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  1. 2 hours ago, Al Krow said:

    Yammy store in London seems to be having a bit of a sale on, although the prices of basses not in the sale seem to have gone up and some of them eye wateringly so!

    Their prices are no where near what they say they are. Speaking to them in store I’ve had Been offered the Attitude III for around £1.7k less than list price. And that’s just their offer without any harder negotiations. The sales guy said they won’t be beaten on price and will offer the lowest prices on Yamaha if you ask... Strange strategy to me, but makes making a deal with a real human the best option for once! 

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  2. I find solo J on these new BBs kills! In fact I did a recording session recently and inadvertently turned the pickup knob not the volume 🤦‍♂️ Tbh no one on the session noticed - including me. Still plenty of bottom with these new voiced pickups, something I rarely experience on a solo’d J.

  3. 10 minutes ago, martisanma said:

    Hi everyone. I'm doubting about getting either a BB435 or a BB735. I'm not into fiddling too much, so I wouldn't mind getting the passive one. But I heard the neck feels much better in the 735. Any experiences with both basses here? Thanks!

    I don’t fiddle much either. I run 735 passive most of the time and then drop the EQ in for the odd slap bass part for some extra booty. The fact that’s it’s bypass-able with passive tone is what makes the active the best choice for me. 

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  4. On 03/07/2019 at 12:58, Al Krow said:

    Nice little shoot out, including several Yammys...

    • Yamaha Nathan East (Pensa Preamp)
    • Sadowsky NYC Chambered 21 Fret
    • Sadowsky NYC Chambered 24 Fret
    • Dingwall Combustion (Sadowsky Preamp Mod)
    • Yamaha 1005 Ibanez ATK
    • Yamaha Attitude (4 String with Pensa Preamp)
    • Fender American Deluxe (J Retro Preamp Mod)
    • Fender American Deluxe (Pensa Preamp)
    • Yamaha TRB5P2 (he would like to try!)


    There's some mighty low end from almost all of these on my Yamaha MSP7 Monitors in my studio! Worryingly liked the BBNE2 again 🤦‍♂️ I would have thought the Sadowsky PJ would win me over no question 😬 

  5. 2 hours ago, dave_bass5 said:

    When i next change stings i might have a go at reversing them all on my P34, just to see it if does make a difference. I do hope it doesn't give a Badass II effect though.

    By the way, i saw your Hercules folding stand review last night and have ordered one just based on that 🙂


    Ah amazing! Great little stand. I don't go anywhere without it. Thank you for watching! 

    Do report back if you go for the all switched option!

  6. On 15/06/2019 at 22:26, whamni said:

    Glad it's working out for you, I don't have the P34 but I do have a BB734, I was getting a bad sound from the E string (very dead thud) I  turned the saddle around to work in the same way it's setup on a 5 string and now I have great sustain and sounds a lot better.   I played a Music man since 1980 and it took a while to adjust to the Yamaha, but I must admit it's a great bass to play and a lot lighter on the shoulder after a two hour gig lol, happy days.

    Yamaha BB734 Bridge.jpg

    I've just switched the saddle back around on my 735A on the B and it's made a massive difference to its punch and clarity. Crazy! I'm debating switching them all over, but that might end up being a bit too much of a clank machine for my liking on the higher strings. How are people currently running the setup on their bridges? What are your thoughts on the reverse saddles?


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  7. Bass in an SKB bass safe. Chuck it in the hold. Take your laptop/phone/iPad and an iRig style headphone to 1/4 jack converter or a small audio interface in your hand luggage and you’re sorted for listening to what ever you need and hearing your bass back. 

    I take my bass wherever I can if I’m away, even staying at friends. 10 mins maintenance a day keeps me fighting fit and ready. If I don’t play 1 day I feel it the next. If I don’t play for a week I have a lot of catching up to do! 


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  8. 14 hours ago, gobasserk said:

    Kiss Cover "Sure know something" ... was on my second ever Kiss Album... featuring a nice looking Yamaha BB (5000?) 

    Rock 'n Roll !!!

    Kiss cover / Yamaha BB

    Gold. hardware...so it's a 5000 ! 🙂

    My favourite Kiss bassline! The MTV unplugged version always sounded killer! Nice job and BB5000 too!

  9. 1 hour ago, Al Krow said:

    The factory setting is only with the B saddle reversed (and that's also how my P35 was set up when I got it off Mark).

    The reason for swapping it round was that when I got the 735A (couriered to me by the previous owner) and played it for the first time, it was really badly set up with a lot of fret buzz. So I spent a bit of time raising the string heights and tweaking the pup heights etc. Not knowing any better(!) I assumed that the reverse saddle was a 'mistake' by the previous owner and part of it not being set up properly, so I 'corrected' it - haha.

    Have you adjusted the set-up much since getting it?

    My initial reaction to the 735A was, consequently, much less positive than yours but the bass grew on me (a lot!) after I'd set it up it until...I bought that damn P35: love at first play! Mark who sold it to me is, like you, another pro bassist and had everything on the P35, in terms of string selection and set up all working beautifully. So when I went to reach for a bass I found myself just wanting to play the P35: the passive tone on that edges it over the 735A for me; and in terms of an active bass my (your old!) NE2 is a complete treat. So I was struggling to justify keeping the 735A. But it's definitely found its way to the right home and is already more famous than any of my basses! :) 

    I think your setup is very playable! I’m gonna adjust the D &G when I get home - they are a tad buzzy in places... 

    Thats not true - your BBNE2 is currently topping the BB735 by quite some way so a “famous” (pains me to say that about my own content haha) bass you certainly possess! 


  10. 14 minutes ago, Al Krow said:

    Hey Tyler - great video!

    At 2.30 - when you said the bridge doesn't have the same option to reverse, not sure what you meant? I actually changed it over, myself, from the 'factory reversed' bridge saddle set up to 'normal' so it should be easy enough to swap it back again.

    Yes - I’ve worked out quickly that I’m wrong about that 😂😂😂 Just checked and realised how you do that - that’s why I thought it was different from the P35. I’ll pop a comment down below on the video... The problem with creating a video - no chance to change it once it’s up! 🤦‍♂️

    Why did you reverse it out of interest? Did you think it benefited tonally? The P35 in Nashville I tried only had the B reversed - I actually thought it was only the B you could reverse from that occasion. Have you tried certain strings reversed but not all? 

  11. 8 minutes ago, Al Krow said:

    Right I've been ridiculously slow on this point, but one benefit from the "3 series" EQ is that you have complete flexibility to blend in as much or as little P or J into the mix as you want. 

    With the older "2 series" and earlier models which have the selector switches it was a choice of P, J or exactly 50:50 P/J. But given how good pure P or P/J sounded, I guess no one (me included) really gave a rat's tail about it! 

    This is one of the things that made me move on my BB5000. I’m a blend man 100%. Set it to the centre detent and nudge it slightly forward to get 5% more P than J. Ah, I’m a fussy chap. 😅

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  12. 5 minutes ago, Al Krow said:

    Sounds like a very good choice! I'd actually expect the 734 passive tone to be a little different (preferable?) to the 434 given the step up in pups from the YGD V5 to the YGD V7.

    @bassfan and I A/B'd a BB425 and BB1025 today. The 425, as previously mentioned, has some of the punchiest pups I've experienced. However we both agreed that higher end pups in the 1025 gave it a tone we both preferred - a more complex sonic flavour and richness if I can put it in those terms; and this, together with the other refinements in the 1025, explained the price differential between these two very good value "2 series" basses. 

    Looking forward to the YT demo! I clearly let that one go too quickly, or more likely simply that a better bass player can always make exactly the same bass sound better in his or her hands! 😀

    You’re far too kind! It had its first flight, trouble free with me to the Mediterranean this week...!



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  13. 3 hours ago, crabman said:

    I might keep an eye out for a 734 to go with the P35. I like the dark coffee sunburst. If I don’t like the active circuit then I’m guessing that a 734 in passive mode is damn close to the 434 in sound. 

    The active circuit is REALLY well voiced. In fact I’ve never heard an active EQ that so accurately boosts the frequencies that are giving that bass it’s sonic characteristics. With the exception of the mid cut, it pretty much just gives you the same sound but mightier, depending on how much you want to crank the knobs. I have a YT demo of my 735a coming soon so I’ll pop it up here to show you what I mean - I just need an hour more of editing and it’ll be good to go!

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  14. I would suggest the TH700 to truly qualify as having plenty of power for festival cabs etc. Currently using the Eich T900 for the same reason, but I wouldn't suggest it as it's not your tonal goal by the sounds of it - Aguilar is. It is tiny and most likely uses the same power amp as the TH700 (one of a whole load of class Ds that came out as a new power amp module was launched).

    I had an LMT500 and found it incredibly boring, but wholly reliable. The kind of amp that I wouldn't be upset to be made to use, but wouldn't be my choice for my own on-stage sonic preference. Some argue the 800 is lacking some grunt as they used a class A/B power amp in the 500.

    Aguilar by the sounds of things - and 700w! 

  15. 22 hours ago, Al Krow said:

    I've just met up with a very talented pro bass player and he's indirectly traded me my black Yammy BB735A for his white Yammy BBNE2!! 

    The folly of youth.

    Yamaha yin & yang.jpg

    ...ok so there may be have been a bit of a time gap (a couple of years) between the two events and effectively some (ok quite a lot!) net cash flowing from me to him (so it wasn't actually a trade) but even so! 

    Looks like I am going to have to change my avatar now though, and also rue the fact that he's living my dream... 😂

    HAHA! What a great post! 😂

    I'm rather taken with this bass! If you took the 'Made in Indonesia' sticker off (and painted the inside of the truss rod adjuster!) would struggle to tell you if it was MIJ or not...

    I still might have to get it painted white - though matte black is far more fetching than I'd anticipated - I'd never liked a black bass until today. I ended up doing a whole photoshoot with it - I really have a thing for BBs and photos. All my major photos have been with your gorgeous BBNE2, a legendary BB5000 and now this 735. I guess I have a thing for BB 5 strings - but I hope this one stays!

    Ready for a weekend of 3 shows in Devon and Manchester respectively (nice to be so conveniently located! 🤦‍♂️) and this chap will probably be with me on all of them! Gig shots and reports incoming for sure. Until then here are some snaps verifying the BB as 'The Photographers' Choice'... T






    IMG_4042 2.jpg

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  16. I was lucky enough to play on one of the stages in the middle of town. I love Cheltenham jazz so it was a real treat for me! 

    Sadly had another gig that night so didn’t have time to hang. I guess British acts with big names that would please the non-jazz orientated locals was the notion behind the KM JM inclusion... 


  17. 19 minutes ago, PJ-Bassist said:

    Have any BC'ers picked up a Little Stubby?..  keen to hear thoughts, I briefly got to try one at the bass guitar show last year but didn't get a feel for volume - I'd like something I could use at Rehearsals.  Doesn't have to necessarily keep up with an acoustic drum kit as drummer uses an electric kit so can turn the volume down but I want to be able to get a reasonable amount out of it .

    It will be fine for this. I have the prototype from the show. There’s a tonne more volume if you run the EQ full open. It’s a passive cutting EQ, so as you turn them down the volume comes down - all down = no volume. 

    Also depends on cabs of course. What cabs would you be using? I use BF so very efficient use of the 30w. 

  18. 15 hours ago, Twanger said:

    Both my basses are passive - a P and a homemade Jazz style. I've been using a Sadowsky outboard for - must be nearly 20 years. It's the original belt clip model, which is still going strong. I don't use it to sculpt my tone, but simply because when using it I can hear my bass in the mix without turning up the volume. It just sounds better. A much tighter, more defined sound. It brings out the detail. I occasionally add a fraction of bass, but never touch the treble knob. No other preamp, or active bass, has ever given me that tightness (though there are many I haven't tried), and I would dearly love to know what it is about that preamp which does this. I know it boosts at 40 and 4k, but I have never been able to find out why it works this way. Whether I run into an amp, or a SABDDI or a straight EQ pedal, or simply into my computer to record, the belt clip makes it sound better. Maybe there's some kind of built in mush cutter. Or maybe it's highly trained pixies.

    This is entirely my experience too. Even boost off it’s got something about it! 

  19. 2 hours ago, Al Krow said:

    I'm guessing TJ that you would totally love the preamp on this? And if you didn't have one already, you would jump at this bass?!

    Aside: new ones are going for around £2.5k and this is a decade old so it would seem that Sadowsky hold their value a lot better than many other basses? (Other than Wals :) )

    I’ve looked so many times haha! But I’m not an Ash Maple chap and my next Sadowsky will be a PJ5 (what almost every Nashville session player is using - I play on the modern U.K. country scene a lot). Always tempted though. Any 5 string Sadowsky coming up for sale always gets many visits from me on BC. 


  20. 1. Fingers

    2. Strings

    3. Pickups

    4. Wood choice

    5. EQ

    However, EQ could overpower all of the others depending on how it were set. For me it’s about getting the natural tone you want and then slightly adjusting that with EQ pickups etc. That natural tone comes from the wood (and for me is generally alder, maple neck, maybe a cheeky maple top, and then fingerboard wood of choice).

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