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  1. Given that the tracking doesn't seem to work... how long should a Thomann order take? 

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    2. NikNik


      I had a DHL no-show last week, despite being informed of a 1hr delivery window. They tried the next day and the drop-off point supposedly refused the guitar. The drop-off point was recommended by DHL.


      It's in Thomann's hands now.

    3. LukeFRC


      I am getting the feeling the answer was and is in the future something that rhymes with “Chase Effect”

    4. Obrienp


      I hope they eventually delivered your Thomann order. Mine arrived today undamaged, which is not bad at exactly 5 working days since I ordered it. Unfortunately, the main part of the order, which was a Guild B-240EF fretless acoustic bass had clearly not been through proper quality control. The nut and bridge were cut much too low. The first string was practically touching the fretboard immediately after the nut and it rattled horribly. The fourth string wasn't much better. It had quite a noticeable bow in the neck. I think that, rather than send it back for a new nut, the factory QC just slackened the truss rod a bit to make it almost playable. If I had tightened the rod to get less of a bow, the top string would have been touching all the way up. I am not sure if it is because of this but plugged in the middle two strings were much louder than the 1st and 4th.


      I have started a return/replacement request but assuming it is collected on Friday, I am probably not going to see the replacement for another two weeks. This is the second time I have had to return a faulty guitar to Thomann. I suspect they just take the boxes out of the warehouse and post them without more than a perfunctory check. The battery was still in its plastic wrapper, so clearly it had not been plugged in before being posted and how anybody could think the setup was acceptable, I don't know. It is irritating but then I have had similar experiences with Andertons. It seems quality control is not a priority for the volume box shifters.

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