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  1. Meddle

    Later with Joolz last night

    I've been aware of the Lemon Twigs for a while. From what I've seen before, they were the two gauche '70s-lite brothers on vocals/keys/guitars/drums, a girl playing a Rickenbacker bass, and a drummer that shifted onto keyboards (etc) when necessary. It looks like they've revamped the lineup, and 'The Lemon Twigs' is basically the two skinny awkward teenage kids; who come across like weirdly precocious home-schooled kids who were raised listening to nothing but Todd Rundgren, Pet Sounds, etc. All the twee crush-chords, harmonies and evocative, left-field key changes are there. I just don't think the song writing keeps up with the musical theory, so their music comes across, to my ears, as a sort of highschool band Humble Pie, endlessly playing well composed but ultimately forgettable 10CC B-sides. They thrash through those twisty chord changes like they know they are doing something clever and complex, but there is no heart to back it up. Part of their novelty, like Greta Van Fleet, is that they are surprisingly young kids making surprisingly competent music in a surprisingly retro manner and aesthetic. As such this makes them, for me, a novelty rather than an honest artistic endeavour. I find both bands both impressive and boring in equal measure.
  2. Spitfire seems to do the most authentic work. There was some drama on here with them charging a cheeky re-stocking fee, their prices are extortionate and there is an element of toe-curling Jesus-freakery about their website that I don't like. I would probably 'settle' for a perfectly good WD Music celluloid one. Only about £50!!
  3. This is where bricks and mortar shops seem to go. I went into Rikki's Music in Leith, and it was all entry-level guitars. Some quite cool stuff however. When I was a kid, the shops in Stirling and Perth all sold Westfield, Vintage, Encore and stuff like that. Small shops don't want a £1500 Les Paul gathering dust in the window for years, so they gravitate towards the cheaper end. Guitar Guitar is our best hope!
  4. Meddle

    When two halves don't make a whole

    Those pickups look like a weird prototype Hagstrom Bisonic I've seen online. They definitely borrow some of the design.
  5. Very much yay.

    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      Oh why? Do tell........ :)

  6. Stackridge: yay or nay? 

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    2. KK Jale

      KK Jale

      ^ I'm listening to the whole thing again right now. It's so gentle but adventurous and eclectic and well-arranged. Pop mixed with baroque, comedy and harmony. I got it as a present from my elder brother for my tenth birthday, what a brilliant album to buy for a kid. Some of the melodies have stuck in my head ever since.

    3. ead


      Yes a brilliant LP and my first introduction to the band.

    4. Meddle


      Thanks guys!

  7. Meddle

    The Tokai Hardpuncher Reissue

    Modern Tokais dine out on the name, earned in the '70s when their products could go up against Gibson and Fender offerings. I had a Tokai Thunderbird for a while and it was ok, but definitely not a Gibson killer. It was pegged equal to an Epiphone in my opinion, with the advantage of having a conventional Fender-style bridge. These basses are made in different factories to different standards, in different countries to the basses that put Tokai on the map in the '70s.
  8. I think the Arctic Monkeys' Nick O'Malley used one reasonably recently, so that has driven up interest a bit. I saw his name cited in an Ebay/Reverb/Basschat (?) sale of a modified example recently. I've seen a few Burns basses with brutal DIY mods over the years. Finding a minty example might be hard. At a guess the red finish was the same early poly finish that Watkins/WEM used? It didn't fade or wear like nitro does, but it could sloth off the bass in sheets in some conditions.
  9. The tone comes from the bass being shortscale, with two single coil pickups. These are located right down at the bridge and right up at the neck, by the looks of it. Some of the tones sound like the pickups aren't in the correct phase with each other, giving it that nasal twangy sound. Modern basses with similar specs would be the reissue Danelectros and one of those Vox Phantom/Teardrop reissues if you can find them. An Eastwood Hi Flyer would probably get you close as well. The nasal, phasy tone might only come from wiring mods. You don't want a bass with raging high-output pickups or pickups in the normal P/J/MM locations.
  10. Meddle

    Geddy Lee NBD - Pickguard Help

    I found a template somewhere online and simply drilled out the three extra holes in the correct locations on a generic replacement pickguard.
  11. Meddle

    Geddy Lee NBD - Pickguard Help

    I only like pearloid on solid finishes (and only white pearloid, grey pearloid is a disgrace). I only like tort pickguards with rosewood necks. For a sunburst, maple-necked bass, white or black looks the best, and I really like the black. You could 'Geddy' the black pickguard by adding an extra pickguard screw in the middle of the 'guard, and a thumb rest on the treble side of the neck.
  12. Nothing. 😁 In Edinburgh, I enjoyed scouting out 'Live Music' the most, as they had cool used gear, hardware and pedals. It has gone, leaving Scayles which is expensive and generic, Red Dog Music which is much the same (and they've shrunk their bass section) and Guitar Guitar. If I can browse your entire inventory online then I never need to visit these locations in person. I get more of a thrill looking in the pawnbrokers and Facebook Marketplace these days.
  13. Meddle

    NBD - Lakland content

    Nice dark fretboard on that yin.
  14. Meddle

    (Bass) Guitar Shops in Paris?

    I guess this is where I ended up? A few streets to the South of the Moulin Rouge in a slightly sleazy looking neighbourhood. The guitar shops put Denmark Street to shame! The volume of vintage and obscure gear on sale was astonishing.
  15. That is a horrible price for one of those Ibanez basses. The neck mudbucker is apparently just a weak single coil under a huge cover, and the Maxon bridge pickup is another single coil pretending to be a humbucker.