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  1. Just thought I'd share this absolute beauty which Alpher Instruments have built for a very lucky customer
  2. I couldn't think of anything better to spend my money on .. I'd be murdered by my wife if I ordered No.3!
  3. Welcome to the Alpher club what spec have you order then?
  4. A GK 1001RB Mark II with a gig bag worth a fair few pennies going for £450 here. These are £750 brand new without the gig bag! Someone is going to get a killer amp here
  5. Please ignore the £1100 at the top .. this is now just for the GK 1001RB II with gig bag for £500
  6. Back up for sale at mega reduced price of £800
  7. Thanks for all the great comments people
  8. [quote name='CameronJ' timestamp='1490960991' post='3269413'] Wow! I imagine that put quite a dent in the old wallet? [/quote] Indeed
  9. [quote name='Lw.' timestamp='1490870613' post='3268620'] Nice looking bass - I bet that bridge pick-up is honky! [/quote] When in middle position, it adds just the right amount of honk he he works brilliantly for my covers stuff.
  10. [quote name='Rikki_Sixx' timestamp='1490870260' post='3268612'] That's stunning, I'll be round in 10 minutes for a go! I think I might have seen a few in-progress shots of this, but the finished article is lovely. Those Aguilar 70's Jazz pickups sound amazing too. [/quote] Ha ha! It's been worth the wait for sure. I'd advise anyone who's in the area to pop in and take a look. They have some amazing bass guitars in stock at the moment as well
  11. [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1490863364' post='3268549'] That top does look very 60s paisley style in a way - if you hadn't already named your bass it could have been Purple Haze [/quote] It was that 60's / 70's look I was going for. The spec pretty much was "imagine if Hendrix owned a bass"
  12. [quote name='Mattpt85' timestamp='1490863104' post='3268544'] That is amazing!! I would come to see you just to witness that bass in action! [/quote] Thanks. Not a problem at all
  13. Good morning, I thought I'd share my latest (and 2nd) bass guitar from Alpher Instruments. It's #69, called the Ivy (named after my daughter). The spec is: Alpher Mako Elite 21 fret 34 inch scale One piece roasted swamp ash body Black accent veneer Purple crazy burl top Roasted flamed maple neck Roasted flamed maple fingerboard Luminlay side and front dot markers Aguilar AG4J-70 pickups in 70s location Darkglass tone capsule preamp Roasted flamed maple knobs Roasted flamed maple back panel Hipshot A style brass bridge Hipshot ultralite tuners The combination of 70's pickup spacing and the woods give an awesome, almighty old school bass sound that just sings and resonates! I bridges the gap between the modern top end bass sound I've been so used to (imagine the Flea sound from Californication) and old school classic 60/70's rock and roll (which more suits my covers band playing Creedence, Hendrix, Free etc). It's weighs about 8lbs and is an absolute delight to play. I gigged it the other night and the amount of attention it brought for both its looks and sound was staggering! If you find yourself in West Yorkshire, then feel free to come along and take a look. Also, Alpher Instruments are based about 4 miles away.
  14. [quote name='iubitu'' timestamp='1490433879' post='3265087'] Tell that to my 5 months old daughter ))) [/quote] I've changed the title as it could catch people out I've been there and know what you mean ha ha
  15. [quote name='iubitu'' timestamp='1490430769' post='3265052'] I promise i was shocked for the title. I thought something bad happened to Nino....kind of a clickbait don't you think? [/quote] Clickbait? Another one that needs a nap maybe?
  16. [quote name='NancyJohnson' timestamp='1490376724' post='3264764'] What a nonsense. If you feared for it, why didn't you buy it? Good grief. [/quote] I haven't been on basschat for years .. I sold it on probably a year before then. I thought I'd add some humour to what is essentially a request for an update on the bass. Maybe you need a nap?
  17. I'd like to dedicate this post to the much traveled Valenti #42 (in candy apple red). I was owner 434/1208. Having read some of the latest posts in the for sale forum, I fear for its soul parts pulled out and discarded, replaced with god knows what So, I open this topic for people to share their memories of this amazing bass and maybe even for the current owner to come forward. Thanks
  18. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1490367506' post='3264671'] Cool cool, still yet to try one, very interested to do so, Kev's sounds huge! Si [/quote] This is my latest Alpher .. not the best picture.
  19. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1490269150' post='3263742'] Out of interest, how do you find the neck-heel? I always thought it looks quite restrictive, big 'ol 'speedbump' for your thumb at somewhere around the 12th-14th fret? Looks great though! Cheers Si [/quote] Can't say I've ever noticed it and I've tried many of their basses and picked up my second Alpher last week!
  20. Now with better pictures added and condition of both upgraded to [b]excellent [/b]
  21. Good day, After a few years of moderate use, it's time to move on my GK 1001RB I'm looking for £400 In excellent condition and no problems or issues to report. Purchased new just over 3 years ago, this is an absolutely monster amp. The crunch and power just isn’t matched anywhere at this price IMO. I purchased the official gig bag just over a year ago and it makes carrying and transporting of the amp extremely easy. The tech specs are: 700 W Bi-Amp (50W) 22 lbs Solid State Pre Amp Includes official GK Gig Bag I'm based in Bradford, West Yorkshire for anyone considering collection Barefaced Super 12 Bi Amp * SOLD * In good condition, this “one of a kind” Barefaced Super 12’s has been custom made for BI Amp’s .. hence the GK amp. The benefit here is that you get greater control over the tweeter. So, you can’t activate the tweeter with any standard amp .. it must have BI Amp capabilities! Comes with Roqsolid cover. It’s been gigged solidly for several years, but still works well! *SOLD*
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