket account for more pictures, I'll take more tomorrow when (hopefully if) there's more sunlight. Take care and thanks for reading. PS - It's got new strings on it now.
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