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  1. Meddle


    Maybe move the pickups to the classic Rickenbacker locations?
  2. So it is a vanity project and you are treating it thus. No harm there.
  3. Sadly this is often true. Find one band's worth of musicians who are: Equally mentally gifted Have something approaching a business brain Have something approaching a work ethic Understand and utilise the talents they have Don't have some sort of addiction Don't have some sort of underlying mental quirk Understand how time works None of the members are total jakeballs who 'minesweep' drinks down the pub or who live in a skip
  4. Vinyl is expensive, however you cut it (geddit?). My band looked at this, but it would be the thick end of £1000 to press up a run of our first album. Once the guitarists have given away free copies to their grans, mums and hot girls at gigs we would be trying to claw back the rest of the 'investment' by selling LPs at gigs. Good luck with that one!
  5. My bands are just a hobby for me. A band gigging once a month isn't exactly paying the bills. If my main band want exclusive access to my bass skills then they can go and pay me a salary, pay for my equipment and the upkeep therein, pay for my transportation and rehearsal costs, and draw up a contract and get me to sign on the line. Oh, and never drown me out at rehearsal or show me the "sick bass line" they came up with that I should adopt. And never touch my gear, ever, for any reason. I don't like greasy marks all over my basses because guitarists think they can slap. Likely OP's drummer is just jealous that OP has the stones to go and seek out more opportunities, rather than passively waiting for things to pick up. Like anything to do with a band, I guess you have to be broadly on the same page. No point having the 21 year old guitarist who wants to quit their fast food job and live in a warehouse and create three hour ambient soundscapes, countered with the 45 year old drummer with a mortgage to worry about. I personally have too much bass gear, and too much of a creative itch, to be lumped in with a band that gigs once a never.
  6. Actually yes, this is terrific!
  7. From memory it was recorded under pressure as well. The band had to frantically locate and then blank some tapes to record it onto, and there was some sort of hum or noise that needed to be EQ'd out as well.
  8. Godbluff and Pawn Hearts are good documents of the band either side of their split. Pawn Hearts is the peak of their psychedelic experimentation and Godbluff is a bit drier sounding and more aggressive. I don't really buy into their later incarnation with the violin and cello and Peter Hammill trying to be a punk etc.
  9. A superb band. Wonderfully eccentric.
  10. I've used these Kent Armstrong pickups before today, and tomorrow I'm sticking them back into my MIM P bass. https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/electronics-c17/kent-armstrong-guitar-pickups-c100/kent-armstrong-bass-pickups-c101/kent-armstrong-hot-vintage-p-bass-pickup-alnico-p2483 They call them 'Hot Vintage', but the 'hot' part is a misnomer. They have the same DC resistance and mags as those in a vintage P bass pickup from the '60s. Another choice is the Dimarzio Area P pickup. This has Alnico II rods and a modest, vintage output. I have one in my PJ Mustang bass and I love it. Broad, warm P bass tones that makes the bass sound a lot bigger than it is.
  11. Which makes it doubly baffling. Sarzo hasn't been on the radar for decades, unless you think that n'th generation Blue Oyster Cult are still somehow in the public gaze.
  12. Meh. Pick player with the musicality of a rock. And he wears a crap wig.
  13. No idea why such a crap bassist gets so many endorsements.
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