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  1. [quote name='bassman2790' post='186042' date='Apr 26 2008, 05:40 PM']That's where I probably saw you. It's the hair that I think I remember.

    Killa Kangorillaz have split unfortunately. I was talking to their vocalist Kerry just the other week. I've known him a long time since the days before he was in Warning. He came to one of our gigs. He's not doing anything at the moment but Lucky and Max are playing with War Pigs, a Sabbath tribute. They're headlining Nedgestock II, an all-dayer at the Nedge May 5th. We're on about half 5 I think. Hopefully see you later. I'll come over and say hi. I'm the old fat dude (probably older than yer Dad).[/quote]

    Thanks for coming!
    was a strange yet fun gig!!
    Yeah i know about Killaz went to see max play with war pigs at the haygate! Hes a member on here somewhere!

    thanks for coming

    [quote name='steve-soar' post='186170' date='Apr 26 2008, 09:13 PM']Hi Alex, how's the 4.5 doing? White hair? Outstanding.

    Stay groovey.
    Hey the 4.5 is awsome, played it tonight with the ashdown and it sounded quality (IMO)! Thanks u still got the crown??

  2. no we had a gig scheduled at the wrens nest but then it closed. U may have seen me at other pubs around telford?! Weve played with and have been to a few to watch with the killa kangorillaz? there pretty big in telford pub scene(classic rock covers band)!


  3. kool... may see you there then. Im the short guy with peroxide blonde(white) hair!

    doors are opening at 8.30 but were not on till about 10.30 and its £3 entry in case you do come.

    Hope to see you later!

  4. I got to band practise earlier and my Hartke 3500 wouldnt turn on...

    Its done this before and usually turns on after about 10 mins of trying. However this afternoon it wouldnt...

    So my Dad ran down his Ashdown Mag 300 which sounded amazing!!!

    so will be using that tonight (if he lets me)

    Just thought id share my annoyance, ive only had the blood thing since christmas!!

    Owell the Ashdown is the dogs anyhoo!!


  5. Im a lead singer and a vocalist and at times its kool, but at others its a pain in the arse!!

    I definately agree that singing definately has stopped me from doing things on the bass im capable of when not singing but now im just used to it.
    TBH im not a huge fan of being the singer but we couldnt find another one when we originally looked for one, and i cant be bothered hunting for a new one (and i now if we found another id be really picky of how he sounds).
    I just know if im ever in another band im not gonna be lead singer!!

    (cheap plug) Check out my vocals here>>> www.myspace.com/inertiatelford


  6. IMO yeah it would be nice for people to say hello before they start selling whether that be on the intro section or just contributing to another topic. However, i dont think its right for people to start having a go at members when they do sell before saying hello.

    If someone does sell as their first post, a PM and a
    'hi most people tend to prefer people to say hello before selling items on here' is a much more civil way of going about it than posting a reply on the post saying:

    this isnt meant to encourage argument, its just my opinion!


  7. I used to own a MAG 2x10 combo which i paired with a MAG115 cab, it was a great amp, gigged it for a year and it never let me down... The sound was very full and low! It also had really good highs which balanced out the sound well!

    I now use a hartke 3500 with a 4.5XL and i also have a transporter 410 aswell, Its also really really good, It is a lot thinner of a sound with IMO alot more treble, The preamp setting of the tube is really good(still need to get a new replacement tube though),
    Its got alot of variation in the sound.

    the reason i swapped was
    1) i wanted separates
    2) The low muddy sound of the ashdown wasnt really the kind of sound i was looking for as i wanted a more trebley sound to cut through better but still with muddy low!

    However in your post you said you didnt really like the thinness of the hartke so im guessing youll probably find the ashdown better as it is a much deeper cab!

    But tbh go and try em because i love both and the hartke is more the sound i want ATM but i still have a soft spot for ashdown (one day when i can afford em ill get an ABM! :))

    Hope this helps!

  8. a fantastic rock bassist that plays today is Jared Followill from Kings of Leon, he is my biggest inspiration on the bass the way he incorporates licks with punchy root is awsome!...Honestly if you have listened to kings of leon before do it now, listen to Razz off the second album aha shake heartbreak, or joes head from their 1st youth and young manhood, or near enough any track off their new album because of the times.

  9. Hi

    out of curiosity, those who own/have owned/or played etc an Aerodyne jazz bass, how do you find the tone and playabilty of them.

    Reason being is that i think they look really kool and always have done, but i just wondered how people rate the p/j pickup configuration compared to the usual jazz 2 single coil config, I also just wondered how they are to play having quite a flat body??


  10. their great amps!

    had mine since christmas and tbh at first i couldnt get used to the sound as i had gone from ashdown(very punchy sound) but gigged my hartke again on thurs nite and it sounded really nice... its also very loud, for the past 2 gigs ive only used it on just over 2 on the master control! (to my disgust, when the techie told me to turn down)...


  11. ive never really liked Precisions as my only real experiences with them are: a dodgy encore at school, and a mexican standard in PMT before i bought my jazz and it sounded and played horrible.

    However im slowly getting into them after listening to the wombats - moving to new york, his P sounds awsome with a pick!

  12. [quote name='rhymes' post='156247' date='Mar 12 2008, 06:23 PM']Thanks Alex - they do look impressive, but no doubt my spine will wish my wallet could stretch to a lighter neo version...[/quote]


  13. [quote name='rhymes' post='154938' date='Mar 10 2008, 10:14 PM']Hooray - finally got the bits of mine after much bargain hunting and got a chance to hook it up and turn it up at practice on Sunday. Just waiting for the wireless to drop in the top slot and it's chocs away - 10 shows and one broken liver coming up... :wacko:


    That looks badass!
    i love the look of 6x10's!!

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