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  1. TheWoodDemonsAllAloneInIstanbul And here's a slice of one of our tunes ...
  2. TheWoodDemonsTheJollyGardenersSunMarch8 The Wood Demons will be running through our new album (due later this year) and our festival set at our old haunt The Jolly Gardeners in Mortlake, SW14 A great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon ...
  3. Looking for a home for my Ashdown rig, comprising EVO3 2x10 combo and 115 extension speaker (the lightweight version). They are both in good nick and sound great. (The 115 has a slight flaw - the thing that goes around the middle jack socket is missing. See picture). I can also throw in a custom-made Roqsolid cover for the combo. Ideally, I'd like to sell these together, but if you're interested in just one of them, please make me an offer. I regret that I am unable to offer delivery. Cheers, John (Oneandfive)
  4. I’m offering for sale my much-loved but not excessively travelled Ashdown rig. I’m rehoming myself and my family due to building work, so I need to rehome this beast as well. It’s been well looked after, it’s in good condition and sounds great. As Guy Pratt will demonstrate.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YP9PVdvgUc Includes: Ashdown ABM EVO III 210 combo. Some slight scratches and scuffs, nothing that affects sound Ashdown ABM 115 cab (one of the light weight ones). Good condition, apart from slight scratches and scuffs and missing part (nut? surround?) on middle socket (see picture) Roqsolid custom-made protective cover for the combo. A bit scuffed, but that goes with the territory ... I'm not considering splitting this yet, but let's see how it goes. I live in London SW14 (East Sheen). You are welcome to come and try it out. I regret that I am unable to offer delivery, so buyer must collect. Many thanks, John (Oneandfive)
  5. Hi all, I'd like to share a new track from my band The Wood Demons. We describes ourselves as prog, but there are lots of influences floating around... Here it is on Bandcamp, and you can also find it on all the other places. I'd love to know what you think. .https://thewooddemons.bandcamp.com/track/big-game-fishing
  6. Hi Basschatters, Are there any prog heads amongst us? If that's a yes, my band The Wood Demons are playing in Mortlake on Saturday June 16. The Jolly Gardeners is a nice traditional pub with a music room at the back. We play prog rock infused with lots of other stuff - psychedelia, classical music, film music, modal jazz, space rock, film music, psych-folk. You can hear what we do on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. If any of you can make it, I would be mightily chuffed. Cheers, Johnny Wood-Demon The Wood Demons, at The Jolly Gardeners, June 16
  7. [quote name='Oopsdabassist' timestamp='1496942988' post='3314915'] That is excellent work, very tempted to buy! [/quote] Brilliant, thanks - please feel free to give way to temptation, only a fiver.
  8. [quote name='EliasMooseblaster' timestamp='1496932472' post='3314805'] Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed that - particularly [i]All Alone In Instanbul [/i] (The cover photo wasn't taken in Richmond Park by any chance, was it?) [/quote] Thanks EMB - I'll tell the chap who wrote it, he'll be chuffed to bits. And yes, it is Richmond Park, which is never short of weird trees.
  9. Playing this on Sat 10 June, 12.00 pm at VannFest in Surrey.
  10. [url="https://thewooddemons.bandcamp.com"]https://thewooddemons.bandcamp.com[/url] Here's the first ever release from my band The Wood Demons. A five-track mini-album, The Lost Domain. It would be great if you could have a listen. Cheers, Oneandfive
  11. [quote name='RhysP' timestamp='1447619967' post='2909027'] Who gets to decide what is "Music of lasting value" & "Mere ephemera"? [/quote] Time does.
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