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  1. 55 minutes ago, Thunderbird said:

    I don't really understand all the binary and non binary stuff and to be honest I don't care 

    All I care about is if people are happy and not hurting others it's all good 

    And if someone regardless of sexuality or colour is nice to me I'll reciprocate as I really don't care about the colour of the skin or the sexual orientation 

    As my mum used to say there's good and bad in all

    This is exactly my view as well.

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  2. I went to Uni in my late 30's, it was the best thing I ever did. My only regret was that I didn't go straight from school, as it would have been free back then. Still, I know that if I had gone straight from school, I certainly wouldn't have done as well as I did.

    Definitely go for it and as @EBS_freak says, treat it like a 9-5 and you'll fly through it.

    One thing you might find, is for the first couple of days, your fellow students may think you're the lecturer! 🤣

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  3. 1 hour ago, casapete said:

    My band has suffered from no-shows for the last few months. I completely understand people changing their minds when deciding to venture out, especially our audiences who tend to be shall we say in the upper age group. 

    What does get me though is that when a theatre has sold tickets for us, and the customer then decides not to attend, as well as the option to move their tickets to a rescheduled date for my band, the theatre offer them the chance to attend any alternative show by another act at one of their venues - hence the theatre retain the money which is then redirected to another show. My band has generated that revenue only to see someone else gain from it. Far from ideal, and difficult times for our business.

    I completely see you point, but there is a flip side to that.

    I run a small (104 capacity) amateur theatre. We've had 22 months without a single punter coming through the door, whilst still needing to pay out in the region of £2k per month.

    We've recently hosted 3 events (2 x band, 1 comedy) where we've tried to do our best for the acts by not charging venue hire. We're fortunate enough to be able to do that, as we own the building, but a lot of places are really feeling the pinch at the moment.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Muzz said:


    *Incidentally, there's an online petition to try and defend against them losing their license after a Noise Abatement complaint (yet another ar*ehole who buys a flat next to a music venue that's been central to Manchester's music scene for 30 years and then suddenly decides to get it shut down because they play live music till half ten), if you can find it, please sign it...


    This is the one.


    Utter tools!



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  5. On 19/11/2021 at 19:19, EBS_freak said:

    Let them do an inear mix for you - or invest in a split box/split snake. That way, you can take your own desk and be in complete control of you ears mix. It's documented on the first page. Funnily enough - been helping a friend build such a thing - here's the work in progress.




    One row of the 16 XLRs in a line for FoH and the second for monitor desk. Everything on stage is plugged into the 16 XLR inputs of the MS8000s which then split to the two rows of 16x XLRs.


    Being isolated splits, one of the desks can be in control of the phantom power and the other desk is than protected from receiving phantom power that would be otherwise present on an unisolated split.

    This is how I run one of our desks. The outputs for FOH are at the back, so all they need to do is take their feeds straight from the isolated outputs. All of the phantom power is supplied by the QU and we use our own DI's (this particular desk is mainly for an electronic duo). 

    Setting up is pretty quick and the monitoring is already done, with only a couple of tweaks here and there. 


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  6. Out of curiosity, do people have a "go to" place to look at for vintage fenders? I'm casually looking for a '73 at some point over the next year or two, so I'd like to get an idea what the market rate would be. I know it will vary based on a number of factors, but a rough guide is fine for now.

  7. 10 hours ago, Teebs said:


    Thanks @Hellzero

    Just thanks.



    That was the joke!

    Lead (pb) being too dense to allow α and β radiation through, therefore providing useful shielding in nuclear power stations and the like.


    The joke was based on the pun 'lead guitarist' (as opposed to rhythm), vs 'lead' (the element pb) guitarist.


    But no, you had to go and explain it!

    Sometimes you're so dense, light bends around you!





    Just to further ruin the joke, you wouldn't need lead to shield alpha and beta rays, aluminium would do the job just as well.

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