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  1. Currently running a shuttle 6 through 2 112 cabs, and have recently bought a 410 cab. I'm now looking for a 115 to complete this larger setup. Anyone selling? Thanks. Lee
  2. Respray Recommendations

    Considering getting one of my basses resprayed. Any recommendations in the Midlands (Coventry area)?
  3. Alpher Instruments

    Lovely bass, mate!
  4. Alpher Instruments

    [quote name='CHRISDABASS' timestamp='1392642666' post='2370929'] I hope you're enjoying your day of bass. Great to see you yesterday! [/quote] Oh yes! Had a full morning of it. Now getting my beard ready for tonight.. Need to round up the other Alpher owners to share their basses.
  5. Alpher Instruments

    Now that my Alpher Instruments bass is complete, I think it qualifies as bass porn?! You can find the build diary in the relevant forum. Here's the spec: 1 piece swamp ash body Spalted maple top Wenge veneer Wenge neck Macassar Ebony fingerboard Hipshot hardware, with D-tuner on the E string Wizard pickups Custom John East pre-amp (Controls are Volume, pan, treble, bass, passive tone. Switches are active / passive, and bridge pickup series / coiltap / parallel) Strings are Alpher Instruments own brand This is number 10 off the production line. [attachment=155455:IMG_430161055338088.jpeg][attachment=155456:IMG_432901070131558.jpeg][attachment=155457:IMG_432904407172129.jpeg][attachment=155458:IMG_432907514097753.jpeg][attachment=155459:IMG_432911234429471.jpeg][attachment=155460:IMG_432914291955146.jpeg][attachment=155461:IMG_432917948555197.jpeg][attachment=155462:20140217_084749.jpg]
  6. Alpherinstruments: tell me more

    My bass has just been completed by the guys at Alpher, I'm going to pick it up this weekend. When I went to visit them last year, I played a couple of their early basses, and they were lovely. They clearly know their stuff. If you'd told me that they've been building basses for 20 years, i'd have believed you (although their ages would give it away!). Throughout the build process, Chris has been keeping me fully up-to-date on what is happening, always sending through updates and photos, and always happy to chat about any aspect of the build. Their enthusiasm is refreshing, and gave me the confidence that they would make sure that my bass would be nothing short of perfect. Having seen the first few pictures of the finished instrument, and spoken to Chris about how it sounds, they have delivered the goods. As soon as I get chance, I'll record a video for YouTube, to try and show it off a bit. I live just up the road from you (Coventry), so if you want to give it a taz, let me know. I'm from Rugby, so head over that way a bit to see my folks.
  7. My Alpher Instruments Bass - COMPLETE!

    Cheers guys. I'm picking this beast up on Sunday (16th), so if anyone wants to give it a try, let me know. I'm based in Coventry. These guys deserve every ounce of praise they get. Supreme workmanship, great knowledge, and really friendly guys. This is only serial # 10, imagine what instrument number 100 will be like.
  8. My Alpher Instruments Bass - COMPLETE!

    So, this weekend has seen a lot of progress! My Alpher Instruments bass is officially complete! Here are a few sneak previews, before the guys get their photographer in to do the proper pictures. Can't wait to get my hands on this! [attachment=154706:received_m_mid_1391953016627_ee57d6e4461b123d85_0.jpeg][attachment=154707:received_m_mid_1391964269194_4735f94c97482e8265_0.jpeg][attachment=154708:received_m_mid_1391964269194_4735f94c97482e8265_1.jpeg][attachment=154709:received_m_mid_1391964269194_4735f94c97482e8265_2.jpeg][attachment=154710:received_m_mid_1391964269194_4735f94c97482e8265_3.jpeg][attachment=154711:received_m_mid_1391964269194_4735f94c97482e8265_4.jpeg]
  9. My Alpher Instruments Bass - COMPLETE!

    More pictures! Headstock branded, and wiring complete! [attachment=154565:received_m_mid_1391810104060_8b0c50b95397e86d01_0.jpeg][attachment=154566:received_m_mid_1391810104060_8b0c50b95397e86d01_1.jpeg][attachment=154567:received_m_mid_1391810305412_31076e6053e4e24d89_0.jpeg][attachment=154568:received_m_mid_1391810305412_31076e6053e4e24d89_1.jpeg]
  10. My Alpher Instruments Bass - COMPLETE!

    It's been a few weeks since I've posted any updates on this, as the guys at Alpher have been working hard on getting the finish perfected on the top. Here are a few photos from today.. [attachment=154357:received_m_mid_1391598255014_a90136c84b526aba63_1.jpeg][attachment=154358:received_m_mid_1391598255014_a90136c84b526aba63_0.jpeg][attachment=154359:received_m_mid_1391616456817_2a4c4d3eb14fbabb30_0.jpeg][attachment=154360:received_m_mid_1391617090372_66c64fedb18cff4431_0.jpeg]
  11. My Alpher Instruments Bass - COMPLETE!

    This build is really coming along now. More photos from Alpher Instruments - The neck is now carved.. [attachment=152179:Neck 6.jpg][attachment=152180:Neck 7.jpeg][attachment=152181:Neck 8.jpeg][attachment=152182:Neck 9.jpeg]
  12. My Alpher Instruments Bass - COMPLETE!

    A couple more pictures, with the 2nd coat now applied to the body. Humna humna humna.... [attachment=151814:Bass 7.jpg][attachment=151815:Bass 8.jpg]
  13. My Alpher Instruments Bass - COMPLETE!

    [quote name='Jellyfish' timestamp='1388781379' post='2326088'] When I went to pick up my lovely Alpher bass, Chris showed me your body. It's amazing the work that goes into sanding and filling the wood just to make it useable. Looks like it's going to be a stunning bass. [/quote] I wish I lived closer to be able to pop in! Your new bass looks awesome. Part of a very exclusive club!
  14. My Alpher Instruments Bass - COMPLETE!

    [quote name='charic' timestamp='1388755140' post='2325621'] Alpher really do seem to be putting out some good stuff [/quote] Definitely. Had to believe that they've been going for such a short amount of time. Everything I've seen them build so far has been incredible.
  15. My Alpher Instruments Bass - COMPLETE!

    [quote name='Myke' timestamp='1388595714' post='2323846'] That looks fantastic! Like seriously lush! [/quote] Thanks Myke. Really happy with it so far. Hopefully there will be more photos in the coming weeks, and it'll be in my paws soon.