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  1. So... I made this pickguard! I ordered a white pearloid pickguard for my PJ Mustang, but it took about four weeks to arrive. In the interim I made my own pickguard from a white pearloid blank, using hand tools all the way. I produced the bevel by mounting a Stanley blade at 45 degrees and running it around the edge of the pickguard, a little at a time. I coloured the edge in with a permanent marker, and stopped scraping once all the ink was removed and the black layer was an even width. I hand cut/dug the counter-sinking for each pickguard screw: The pickup route was the trickiest bit. In place on my Mustang bass, and it fits: Alas my WD Music has shown up, so I don't need this. For half the cost of the WD pickguard you can have my DIY creation! My only caveat is that to fit it to my Mustang I had to loosen off the pickups and then re-seat them in the bass. Not sure why, but the pickups mount with two screws per pickup half, and they sit on black foam. Therefore they have a bit of travel to them. Postage would be about £2 from Edinburgh, or you can collect/meet up if you live here! Thanks, Alan
  2. I've been! I picked up this pine cone from the forest at the foot of the dune on the landward side in about 2010 or so: I would love to go back to Arcachon. The canelé were amazing, and the boardwalk/beach area was beautiful. Anway... good luck with the sale!
  3. Wilcock London

    I like the design, though it is fairly low-key. Nice to see somebody building simple passive designs, really. It seems that the builder hasn't made too many yet. On their website they're selling the prototype, and a used example has turned up on Bass Direct.
  4. Can anyone help me identify this bass?

    Yup I reckon that is a Stagg, and somebody has prised out the headstock badge and inlaid something else in there.
  5. GuitarGuitar in Edinburgh has a black Embassy in stock.
  6. Fair enough. The other thing I considered is that there is a high chance the delusional seller is somebody from here. Anyway, there is a dinged up circa 2002-03 MIM Jazz bass on one of the groups at the moment. The headstock is covered in dents and the body looks like it has been brush painted with varnish. The pickguard has a coat of varnish on it as well. The pickups are apparently Dimarzios, and the seller wants £380 for it. Good luck!
  7. Jack Cassidy project - £150

    How do these things happen? Was this guy buying Epiphone basses for the 3-point bridges or something?!?!?
  8. It looks like something my Dad and I might have bodged together in the garage during the summer when I was 14 or so, angrily and desperately trying to grow my hair long and quietly rebel in idyllic rural Perthshire. Some sort of awkward teen and Dad bonding exercise with the junior hack saw and the Sadolin. My sibblings, my parents and I are convening this Christmas to discuss wills, power of attorney and all that sort of serious stuff, so I have to give this slide bass contraption a free pass. Yes it is demonstrably crude, hacky shite, but it is the sort of crude, hacky shite I recognise from my childhood. As such I see it and I see my Dad, who was too timid to ever give any of us 'the talk', but was happy to stay up late and hand draw us Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cards when we were wee boys. I'm not buying it, mind!
  9. Delusional Ebay sellers are sort of a known quantity at this point. Facebook seems to be getting worse, in my opinion! Unfortunately most of the adverts are hidden in closed/private groups, so I'm not sure how to post them here. There is a rich vein of bizarre/rubbish stuff for sale on Facebook market pages, so any suggestion on how to post them on here will be welcome. identities would need to be redacted, presumably.
  10. Revelation rbg bass, thoughts?

    Scott Whitley has a video of this bass, albeit branded as a Richwood: He rather likes it, and given that he plays with The Animals I rather trust his judgment. I've never tried one myself so can't really comment further.
  11. Sting - as a bass player?

    Sting was able to play rhythmically exciting parts while singing at the same time, which I think is pretty impressive. Plus Copeland was always putting the beat on the 2 and trying to sneak in weird syncopated polyrhythms, so he didn't have the easiest drummer to dial in with. The Police commanded big egos, and Sting didn't shirk as a bassist.
  12. identify my bass!

    I've seen these listed as 'Hohner Arbor' basses before today. The same square heel on the neck, stubby pickguard on the cutaway and generally slightly-off body geometry compared to a Fender. Not sure if that brass bridge is original.
  13. Bath, Mustangs and looking daft

    One of two big things that put me off my MIJ Mustang reissue was the size. The seller shipped it to me with the neck off, and this big cardboard box arrived. I opened the box and this wee bass body was wrapped up in there, and it felt like a chopping board. A thin, small body. I was surprised at how small it was. I'm 5ft 10 or so... I've been taller, and I get taller when I do Pilates. As a desk jockey I've lost a bit of height, through poor posture. I'm also built more like a lazy rugby player than an athlete.... I'm not the smallest guy out there, and as such the Mustang looked a wee bit small on me. Plus, after getting over the novelty of zipping around on the thing at speed, I didn't find it the absolute easiest to play. It had a Jazz-width nut, but a shorter neck that is set quite far into the body. It felt odd, frankly. I was ok playing it, but I basically had to hide behind it and play it very delicately and very consistently. There was very little margin for error with my right hand. An inch closer to the bridge or neck resulted in widely different timbres and tones. There was a fair bit of uncontained low-end to the bass, but it didn't really sit well with my band. It didn't back up the music as much as twang along, but with that billowy low-end response in there as well. These new PJ Mustangs alleviate some of that problem by having a bigger P-style pickup. However it is still a wee bass.
  14. davie504 and other awful clickbait horror

    You don't really want to discuss this, just wallow in your bitterness! Suggesting people deserve to be 'kicked in the balls' purely because you find their craft annoying isn't really an especially adult outlook on like.
  15. davie504 and other awful clickbait horror

    I can actually get on board with that. I purchased the expanded, deluxe edition of Paranoid by Black Sabbath a few years back. It turns out they've reissued it again, with two live disks. One I wasn't bothered about, but the other was a live disk of the Paranoid-era band recorded in Montreux. The band kill it, basically playing most of the Paranoid album onstage. However in between songs they are nervously fiddling about, and the between-song chat is a bit awkward sounding. I don't think an audience today would be as forgiving. I know this myself, as sometimes my band has gigged and it has felt like a struggle to keep people interested. If you spend too long between songs then the crowd either disappear into their phones (which they do anyway) or start chatting. Play a quieter song and they start chatting too. Is the solution to play loud, fast songs and simply run each song into the next? Isn't that what the Ramones did? They at least had the luxury of making that an artistic statement of sorts, whereas for us it would be a necessity. Bands back then tuned up noisily on stage, played random stuff in between songs, had audiences that tolerated twenty-minute long equipment faults... all of which would cost you an audience today. Then add a second tier of shitness that comes from having to promote the show yourself because the promoter is too lazy to bother, pay-to-play gigs, deaf sound engineers that mix everything like a metal band (all kick drum and vocals), bands that bring their own crowd, who only appear during that band's set... this is a hobby for me because there is no way it could be a job. When my parents went to university, their idea of a 'gig' was simply turning up to the university refectory, sitting cross-legged on the floor and watching Pentangle open for Genesis. Or something like that. That era watched band in hallowed, respectful silence. If anything it sounds more like a classical concert. I have no idea how you turn back the clock, but again I'm not sure that Davie 504 is the problem here. At least he can play bass, whereas a lot of Internet celebrities do absolutely nothing. They film themselves opening boxes, eating different types of cereal or make weird, inappropriate remakes of children's cartoons simply to keep ad revenue floating by. I'm worried by a lot of stuff on Youtube and, thanks to an article I read today, I'm especially worried at some of the automatically generated content that is aimed directly at children. I'm not worried so much by some weird teenage bassist who makes goofy videos.