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  1. As others have found, Bob is a 100% reliable bloke and a pleasure to deal with. I bought a Stagg EUB from Bob and was fortunate enough to live close by and so could pick it up and get some very useful tips on DB playing (from a pro) and on the particular quirks of the individual instrument. Really very straight forward and no hassles - thanks Bob! Calum
  2. Wow that is one crazy bass... and what a process. I think the headstock falling off was probably a good thing, as it looked a bit out of proportion somehow: and this led you to coming with the through-the-body string solution that makes this totally unique. I was wondering why the 25.5 scale - but just as well as it turns out otherwise you would be using upright strings! Probably most of us following this thread like to work in wood, and play the bass: and therefore want to make one (well I do) - but you've done it in such a learn as you go way. You had a plan, but it clearly evolved with time... can't wait to hear how it sounds.
  3. Oh that's weird. Ok will try again: probably a bit technically challenged :-)
  4. I bought Oli's Sandberg Basic Greenburst - great bass and at least as good as he described it. All went very smoothly, including emails and a phone call, and Oli sent the bass very well packaged by courier in good time. Do not hesitate to deal with this man - he's entirely trustworthy and very friendly too. Many thanks Oli! Calum
  5. Hey, I'm really new to this forum, but have been diligently looking through what's around for a wee while, and learning a lot. I think the Sandberg greenburst is pretty much what I'm looking for: a bass that has plenty of versatility, a pleasure to play and can hopefully "open up things" for me as it did for you. Sooo, I'm OK about the £500 (including delivery, right?), but can you tell me how old it is? It looks really clean on your pics, but difficulty to see if there is lots of fret wear etc?
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