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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Apologies for the late reply Northsands, it is still for sale cheers Rowley
  3. Agreed! It sounds awesome with the 210 extension cab too!
  4. Was really looking for a cash sale only.........but what you got in mind?
  5. For sale is my MXR compressor. Gigged regularly but in excellent condition, apart from the ratio knob that somehow got lost. It’s been replaced with one I had to hand but doesn’t match the res as you can see, still works exactly how it should though. it will come complete with original box. Happy to post to UK mainland address.
  6. Up for grabs is my GT10B which has become surplus to requirements. It’s in mint condition and will be supplied with the power supply and a Gator soft case. Collection welcome from Halifax, West Yorkshire, or I can ship to UK mainland addresses for additional cost. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Rowley
  7. Photos added now. Since I have an extension cab with silver grille cloth, and my new combo has a black one, I’ve changed them over so they match (yes, a little ocd, I know!). So the Rumble 500V3 now has the black grill.....look pretty cool tho! Drop me a line if you’re in the Halifax (West Yorkshire) area and fancy trying it out. cheers Rowley
  8. I’m taking delivery of the new Rumble stage 800 combo tomorrow, so my trusty 500 will be up for grabs. I’ll post some images at the weekend, but there are plenty on the net if you’re unsure what they look like. The combo is in mint condition with everything in perfect working order. This has been a fantastic combo, especially when hooked up to an extension cab.. any questions welcome, but any potential buyers will need to collect unless they want to arrange their own courier. any takers?
  9. Thanks for the bump Thunderbird, can’t believe no-one can use it at this price........
  10. Si is a pleasure to deal with. A rare “committed” buyer who payed immediately and knew what he wanted. A great communicator and highly recommended buyer. Deal with confidence people.
  11. Damn right Thunderbird, sad to see it go really, but have just replaced it with an awesome Stingray 4 classic whic I picked up for a song.......so all good in the end.
  12. Bit puzzled there really, did you enquiry with a view to buying it as wouldn’t you already know the weight if you had one?
  13. Apologies for the tardy response! The bass weighs 8.5 lbs hope this helps Rowley
  14. Thanks, I’ve just been playing this bass at home Tonight.......forgotten how wonderfully it plays……do I really want to sell it?😏😏
  15. Here we have me second bass up for grabs, another one I’ve owned from new, and now I believe is a discontinued model. its in excellent condition. There are some small marks on the back from (possibly) a belt buckle, but they’re really difficult to show in the images, but as you can see, they’re not that obvious. It’s beautifully set up with flats and play superbly. Again, I’m a little reluctant to let it go, but it doesn’t get played much, and really should be! im happy to ship this to a UK address at additional cost, but you’re welcome to collect if you live close enough to Halifax (West Yorkshire) Any questions, just give me a shout.
  16. I’m slowly thinning out the collection, and having just purchased a Musicman Classic, I’m moving a couple of basses on. This one I’ve owned from new and is/has been an absolute belter. These are fantastic basses for the money, and I am a little reluctant to let it go, but I don’t need so many! It’s in mint condition and is currently strung with flats and plays superbly. if you’re local (West Yorkshire) you’re welcome to come and try it out (and have a beer, I brew my own cask ale!) I can ship this at additional cost, but only to the UK. Feel free to ask any questions
  17. I’m playing in Sheffield on Saturday night if you wanted to collect and save on delivery costs!😜👍
  18. Cheers Thunderbird. Where could you find an “as new” bass of this quality for £140!
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