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  1. I know less about gouging money out of pretentious monied-up old hippies anyway.
  2. Yes could totally do that. Nothing especially heavy or hard rocking about that.
  3. This Cocobolo is really talking to me man. Really taking to me. Man.
  4. I always think of the Stranglers as a prog band in hiding!
  5. Meddle


    I don't have the skills, so somebody else make a joke about weight, bad backs etc...
  6. Hello Meddle,

    If you let me know you bank sort code I can deposit the amount.

    Hope this is okay for you.




    1. ped


      Hi @ROBBIE probably best to contact @Meddle by PM 👍

  7. Three P Bass pickguards with tortoiseshell finishes. In my quest to find the tort that looks best on my bass I've been through a few different variants. Now all sold.
  8. A Rickenbacker HiGain is just an awkwardly designed single coil. Ricks get their tone from pickup placement and all that maple!
  9. Well... I get paid on the 28th, and if my Squier Jag bass sells then I will definitely still be interested. Would you consider trading for an OLP Stingray bass with the finish sanded off with a brick? It sounds as good as a MusicMan!
  10. The Fender high mass Badass II bridge. It does the job! It stifles my P bass a bit but makes the Mustang feel more solid and robust somehow.
  11. I stuck a bigger bridge on my PJ to balance it out. To my eyes the pickups look to small on a normal Mustang.
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