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  1. I can look into get a suitable wooden crate one made easily enough to make sure it stays upright. Would need to factor in materials. Either that or could meet halfway if you cover petrol costs.
  2. FYI the head was manufactured in 2006 - should have said.
  3. You wouldn't regret it. I will be gutted when it eventually goes☹️
  4. ***EDIT - CAB NOW SOLD*** Reluctantly selling my pride and joy bass rig but sadly just can't justify it as I'm more focussed on other instruments and not actively playing bass in bands as much as I used to. Ampeg SVT-VR with wheeled flightcase 2006 USA Model - not Vietnam. Been gigged well since I've had it but still sounds amazing. In my opinion the best sounding amp I've ever played through. Comes with a heavy duty flight case customised with heavy duty trolley-style casters which makes transportation much easier. Can post photos of this if required. Serviced by Dennis Marshall a few years ago but had no work done since. £900. Was selling my Berg NV610 but that has now sold so just the amp to go. Ready to collect or shipping can be agreed with buyer at buyers cost. I would be willing to discuss transporting personally if petrol is covered. Open to reasonable offers. No trades please. Thanks! Campbell
  5. Nice one, the plastic stake idea sounds pretty genius, I'll gve it a bash.
  6. I've recently completed my dream rig with a new Bergantino NV610. To make transporting it a bit easier though I wanted to add some skid rails to the back but am completely clueless about these things and wondered if anyone has any experience in this? I don't want to go screwing rails into the back and risk damaging the cab without getting a bit of info first. Also can anyone suggest a way of adding something to the top of the cab to hold my head in place? I have an Ampeg SVT-AV and the 610 I used before had handy little pots to fit the rubber feet on the head into. Any help or advice would be ace. Cheers
  7. Oh deary me, I won't have saved up enough money for this till June. If you still have it by then I'll definitely take it
  8. [quote name='owen' post='204751' date='May 23 2008, 08:47 AM']I know that someone has a special place in their hearts for this, so I am just bringing it to their attention again.[/quote] If you still have this next month I'll have it off you in a jiffy - just a matter of getting the cash together really.
  9. My word if this was one month into the future I would easily buy this. I want to cry.
  10. My SVT only has a 2 or 4 ohm impedance selector. Was just wondering if it'll mess up the tubes if I use a single 8 ohm cab? Or will it be okay using it with the SVT at 4 ohms? If not then is there anyway to make using an 8ohm cab safer? Cheers
  11. Ha sounds genious! That's pretty much what I've heard so far. They're not a lot more expensive than the Ampegs anyway so I'll keep saving I rekon and hopefilly get my hands on one soon.
  12. I'm pretty sure I've still got the footswitch someplace but I'll get back to you on that tonight. I live in Glasgow just now but the amp's still at my old house in Dundee. If you wanted to pick it up then either is fine.
  13. I'm looking to buy a new cab, 610's as big as I want to go really and I've only recently came across these cabs. Anyone know anything about them? I was going to be opting for an Ampeg (it's an Ampeg-VR head i've got) but I've heard these are much better. Any thoughts?
  14. I'm shifting my old Crate BT220. I'm only selling it because I've just bought an Ampeg SVT-VR. It's two years old, a few nicks and tears in the carpeted exterior but works fine. Not been used since its last service a few months ago. It's served me well and been gigged quite a bit in the last couple of years without letting me down. It's big enough for most venues and has an XLR output anyway for a PA. Check out Crates website for more info if you're interested. [url="http://www.crateamps.com/products/pindex.php?prodID=33"]http://www.crateamps.com/products/pindex.php?prodID=33[/url] If you fancy it give make me an offer - they're around £300 new so I'll be looking for around £100. Cheers.
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