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  1. Is this still available? How much? Cheers.
  2. As I type this I'm watching The Shadows Final Tour 2004 (what was then the Cardiff International Arena). You can't fail to be impressed with Mark's playing. He really is a great all rounder! To be fair, the whole band are really good. Great articulation, sound, great use of the pick...lovin' this Sky Arts program. I had never heared of Mark Griffiths before this, but now I will be looking out for his work.
  3. I have recently snuggled myself under the wing of Jon Caulfield in Roath (Cardiff), in fact I have just returned from my third lesson. Jon is clearly very experienced and really knows his stuff. Some people are a little scared of teachers like that, but with Jon, there really is no need to be. He is very friendly, very interested in helping his students advance (no matter what their long-term goals are), and always makes you feel good about your playing. If you are considering getting some top-notch instruction, don't waste anymore time - give Jon a call today. I travel about 25 miles each way for a lesson and consider it well worth it! If you approach your time with Jon and personal practise with the right attitude, in my opinion, you will advance very quickly. I know this post sounds a bit like an ad but it's not. I have wasted a lot of money on lessons with bass players who only teach for a few extra bucks while they play in a band. Lots of people can play the bass extremely well but very few have the natural ability to teach - Jon does both! My only regret is I didn't turn to him years ago!
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