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  1. I think 5 string basses are easier to play to be honest! You can keep the same shapes and fingerings in a larger number of positions, though I don't think about that so much nowadays - it's all natural. I never regret having the 5th string there, but sometimes regret not having it on a 4 string. In terms of versatility between modern and vintage I'd go for a Sadowsky Metro Express,  Fender 5 string jazz with active electronics, or a Yamaha BB 735 series, for both those modern and vintage sounds in one bass. Any of those will do anything you need in any situation (though I know Fender are what you've said you want to move away from).

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  2. Eich T900 Head 900w - Reduced to £470

    Super compact, headroom for days, this is THE head for those that want a tonne of power in their gig bag at all times! 

    Happy to ship, I travel a lot for gigs so can meet up and am happy for it to be collected from Maidenhead too.

    Thank you for looking!





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  3. Yamaha BB735A - £500

    AHHHHH I feel silly selling this bass, but I've just walked back in the door from buying my dream Sadowsky PJ5. I didn't think I'd ever come across one and I had to go for it, and I just refuse to have two basses in the collection with the same basic specs or else i'll be on a very slippery slope with far too much option paralysis!

    I've sung the praises of this Yamaha all over the web, I am truly blown away by its tonal possibilities and quality for the price. The level of engineering is something special, and it makes me wish all my basses had a neck join, bridge and break angle like this. Its tone is killer, really punches through a rock or pop mix. It also gets a tonne of compliments despite its black finish, so if you want to make a statement, this bass will do it for you!

    Happy to ship at buyer's cost, collection preferred, and I travel a lot for shows so meetup possible. It comes with a different brands' gig bag. 

    Thank you for looking!




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  4. 3 hours ago, EJWW said:

    Hi all, 

    Over the last year or so I've been spending time editing video footage I've captured from my gigs (I record everything I do). From this I've produced my personal showreel and little gig videos of my old band. 

    I love it and use a brilliant and very powerful free programme called Shotcut to do it all. 

    However my family laptop computer (HP pavilion Windows 10, Intel Pentium 2.1gig, 4GB RAM) just isn't up to the job and lacks power. It's very frustrating having to put up with jerky and juddering playback and occasional freezes which mean I have to shut it down and restart the programme. 

    Can anyone recommend a decent laptop that I can buy and use exclusively for creative work like this, and perhaps run Logic or another production programme also?

    I'm an amateur and don't intend to go pro anytime soon but I would like to be able to use some half decent kit for a change. 

    I saw a second hand Macbook pro 9.2 recently, would this be worth going for?

    My budget is around £350.

    Cheers in advance for any advice. 


    What are the specs for the macbook? I used to run adobe premiere for my video editing stuff, but Final Cut Pro X runs way more efficiently I've found, so may be worth going mac for that reason alone. I'm editing video every day for my YT channel and it's been quicker and more efficient moving to Final Cut.

  5. Warwick Starbass II Custom Shop 2010 - £2650 £2375 £2250

    There's only one of these in the world, and I think it's absolutely stunning. Sadly, the neck's too skinny for me to be really comfortable and tonally I'm an Alder+Maple bolt-on traditionalist when it comes to sound, whereas this bass offers some really great harmonic complexity. If you want a bass to draw the attention - this is it. I never cease to get comments from people every time I take it out - aesthetically and sonically. 

    It's a Bubinga Body, and Mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard. The inlays are a gorgeous combination of mother of pearl and abalone. It's bound all the way around with black binding. It's got Warwick's quality bridge and Just-a-Nut III to get the action just where you want it.

    It has a few very very tiny marks which I've photographed. It comes with a hulking-great robust flight case which I'm happy to take out of the deal and reduce the price if it's not wanted. This will likely make shipping a little more than usual - but does replace the need for insurance 😉

    I'm happy to ship, have the bass collected, or meet you somewhere on my travels.

    Thank you for looking!















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  6. Barefaced Super Midget - £450

    No doubt that this cab has done a lot of work - but there's a reason for that! It's been used constantly throughout my university study and now into my professional life. I'm looking to switch to a Two 10, so if anyone fancies a trade of some kind let me know!

    Unfortunately, it's taken all damage to its front grill and not much to the rest of the cabinet. However, it remains in perfect working order and will give you punch and volume that far belies its size - you can just keep feeding it power and it only gets better!

    Collection from Maidenhead is preferred, but I drive all over the country for shows (literally) and accidental eBay bid collections 😅 So I'm sure we can work something out if you're not local.

    Thank you for looking! 










  7. Barefaced Big Twin II - £800

    I've had this cab from new and it's simply the best one cab solution I've ever owned. Any outdoor stage or gig without PA support you need not worry.  I'll be staying Barefaced,  so happy to entertain trades on cloth grilled Two 10s. 

    I'll attach a video from my GoPro of a recent show below which gives you some idea of the direct punch and dispersion this cab offers.

    It has a couple of dings on one side and a few scratches on the front, but that's to be expected for the number of gigs it's done!

    Collection from Maidenhead is preferred, but I drive all over the country for shows (literally) and accidental eBay bid collections 😅 So I'm sure we can work something out if you're not local.

    Thank you for looking! 


    Screenshot 2019-08-07 at 15.44.26.png









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  8. If I've understood, we're not looking for direct comparisons of the model in the helix vs its inspiration, just effects of the same type and whether we prefer what the stomp has to offer?

    I could definitely play ball with this one, and happy to audio/vid comparison too if it's wanted! 

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  9. For the first time in weeks, I didn't find this thread on the first page! I'm currently editing together a full video running through all the tonal possibilities of the BB735A (which it turns out between blending pickups and active and passive EQ is quite a lot!) as I feel I owe the world one, and something more detailed than Yamaha's original vids at release.

    In the meantime, I took just one camera angle and a handful of the passive tone option from the longer vid and put together a brief demo, which I think goes some way to explaining why so many of us are running our 734/5s in passive mode!


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  10. 3 minutes ago, stevie said:

    I'm packing up to go on holiday, guys. So we'll have to discuss speaker power handling another time.

    And I'm not saying those of you who are using this combination are not getting a good sound. Just that if you have a 400W cab like the OP, it's not a great idea to buy a 200W cab to run it with. Better to get a (matching) 400W cab.

    Totally! Matching cabs is definitely the way to go. I’d probably run two identical cabs if I’d always intended to run them together - it was more of a happy accident haha. Have a great holiday! 

  11. Where’s the suggestion that barefaced over exaggerate the power handling on their cabs? I’ve not come across that before online?

    My experience is it sounds great and it doesn’t overload the One10. But I’m sensible with it. If you gun it and open the master on my T900 I’m sure it’ll shred the One10, but I’d turn it down within a moment of hearing so if that were the case. 

    Ultimately, the thread’s about pairing the two. It’s not scientifically perfect, it’s not the best suggestion, but it works if you have both cabs or want the versatility of those two different sizes of cabs. Or indeed if you enjoy the sound, which is the most important thing of all. 

    That’s all I have I’m afraid, video coming tonight!

  12. Not strictly a combo but by the time you've attached the amp to the underside of the cab to flip over, an Ampeg PF210/115 and a PF350/500 would fit the bill. That should come in under budget, I've seen the cabs going for £200 a piece second hand, and the PF350s at £150. Big old casters on the bottom too so it'll be an easier move than most traditional combos!

  13. 1 minute ago, Al Krow said:

    If it had 5 strings, it would be called a 2 band BB NE2.

    But because of you, I'm not jealous :)

    True true! That reverse P and natural finish neck though 😍

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