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  1. Play mine with an Orange 4x10 cab, honestly dont need anything else as the sheer power you get from this little thing is superb. I suggest anyone wanting to invest in one try them out thoroughly first (even though it took ages to find one in a shop ) as with a little playing about you can really find a great tone that will make you wonder how they cram all that amp into one small package.
  2. replied to...albeit still researching courier methods!
  3. Good little practice amp from Orange. Like all their gear, built like a tank and sounds excellent. Used this practice amp to well.....practice... Liked that Orange tone so much I decided to invest in a 410 cab and Bass Terror, hence the Crush isn't needed anymore. Its in perfect condition as it hasnt moved for over 2 years! Looking for £75 (their about £120 - £130 new)and would like a local pickup, however I could probably arrange a courier for a little extra. Pictures on request, however it looks like any Orange product....a big orange lump!
  4. Hi all, just signed up to the forum after browsing it for a while. Finally got the motivation after deciding to sell a bit of old gear I no longer use. First up is my 2002/2003 Mexican Fender Jazz. Bought this off a friend when his band broke up a few years back to use as a backup bass, however its been sitting around looking lonely for a while now and deserves to be played. It's not been gigged by myself, but has been in the past. A few light scratches and a little ding but nothing that detracts from its rugged good looks, and nothing unexpected from something nearly 10 years old! Not looking for a large amount so slapping a £200 price on it and hoping for a quick sale (fingers crossed!!). Comes with a gig bag. Would like a pickup, but could arrange courier for a little extra Apologise for the rubbish cam-phone photos, if anyone wants some better snaps then just say so. Also hoping to sell this Peavey Millennium BXP 5 string. Nice bass I bought second-hand a long time ago when I was looking to move into using 5 strings. Confused the hell out of myself so decided to lock it away and throw away the key. It could do with a bit of TLC as the frets are a bit grubby and the strings dull but It plays and sounds lovely and to be honest would be an ideal 5-string starter bass (hopefully you have more success than myself...) It has a scratch on the rear side that I've provided a photo of, nothing too bad. Due to its condition would like £100 for this, also comes with a gig bag. Last photo shows the scratch on the rear. Anyhows, let me know any interest. As I said I can arrange a courier if needed, however having never posted a guitar would probably be better off dropping off/having them collected. Cheers all!
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