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  1. Meddle

    Later with Joolz last night

    He liked to keep a finger on the young pulse, apparently.
  2. Meddle

    Later with Joolz last night

    Too old, too ubiquitous and gratuitously overpaid. The BBC hold on to sacred cows like Evans because he made for edgy TV twenty years ago.
  3. Meddle

    Later with Joolz last night

    All those presenters are too old (52, 53 and 40 respectively). None of them will have any fingers on any pulses. The BBC also seem to think that the 'musical yoof' are all brap brap Grime artists with troubled childhoods. This is a BBC problem, not a problem with live music broadcast.
  4. Meddle

    Later with Joolz last night

    Yola. Another 'next big thing' who sounds like a 50 year old Motown record. Where does he find them?
  5. Meddle

    Later with Joolz last night

    This Trump bit is weird.
  6. Meddle

    Later with Joolz last night

    So far so toadying, ego-stroking cow poop.
  7. Meddle

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    Burns Marquee Bass (reissue) - cheaply made Chinese bass, made to look like an old British bass. Horrible little pickups only picked up the A and D strings fully, as the magnets within weren't long enough to pick up the excursion of the E and G strings. Fiddly, cheap, daft wiring. Godin Shifter Bass - Quite cool with three pickups, but was very heavy and almost had too many tones in the box. Nasty waxy lacquer on the neck had to be stripped for the neck to be enjoyed. Wiring was idiosyncratic and a bit rubbish. Tuscany Bird Bass - Shaped like a Rickenbacker 4003. Fragile finish with a weird rippled texture. Ugly mix of cheap Chinese hardware, including a bridge that looked like a Schaller roller bridge, but which didn't roll. Neck pickup had no output and the bridge pickup was too hot to be usable. Fantastically overpriced and pretty ugly. Tokai Thunderbird - like a Gibson T-bird but with a Fender-style bridge. Too long and too big. It was like getting behind a folding ladder rather than a musical instrument. You stand behind it and try and work out why all the frets feel like they are two frets further left than where you would expect them. Got my white T-bird GAS out of my system. Chinese Dan Armstrong bootleg - I wrote this up on Talkbass. A woeful disgrace of an instrument. No redeeming features. Terrible fretwork, terrible electronics, terrible action and terrible fit and finish.
  8. You're a wizard, Harry (?). Lacquer looks better than some factory Ric finished out there.
  9. Meddle

    Later with Joolz last night

    Are we honestly whining about Coldplay and Nickelback on the Internet still? What is this? 2005? You guys are miles off the pace.
  10. Meddle

    Later with Joolz last night

    I've been aware of the Lemon Twigs for a while. From what I've seen before, they were the two gauche '70s-lite brothers on vocals/keys/guitars/drums, a girl playing a Rickenbacker bass, and a drummer that shifted onto keyboards (etc) when necessary. It looks like they've revamped the lineup, and 'The Lemon Twigs' is basically the two skinny awkward teenage kids; who come across like weirdly precocious home-schooled kids who were raised listening to nothing but Todd Rundgren, Pet Sounds, etc. All the twee crush-chords, harmonies and evocative, left-field key changes are there. I just don't think the song writing keeps up with the musical theory, so their music comes across, to my ears, as a sort of highschool band Humble Pie, endlessly playing well composed but ultimately forgettable 10CC B-sides. They thrash through those twisty chord changes like they know they are doing something clever and complex, but there is no heart to back it up. Part of their novelty, like Greta Van Fleet, is that they are surprisingly young kids making surprisingly competent music in a surprisingly retro manner and aesthetic. As such this makes them, for me, a novelty rather than an honest artistic endeavour. I find both bands both impressive and boring in equal measure.
  11. Spitfire seems to do the most authentic work. There was some drama on here with them charging a cheeky re-stocking fee, their prices are extortionate and there is an element of toe-curling Jesus-freakery about their website that I don't like. I would probably 'settle' for a perfectly good WD Music celluloid one. Only about £50!!
  12. This is where bricks and mortar shops seem to go. I went into Rikki's Music in Leith, and it was all entry-level guitars. Some quite cool stuff however. When I was a kid, the shops in Stirling and Perth all sold Westfield, Vintage, Encore and stuff like that. Small shops don't want a £1500 Les Paul gathering dust in the window for years, so they gravitate towards the cheaper end. Guitar Guitar is our best hope!
  13. Meddle

    When two halves don't make a whole

    Those pickups look like a weird prototype Hagstrom Bisonic I've seen online. They definitely borrow some of the design.
  14. Very much yay.

    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      Oh why? Do tell........ :)

  15. Stackridge: yay or nay? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. KK Jale

      KK Jale

      ^ I'm listening to the whole thing again right now. It's so gentle but adventurous and eclectic and well-arranged. Pop mixed with baroque, comedy and harmony. I got it as a present from my elder brother for my tenth birthday, what a brilliant album to buy for a kid. Some of the melodies have stuck in my head ever since.

    3. ead


      Yes a brilliant LP and my first introduction to the band.

    4. Meddle


      Thanks guys!