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  1. Set of three O-ring knobs from Hipshot. New and never used. The shiny chrome shows several reflections and highlights that can look like dings. However they are new and never used.
  2. Bought this on this site about a year ago from TheGreek. Got it for a project that never panned out – and then there was the pandemic! Comes with basic gig bag. Lovely instrument and amazing for the price. It’s a few years old and has various dings and scrapes consummate with age – see pictures. See TheGreek’s description for more. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/366820-sold-bass-collection-nanyo-310-sold/
  3. Bought this on this site about a year ago from Sharkfinger. This bass is very lightweight at just under 3Kgs and medium scale. It has a natural body (alder or basswood) and satin neck. Headstock has a dark wood veneer. There’s a very small bit of buckle rash on the back. Pickups are probably the original ceramic. All passive controls are volume, blend and tone. It has standard BBoT bridge and 38mm nut width. Would prefer pickup from Farnham, Surrey, but can ship for another £20.00 Have a look at Sharkfinger’s original post: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/403563-sold-yamaha-motion-b-mb-40-medium-scale/
  4. Hipshot set of chrome 4-in line Y type tuning pegs ½ inch I got these a couple of years ago for a project, but ended up selling the bass instead. So the pegs were never actually used and are therefore mint in the original package (except for the one I removed for photographing). These go for around £80.00 a set. I am asking £45.00 including shipping, so get a bargain
  5. Hipshot set of chrome 2 + 2 Y type tuning pegs 3/4 inch I got these a couple of years ago for a project, but ended up selling the bass instead. So the pegs were never actually used and are therefore mint. These go for around £80.00 a set. I am asking £45.00 including shipping, so get a bargain.
  6. Here’s a bargain at £60.00 including shipping in UK. The usual price for this is around £100.00 or more. I got this a couple of years ago for my Epiphone Rumblekat bass, but ended up selling the bass and moving on. So the bridge was never actually used and is therefore mint. Among other things this bridge makes the bass easier to set up. You can adjust individual string height for example and more easily correct intonation. Also, no more losing the string saddle when you break a string on a gig. It has Chrome finish with two sets of bolts. It fits a large range of Gibson and Epiphone basses that have the 3 point bridge. Here is Hipshot’s description: Machined from aircraft grade aluminum for maximum precision and durability Innovative micro-adjust saddle design allows for an additional 1/16" [1.5mm] of side-to-side adjustment for even greater string spacing possibilities String silks guaranteed to stay behind the saddles, where they belong Bridge fits flush to the top of the bass for maximum tone transference Two point mounting configuration replaces the three Quick load slots make string changes easy and keep those sharp ball ends away from your finish See more plus a lot of testimonials here: https://hipshotproducts.com/products/supertone-gibson-bass-replacement-bridge Also some more description here: https://www.projectguitar.com/product_reviews/guitar_parts/hipshot-supertone-retrofit-bass-bridge-r6/ (I also have a couple of hipshot tuning peg sets for sale here – 4 in line and 2+2)
  7. Just bought a lovely Mensigner fretless bass in near perfect condition from Loz. Very smooth transaction. Excellent packing and fast delivery. Recommended.
  8. Bought Yammy MB40 from Frank. Very quick and straightforward transaction. The bass was well packed and arrived very quickly. Thanks Frank 🙂
  9. Just bought a bass from Mick. Paid one day, the next he personally delivered it to a friend of mine living nearby. Excellent smooth transaction. Thankyou Mick.
  10. Thanks, Three. Great summing up of the quality of the instrument. Should have consulted you on my posting.
  11. PRICE REDUCED TO £1450.00 I bought this some time ago from bass-chatter Grantd. I love this bass and am reluctant to let it go. However something needs to go to raise some money for another project. The Spector Shorty was originally designed for Garry Tallent of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. These are among the nicest short scale basses you can buy. And this one is especially so with the dark quilted maple body. The bass has a special neck design by bassist Doug Wimbish using a narrower nut than the original. This gives it even better playability. This is also in line with most other short scale basses I have owned. The bass is in as-new condition having never been gigged. Original Spector NS curved body style Quilted maple with satin finish 30 3/8" scale, 22 frets, Deep Socket Neck Insert for maximum sustain and stability Graphite Reinforced 3pc Bolt on Rock Maple Neck Pau Ferro Fingerboard, 16" radius Brass nut width 1.5" Black Hardware, Custom Hipshot A style Brass Bridge Gotoh GB70 Tuners Dunlop Straplocks. Body: Lightweight Swamp ash Satin finish Aguilar PJ pickups Aquilar OBP3 active preamp Controls: bass, treble, mid (with push/pull frequency select), volume, volume Weight - 3.7kg Comes with robust Fusion gig bag. Can be picked up from Farnham, or I can ship with full insurance for another £70.00. Since Evil-bay are currently offering a £1 final value fee, I’ve put on it on there too.
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