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  1. The Wood Demons - first release

    [quote name='Oopsdabassist' timestamp='1496942988' post='3314915'] That is excellent work, very tempted to buy! [/quote] Brilliant, thanks - please feel free to give way to temptation, only a fiver.
  2. The Wood Demons - first release

    [quote name='EliasMooseblaster' timestamp='1496932472' post='3314805'] Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed that - particularly [i]All Alone In Instanbul [/i] (The cover photo wasn't taken in Richmond Park by any chance, was it?) [/quote] Thanks EMB - I'll tell the chap who wrote it, he'll be chuffed to bits. And yes, it is Richmond Park, which is never short of weird trees.
  3. The Wood Demons - first release

    Playing this on Sat 10 June, 12.00 pm at VannFest in Surrey.
  4. [url="https://thewooddemons.bandcamp.com"]https://thewooddemons.bandcamp.com[/url] Here's the first ever release from my band The Wood Demons. A five-track mini-album, The Lost Domain. It would be great if you could have a listen. Cheers, Oneandfive
  5. Mike Rutherford. Apparently. Don't mind at all.
  6. A Point Of View: The Tyranny of Pop

    [quote name='RhysP' timestamp='1447619967' post='2909027'] Who gets to decide what is "Music of lasting value" & "Mere ephemera"? [/quote] Time does.
  7. What an amazing bass solo ... or maybe not

    It's merely what the song deserves.
  8. How was your gig last night?

    The Wood Demons footed the bill at The Comedy Pub in Piccadilly last Wednesday. Having asked to go on first to make it easy for our friends who work in town, we got a decent crowd and we played a 30 minute set really well with no (obvious) cock-ups. This doesn't sound that interesting really - stuff going wrong is always a better read. But I'll settle for it. Next one, Walsall Woodstock on Bank Holiday Monday.
  9. The Wood Demons at The Comedy Pub, Piccadilly, May 6th

    Progressively bumpadelic.
  10. My band The Wood Demons are on at 7.30 at the Comedy Pub (near Piccadilly). A quick blast of psychedelic prog for anyone who needs a post-work livener. I've attached a flyer which will admit you for £5, which is a quid less than normal entry fee. There are four other acts of various genres on after us. [url="http://www.soundcloud.com/the-wood-demons/tracks"]http://www.soundcloud.com/the-wood-demons/tracks[/url] [url="http://www.facebook.com/TheWoodDemons"]http://www.facebook.com/TheWoodDemons[/url] Cheers
  11. Great thread, the kind that makes this forum live for me. It's dealing with one of the great bass-playing issues - when to cut lose and when to STFU. I think I was probably one of the needy show-off type players mentioned earlier. It's taken me a long time to calm down. I even call myself 'Root and five' to remind myself what I should be playing ...
  12. Only ever owned eight basses, that should be.
  13. Not many. Only ever owned basses. Miss the Egmond (Super 8, I think) from my teens, not for its ludicrous neck dive or feeble output, but because I got it when I was 15. And my Shaftesbury R&&&Kfekker copy with grafted-on Gibson pickup. (Classy guy, me).Much better than you might think.