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  1. Agreed about there only being a handful of current manufacturers. I have no doubt that those Rocket tube guys have purchased them from one of the main stay current manufacturers but they are claiming they have carefully selected and graded these as well as having them cryo treated. The jacket they put on is to help in the area of microphony not to hide a bad tube. All we are saying is we have tried these and think they are great. Has anyone else. We would like to hear comments about anyone else who has tried them and can comment on the tone. Mr Foxen, thank you for your comments. Are you saying you purchased your rocket tubes from China. What did you think of the tone.
  2. A lot of Negative comments. Presumably you guys that have bad things to say have all tried these. Where did you buy them from. Just to clarify the Clean ones are 10% lower in gain and offer more clean headroom than the Nitrous ones. As a point to note, we test thousands of valves a year and actually all the 12AX7 we have come across (direct from the main factories still producing valves and pre tested) come with gain ranging anything from 90 to 114. 100 is just a ball park figure in the valve specifications. Before anyone comments on original Mullards they also have a massive gain range. Due to the nature of how innards are put together and always has been. Being a valve tone junky I quite like the character and variation you get from tubes anyway. What we can say about these Rocket tubes is that we like the sound a lot. Can the guys that are dissing them expand on what you don't like about the tone or are you speaking from not having tried them.
  3. I don't think anyone can compete with that.....
  4. We have not removed the acoustic jackets since we have only just received these in stock from a UK supplier but we have tried them in several amps and we like them a lot. They are branded Rocket Tubes. On our testers and curve trace we have found both variants to be low noise and high quality tubes in terms of emissions and drive. There is roughly about 10% difference in ovrall gain between the Clean and the Nitrous versions with the Clean coming in the mid 90's and the Nitrous just over 100. We think these will be winners.
  5. New pre amp tubes just released by rocket tubes. They come in 2 Variants. A low gain version labelled as CLEAN and a Higher Grade Version Labelled as NITROUS. We have put these in several amps and they sound very nice. Cryo Treated and other mod cons make these tubes an exciting new addition to the tube tone world. A great new Vacuum Tube. You can read info about them on [url="http://www.rocket-tubes.com"]www.rocket-tubes.com[/url] We are proud to be one of the first to get hold of these in the UK [attachment=146759:rocket-tubes-12ax7clean.jpg][attachment=146760:rocket-tubes-12ax7nitrous.jpg]
  6. [quote name='Happy Jack' post='1223094' date='May 7 2011, 12:37 PM']I don't do false modesty. If I tell you that I have the DIY skills of Frank Spencer (ask your Mum) and the electronic engineering capability of Homer Simpson, then I'm not just looking for a cheap laugh ... I mean it. If I can replace the valves on an OBT, then so can you. [b][size=4]Why replace them?[/size][/b] 1. No one ever gets to turn the knobs above "nine o'clock" because the amp is so damned loud and the valves have so much gain. 2. No one likes using the [i][b]D.I. Out[/b][/i] facility because of the OTT gain which is too much for many engineers to deal with. [size=4][b]Don't believe me?[/b][/size] Here's a passive 1970's Maya P-bass (classic JapCrap) played through an OBT, DI'd into a Behringer 1604 desk, and then recorded by Line Out into a Zoom H2. Desk settings throughout: It's not too obvious from the photos, but the Mic Gain is set to Zero. OBT on LOW gain: [attachment=79254:Original_AX7_LOW.mp3] OBT on MED gain: [attachment=79255:Original_AX7_MED.mp3] OBT on HIGH gain: WARNING! You may wish to turn the volume down. That horrible overload is what came out. I did consider turning the amp down until it went away, but then decided that would defeat the purpose of the example. [attachment=79256:Original_AX7_HIGH.mp3] [size=4][b]Replace them with what?[/b][/size] There's plenty of choice out there, but I've selected the next level down which is the AT7, offering roughly 2/3rds the gain of the AX7. There are plenty of ex-military AT7 WA valves out there at the moment. Using these means that I will be able to continue playing in the event of a tactical nuclear weapon being detonated near the gig.[/quote] Cool clips. Tungsol 12AX7 are super for Bass really low microphony and good bass extension and generally slightly lower on gain than EH or JJ. Also worth trying EH 12AY7. Really smooth tube gain of around 50.
  7. [quote name='razze06' post='1147322' date='Mar 2 2011, 04:34 PM']Some time ago I've acquired this home-brew fender bassman 100 clone head, and I love its tone. Fantastic clarity and all the rest. Unfortunately, it is not very loud. What do I mean by "not very loud"? I have it plugged into my ashdown MAG 4x10, as my other more modern cabs didn't like it (TC RS212 and Tecamp s210), and I have to run it at full tilt (no clean headroom) to be able to practice with the (rock covers) band. Given that this is nominally a 100W amp, I was expecting a bit more. Now I knew it was a little underpowered when I got it, as the previous owner said that he had it checked, and it seemed to be putting out only around 60W. My question here is quite simple: I would love to use it for live work, what do you recommend I do? - Get a cab with higher sensitivity, more efficient, or with a shape and tuning more suitable to the head - Get the amp serviced again, with a view to restoring its nominal power (or more) - Sell it to someone who doesn't need the volume and get something else, maybe a real fender bassman 100 or 135 - More cabs is realy not an option, as I don't have the space or the inclination to use them.[/quote] Hello, The original Bassman 100 had 4x6l6GC valves in the output section and was capable of at least 100W when set up correctly. Might be worth checking the Bias Current. You should be looking at a range of 30mA to 36mA per 6l6GC tube for optimum power and performance. Hope that helps, Regards Voc Rock.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' post='1091847' date='Jan 16 2011, 09:20 PM']I notice you have KT77s, at what plate voltage do you match your valves?[/quote] Hello Mr Foxen, We test our valves firstly on several vintage Rigs for opens, leaks and general emmissions (We have Several renovated AVO Mark 4's for that task since we find them more reliable and telling on those initial tests). We then burn in and move on to the Digital curve tracer which tests the KT77 at around 400VDC plate. Our power valves are matched to within 2% of plate current and Gm (Transconductance). We are currently out of stock on KT77's but should be getting new stock From JJ early in the new year. Thanks for you Question and keep rocking. Nic.
  10. [quote name='funkgod' post='880653' date='Jun 29 2010, 08:24 AM']Hello all, bit of a warning and info wanted here. I have a SWR redhead which uses a 12ax7 (ecc83) in the pre amp. The redhead has had the valve it came with as new for 10 years with no problems. so thought it was time for a change. After a bit of a scoot around i opted for the ones on Ebay, and got a pair, as here.... [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mesa-Boogie-12AX7-ECC83-Pre-Amplifier-Valve-tubes-NEW-/230402049361?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Amplifiers_RL&hash=item35a5084551"]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mesa-Boogie-12AX7-EC...=item35a5084551[/url] I replaced my old one, and very first gig, was a sound like loud electrical fault first on louder played notes, then all the time, this was later found to be the valve VERY microphonic, and any amount of vibration would set it off, so on inspection when out it all rattley inside like a spring is bouncing against the inner case when shaken/flicked on closer visual inspection the plates dont look very well supported, and just look altogether flimsey. I dont even want to try the other one !!! Are these REAL mesa Boogie ones ?? The valvs say on them, "ENGL tube power ecc83" see pic should they not say Mesa Boogie ??. So to the point, has anyone tried these and had problems ?[attachment=53197:IMG_1230.jpg][/quote] Hi, This is Nic, Proprietor of Voc Rock Guitars. The valve Shown in this Picture was not supplied by us. All our valves are purchased direct from the manufacturer. They are new and tested considerably before leaving our shop, our feedback clearly shows our comittment to Customer service and Item quality. The Mesa Tubes we sell have the Mesa Boogie Logo clearly stamped on the valve. The valve shown in this picture has ENGL marked on it and looks like a second hand used valve from an ENGL amplifier. Here is a link to the Mesa Valves that we sell [url="http://www.voc-rock-guitars.com/Valves-Tubes/mesa-12AX7a-valve.html"]http://www.voc-rock-guitars.com/Valves-Tub...AX7a-valve.html[/url] Hope that clarifies. Kindest Regards, Nic.
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