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  1. got G.A.S for:
    Trace Stack,
    Rickenbacker 4003,
    Ernie ball stingray,

    I tried a ripper...Tbh i really didnt like it, i know it was through those terrible headphones but it seemd to lack any balls and i hated how big the body was...however id give it a go through a proper amp!

    I tried a spector too just because warwick wasnt there and that was nice!

    I also tried a yamaha bbwhatever the passive one... TBH i thought it was awsome, was probably one of the nicest basses i tried all day!

  2. Met doctor_of_bass and watched Nate playing i think(quality btw!) quite dissapointed really however it was a lot cheaper for me this year! Only a couple of packs of strings! (but i didnt have to drive or pay for parking!

    Had a go on a trace stack!! blew me away! really helpful

    Was also dissapointed with ashdown... But im now stuck after playing an EB on whether to get an EB or a warwick!

    Spector stand was good!

  3. i agree...where i go its always a behringer head, whenever i use it it has crap tone,is really boomy, everytime you turn the volume up enough to even hear it a light saying its too loud starts flashing, everytime i put effects through it is squeals!!!....But the guitarist gets a marshall head n cab!

  4. [quote name='Musky' post='70334' date='Oct 6 2007, 03:31 PM']I'm quite jealous of your guitarist, Alex.

    It must be great being stuck in a rut, secure in the knowledge that all your gear is in fact the best tool for the job, and there are no other options or ways of doing things. Or perhaps he's happy to rely on one persons opinion in a magazine, even though advertising pressures often taint the reviews?[/quote]

    Nah he hasnt, he sticks to the gear he's got as it does the job for him...i just told him that we all talk about gear and technique etc etc..........

    Tbh i dont think he fully knows what it is?! :)

    All funny replies tho!

  5. I loaded up basschat in my lunch break the other day and my guitarist in my band turned around and said ' OMG basschat your always on that whats the point in it...Its well stupid you go online and talk about bass...sad... i wouldnt waste my time talking about guitar' .....My reply was that's why your a guitarist!

    Just thought id share my experience with you and see if any of you lot have had similar experiences?


  6. I am not sure if im gonna yet but im thinking about swapping my ashdown Mag 300 2x10 combo for separates!

    Its been gigged but its in nearly new condition!

    Im looking for atleast a head (preferably rack mountable) and a 2x10 cab...

    was just wondering how anybody would give me for this or what have ya got you would trade for it.

    As i said not sure if im goin to do it yet or not but was just interested what id get for it?



  7. [quote name='cheddatom' post='66785' date='Sep 28 2007, 10:39 AM']If you buy a CD lable applicator, which really is useful, then you'll get some lable designing software. Or you can just buy lables, and use trial and error and publisher or something similar, until you get the lables bang on.

    I do have the privalage of using colour laser printer at work though, so maybe it's not great value for money for everyone![/quote]

    Ok thanks... ill have a look

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