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  1. That is probably the issue, as I see it. Rotosound were first, so they were 100% better than nothing! If your other option was the factory flats your bass shipped with, or various obscure flatwounds (including some legendary inconsistent sets like Pyramids), then the fresh zing of Rotosounds would be a godsend. Plus, you would have no other rounds to compare them to I suppose? I've only used Rotosound roundwounds, in fairness. Maybe in two flavours; orange and yellow? This was back when I was in college, and I'm exclusively using flats these days. I remember the packets, and that is about it! I found that the spray of sizzly harmonics sounded good, but this is the aspect of their tone that dies off after a week or so. In fact one set lost their charm after one long, sweaty rehearsal. They were a step up from the Castle and Stagg-branded strings I was using previously. With the E especially, once that Grand Piano 'zizzle' is gone I found that the harmonic overtones in the Roto sets just didn't sound like they were 'stacking up' nicely, and the fundamental wasn't really there underpinning it all. Each note had an inherent metallic 'sproing' that is the Chris Squire (et al) tone; great when they are fresh and you're using a bit of overdrive (they sound overdriven in their own right). Another set sounded like the four strings came from four different sets, if not four different manufacturers. The strings were always quite rough and almost crudely finished off. Overall I feel that other brands do it better, even if Rotosound won the initial arms race.
  2. The lack of consistency, balance and longevity in Rotosound strings belongs in a different era. I've only ever been let down by them. 😅
  3. Meddle

    Anyone tried Picato flatwounds?

    If that is the case then I like them! I've found Status Hotwires recently. £16 for a set of dedicated shortscale flats is not to be sneezed at! I use the 45 - 105 set on both my PJ Mustangs, and they are a nicely balanced string with none of the E-string mush that you can run into with shortscales.
  4. I've only had this problem with rubbish Rotosound strings.
  5. I wonder what they paid the guy who brought it in... Still, I'm glad that somebody got one over the pawnshops for once.
  6. Meddle

    Favrite bass solo?

    This is a new one for me. 'Sunrise' from Paul Kantner's 'Blows Against the Empire' album. Grace Slick is on vocals, but the structure of the track is driven by Jack Casady laying down some proto drone metal. I love Casady's playing anyway, but his control of feedback here, as a means of building and releasing tension, is masterful.
  7. On the other hand, there's Pegg on the bass Whose tastes in food are very much wider You'll see a smile light up his face At a couple of kippers and a glass of cider!
  8. Meddle

    Favrite bass solo?

    Glenn Cornick's solo on Bouree is great. Very tasteful, with some interesting chordal work. Glenn knew his stuff.
  9. Meddle

    PJ Pickup Weirdness?

    A lower impedance pickup will always dominate a higher impedance pickup. It seems logical that the hotter pickup will win the fight, but the reverse is the case. Beyond a phase issue, a 30 k ohm mudbucker variant will always lose out to ~ 7 k ohm of Jazz pickup. One solution would be to use fixed resistors to try and balance out the impedance mismatch, or to rewire the mudbucker with the coils in parallel. Was the Seymour Duncan PJ set sold as a matched PJ set? Do Seymour Duncan suggest you can pair these pickups? I have an SPB-2 and STK-J2 set in a PJ Mustang bass. When I dial in the J pickup you lose some mids and get a quasi-Jazz tone. Through a smaller amp this might sound like a loss of low frequencies. If it was a phase issue then the bass would sound very thin and tinny, with a pronounced EQ spike like a fixed wah pedal or similar. A useless tone.
  10. Meddle

    De-fretting a fretted bass?

    If you are absolutely stuck then I would 'have a bash' at defretting for you if you ship me the neck. I've done it a few times with good results, and I might even have some photos at home somewhere.
  11. Meddle

    Is this Fender Pbass Real?

    That is a fake Fender bass. The trussrod access hole shouldn't just be driven into the maple like that. The sunburst isn't a Fender 'burst either. It looks like a decal'd cheapo bass. Avoid.
  12. Meddle

    Gloss over Satin?

    I've never had any luck with aerosols, and only terrible luck with mixing brands between colour and clear stages. Crackle effect sounds like the colour coat was still curing, and doing it slower than the clear coat. Maybe the solvents in the clear coat re-activated the colour coat? Or maybe they didn't, so couldn't effectively bond with the colour coat? Maybe the lacquer was an old can that had been kicking around in a freezing/boiling warehouse for too long? There is a number of reasons these paints don't always play ball. A 'hot' clear coat will cure quickly and wrinkle like that over a slower curing colour coat. Part of the problem might be that 'acrylic' is a vague term, and you don't know what other accelerators, or how much of them, are used. Also, in keeping with environmental regs, different brands will be using different processes to keep emissions down. Rust-oleum have mixed up their formulas over time, and are bad for this! I've never found a good aerosol lacquer that sets as hard as a poly guitar finish. I tried a proper 2K aerosol clear one time, with the can with two chambers and the firing pin to mix them, and that stuff was better. It has the capacity to kill or make seriously ill!!! Last year I tried to repair some finish damage on my Jack Casady (which now is waiting for a total refin). I used Halfords primer, colour and clear. After two weeks I could still dent a thumb nail into the lacquer. It stopped smelling like solvents, so it was effectively cured but too soft to be usable. The rattle can stuff just doesn't cure well. It might not even cure as well as Halfords lacquer used to cure if they've re-formulated the mixture over time. I stuck with one brand, and all the prep, sanding and waiting they recommend. Good enough results for a minor car repair job, but too soft to work on a guitar.
  13. Meddle

    1972 Telecaster Bass

    A car sprayer might use 2K or something like that. They might also not level and buff the finish to a degree you might expect for a guitar. I'm considering using a local one for my Jack Casady bass, but if you're a purist then apparently this isn't the way to go! I would also be concerned about the outline of repairs, fills and the like telegraphing through the new finish.
  14. Meddle

    Who needs woodworking tools.....

    So he took the neck from a Bass Collection/SGC Nanyo bass to make that thing?
  15. Meddle

    1975 Gibson EB0 price?

    It looks pretty clean! No extra pickup hacked in, and no headstock break. The tuner alignment is solid Norlin-era Gibson. I think £1100 is a good price. With Reverb especially, sellers seem to pull prices out of thin air at the moment. It feels almost like a last gasp bid to maximise profit on any old gear in any condition. This EB-0 looks to be a good deal, because even mid-‘70s Norlin Gibsons are getting up there in price at the moment.