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  1. kool!

    well Its awsome! especcially when paired with the transporter but on its own its still mean...still getting used to the graphic eq on the 3500 though! The Ashdown didnt have one!


  2. [quote name='Sparky' post='129979' date='Jan 29 2008, 01:20 PM']Teehee - what are the chances that the 4.5 belonged to me at one point bassboy? the xl badge looks like it's lifted and creased in the same place as the one i used to have... is there a small section of carpet on the underside that's lifted and been glued back down?!!

    even if it isn't my ex-beastie, it does fascinate me the way that gear moves around this forum![/quote]

    haha it is i bought it off steve last week!!

    well observed!


  3. thanks for all the help ill take t to a few more gigs and try it, when i played the amp at a club the other week it did hum but no where near as much it was th usual hum wen i was close it, at the little civic it was put into my extension lead and the only other thingn th extension lead was my wireless!


  4. it was at the little civic in wolverhampton...it may have been bad earth as the monitor was hissing a bit, however the headline bands bass amp wasnt making a sound :) it was when i increased the high contour i meant. and the pre amp tube setting.

  5. can anybody tell me a general price of a replacement valve for my Hartke 3500 as it was humming alot when i boosted the pre amp tube setting and the high's on saturday night... So i thought maybe replacing the tube may stop this hum?

    Also how much would it cost to get one fitted?
    or can anybody reccomend any other ideas why it's humming?


  6. No offence to anyone that has one but DONT go behringher!

    I was looking at them before i got my ashdown and was warned they were unreliable...I then went to local practise rooms that have the heads and there terrible if i get them up to 3 they crackle!

    I shouldnt see there being much problem with the cab but as said above you can get alot better for the money!

    Its only my opinion tho so...

    get the ashdown MAG 2x10! or +1 on the hartke just got a hartke rig and its awsome!

  7. played a BOTB gig on thursday and the bass cut out three times, first time i thought the wireless had gone, second time i thought the lead broke, 3rd time i pulled the lead out whilst throwing myself backwards as im not used to a lead at my feet.

    when trying my gear saturday i found all was in working order! :)

    I think because it was because the di box was next to me and i kept pulling the lead out with my foot!

    We still won the Heat though!


    played at a pub and tripped over a step falling back on to the headline bands 2 guitars, 1 bass (spector) and a marshall stack! oops :huh:

  8. [quote name='tombboy' post='118041' date='Jan 10 2008, 06:10 PM']My Last three rigs (current one first):

    Markbass LMK with 102P and 115:

    Ampeg SVT 2 Pro with 810 cab:

    Trace Elliot GP7 300SMC with 410 & 115:

    God.... I miss the last two! :)[/quote]

    god what id give for an ampeg rig like that!!! lol

    Not a fan of Sunburst but the red MM looks gorgeous

  9. Im looking at getting a cab for my new head and was wondering what you guys would recommend...

    I am looking at:
    Hartke 4.5XL or
    Peavey 4x10 TVX

    I would be using it with a Hartke Ha3500 head and i just wanted to know what youn think would match the head better or if youve had any experience with either cab.


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