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rob hayward

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  1. rob hayward

    String Height

    I get 1.6mm at the 17th on my schecter and 1.8mm on my pbass at the 17th. They only clank and rattle when I want them to. I'm struggling/ still working on setting my jazz 5 to be so good..
  2. rob hayward

    TC Electronic BC 210/212 thoughts?

    The 210 are OK but the cones get a bit 'farty'. Might upgrade them.....
  3. Hi guys. If, like me, you have the misfortune to own an ashdown rm 115 cabinet do yourselves a favour. Remove the grille. Unscrew the 15" speaker. Marvel at the assortment of screws used. Get some old clothes/ sheets/ clothing. Stuff the cab above the horizontal brace full with said sheets/ clothing. Reassemble the cabinet. Violla! No longer does it sound like a flabby pile of dogmince. Thank you.
  4. rob hayward

    PowerTech Hard case - Broken Handle

    Hi mate, is this still available?
  5. rob hayward

    PowerTech Hard case - Broken Handle

    Hi mate, is this still available?
  6. rob hayward

    reasonably priced soapbars for 5 string bass

    cheers chaps, long, long delay on my part!!!
  7. rob hayward

    Nordstrand dual blades

    Hi guys, Last week I bought a pair of Nordstrand dual blades to replace the emg hz's in my schecter stiletto and I installed them straight away as series humbuckers. Today I rewired them as parallel and the difference is astounding. The once too hot muddiness has been replaced by a much more open sound, like a jazz but a bit bigger. Just a tip but it may save someone some time and trouble! Rob
  8. I'd like to get some for a diy 5er I'm making but I'd like to keep the budget to around £70. any ideas???
  9. rob hayward

    Songs that are now more familiar as jam night covers.....

    mustang sally. fecking hate this tune and I'm a soul kind of bloke. rubbish. it's 12 bar blues. yawns.
  10. Hi I'm offering bass lessons in south london, can visit or will travel, free introductory lesson, Rob
  11. rob hayward

    can I use wood filler as grain filler

    fair enough mate, cheers. btw, its for a squier tele I'm pimping with buckers and binding. thanks mate, Rob
  12. well that's the question!! should I thin it down? or should I just get grain filler?? cheers, Rob
  13. rob hayward

    Wizard 64s vs Fender Original Jazz Bass Pickups

    I put a wizard trad on my cv 60's squier and love it. nice output level, vastly improved tone. am now looking chunk out some wood to add one of his j pups on it. great p'ups, great service and british.