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  1. You´ll never know till you ask 🙂
  2. Oh, sorry, it is a 35" scale, 17mm string spacing (between strings)
  3. Due to covid 19 and the loss of nearly all my jobs as a soundtech and some extra bills that I have to pay, I´m open for your kind offers.
  4. some interested parties till yet ... I am still open for serious offers
  5. massive price drop: 4.990,- EUR / 4.480,- GBP
  6. A terrbile G.A.S attack hits me - so I´m open for serious offers
  7. One more clip. A short version of 50 ways. Direct into the Scarlett Solo, too. Recorded with GarageBand, no EQ-ing or something else. At the end of the clip you can hear the strings played separately 50 ways Bass: Treble 1/8 down, Middle 1/4 up, Bass 1/2 up
  8. I´ve recorded are short sound sample. Played through a song from Toto. Quick and dirty. Bass direct into a Scarlett Solo. Recorded with GarageBand. No EQ or anything else. On the bass: Treble half way down, Middle and Bass half up. Play-along: Toto, Animal
  9. Oh, cool. The price is negotiable ... £5000, you´ve got it 😀
  10. New price: 3.300,- EUR (negotiable) Due to covid 19 and the loss of nearly all my jobs as a soundtech and some extra bills that I have to pay, I´m open for your kind offers. Selling this incredible Jerzy Drozd Mastery VI Absolutley no chips or dents, like brand new. Cause it is like brand new. Cause this bass was totaly refurbished between Dec. 2018 till Mai 2019 by master luthier Jerzy Drozd himself. New truss rod, new fretboard and of course frets, new brass nut, new lacquer with highlighting the pattern of the wood with rich pigments, new pickup. The entire costs were: 2.798,- EUR (bills available) Some specs at least: originaly from 27.09.2005 completly refurbished between Dez. 2018 - Mai 2019 35" scale, 17mm string spacing (between strings) Etimoe (a kind of mahogany) body wings laminated maple neck through body design (2 carbon extra reinforcement bars) birdseye burl maple top with matching head stock extended 32 frets maple board brass nut special custom body design Aguilar obp3, 18 volts preamp Custom Jerzy Drozd JEDX humbucker with maple wood cover Recessed wood knobs weight: 4,3kg on the bathroom scale Original Jerzy Drozd case New price: 3.600,- EUR location: Mainz, germany sorry for my bad english
  11. Bump for a price drop: £930,- EUR 1.050,- It´s a bargain for this incredible instrument
  12. Because of .......... 🙄 🤣 it is right-left-hand-model Just kidding.
  13. Happy weekend quick sale - I must be crazy - price drop: £ 999,- EUR 1.125,-
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