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rob hayward

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  1. TC Electronic BC 210/212 thoughts?

    The 210 are OK but the cones get a bit 'farty'. Might upgrade them.....
  2. Hi guys. If, like me, you have the misfortune to own an ashdown rm 115 cabinet do yourselves a favour. Remove the grille. Unscrew the 15" speaker. Marvel at the assortment of screws used. Get some old clothes/ sheets/ clothing. Stuff the cab above the horizontal brace full with said sheets/ clothing. Reassemble the cabinet. Violla! No longer does it sound like a flabby pile of dogmince. Thank you.
  3. PowerTech Hard case - Broken Handle

    Hi mate, is this still available?
  4. PowerTech Hard case - Broken Handle

    Hi mate, is this still available?
  5. reasonably priced soapbars for 5 string bass

    cheers chaps, long, long delay on my part!!!
  6. Nordstrand dual blades

    Hi guys, Last week I bought a pair of Nordstrand dual blades to replace the emg hz's in my schecter stiletto and I installed them straight away as series humbuckers. Today I rewired them as parallel and the difference is astounding. The once too hot muddiness has been replaced by a much more open sound, like a jazz but a bit bigger. Just a tip but it may save someone some time and trouble! Rob
  7. I'd like to get some for a diy 5er I'm making but I'd like to keep the budget to around £70. any ideas???
  8. Songs that are now more familiar as jam night covers.....

    mustang sally. fecking hate this tune and I'm a soul kind of bloke. rubbish. it's 12 bar blues. yawns.
  9. Hi I'm offering bass lessons in south london, can visit or will travel, free introductory lesson, Rob
  10. can I use wood filler as grain filler

    fair enough mate, cheers. btw, its for a squier tele I'm pimping with buckers and binding. thanks mate, Rob
  11. well that's the question!! should I thin it down? or should I just get grain filler?? cheers, Rob
  12. Wizard 64s vs Fender Original Jazz Bass Pickups

    I put a wizard trad on my cv 60's squier and love it. nice output level, vastly improved tone. am now looking chunk out some wood to add one of his j pups on it. great p'ups, great service and british.