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  2. [quote name='captain black' post='1313166' date='Jul 22 2011, 08:07 PM']Where you at Herman?[/quote] im near worthing in west sussex mate.
  3. [attachment=85364:100_2448.jpg][attachment=85365:100_2449.jpg]attachment=85366:100_2450.jpg][attachm ent=85364:100_2448.jpg][attachment=85365:100_2449.jpg very good condition ampeg stack, plenty of low end with the 18" cab! ive used it for practise sessions only! im in west sussex area if interested.
  4. [attachment=84892:100_2449.jpg][attachment=84890:100_2448.jpg] ampeg svt 450 head, 2x10 and 1x18 classic series cabs, all in very good condition, only used for practise sessions, really low end with the 18" cab! want to sell as complete rig, and not seperate! im in west sussex area.
  5. have owned my svt 450h for nearly 4 years now, made in vietnam, never had any trouble with it, just a bit on the heavy side weight wise! thanks mick.
  6. hi all, ive got a little mark 2 head, problem is when i switch it on, it makes a slow whirring noise, sounds like the fan is struggling to get going but after about 30-60 seconds its fine with no noise, just wondered if this is a common problem with these heads or do i need to replace the fan? thanks mick.
  7. hello mate, for years ive always used ampeg gear, have now gone to markbass! LM2 head, 104hf + 102hf cabs, the sound is superb! its not heavy at all, very portable! the VLE & VPF filters are a godsend! and yes markbass gear is fairly expensive new, if you buy used you can get a good deal if your in the right place at the right time!! when im at practise sessions i just use the 4x10 on its own, the head runs at 300w @ 8ohms and it can do `LOUD`with the 2x10 and 4x10 its monster!! cheers mick.
  8. hello all, im looking to downsize a bit, the 2x10 and 1x18 are both in very good condition, looking for £200 for each cab, so if anyone has a 410hlf classic series cab in nice nick, i would be willing to do a trade for both my cabs! im located in west sussex area. thanks, mick.
  9. [quote name='MatthewKeys' post='1232317' date='May 15 2011, 07:08 PM']SVT210e?? Would you be willing to sell separately?[/quote] no, sorry mate, i would like to sell as a complete rig.
  10. hi all, now up for sale is a very clean and superb ampeg rig! as i dont use it anymore, monster low end with the 18" cab tucked under the 2x10`s, the head is svt 450 solid/state, looking for around £600 or trade for a markbass 104hf 8ohm cab which must be in nice condition of course!! i will get some pic`s put on later if anyone is interested. im in west sussex area. thanks, herman.
  11. hello all, im running an ampeg svt 450h head, 2x10 + 1x18 svt cabs, the master volume is set at 3 0`clock, but when i turn the gain towards 11 0`clock the green limit light flickers, am i harming the speakers? there is also a red `peak` light next to the gain control, would that be bad news if the `peak` light come on? thanks herman.
  12. hi all, im running a svt450h solid state head, great sound until my missus turns the bathroom light on! or when any electrical appliance is on, when the fridge/freezer kicks in it comes out from speaker cabs! is there any way to cure this problem? it drives me insane! thanks herman.
  13. [quote name='BurritoBass' post='1134464' date='Feb 20 2011, 04:21 PM']Herman bought my Ampeg 210 SVT USA cab. Top bloke to deal with. Swiftly arranged traditional service station handover in true Basschat tradition. Top stuff [/quote] really happy to do a deal with burritobass, a very clean and tidy svt 210 ampeg cab! true to what was edited in post! a good honest basschatter! all the best tim. many thanks mick.
  14. ive never tried a jazz bass, had my stingray for a week now and i love it! covers all the styles that i play and its very user friendly! i will never part with it!
  15. ampeg svt 450h bass head, only used for practise sessions, and ampeg svt 18 bass cab both in very good condition! £450 for amp and cab!
  16. [quote name='moonbass' post='1074650' date='Jan 1 2011, 07:02 PM']After a successful days trading I'm now the proud owner of a Streamer Jazzman! Very nice to meet you 'Herman'; hope you're enjoying my blonde! Just got to get to grips with trying to control the tones on the Warwick - quite a shock after the pick up and play ease of a 'Ray, but will be great when I get the hang of it! Andy[/quote] what a great trade andy, i put the post up last night for a stingray and about 14 hours later im the proud owner of a natural blonde! my dinner is still in microwave from about 4pm, i cant put this fab bass down! had a play around with controls on the markbass head and got some awesome slap tones! and a bit of chorus pedal even better! hope you enjoy the streamer moonbass! all the best, mick.
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  18. [quote name='Bass_Guardian' post='1073806' date='Dec 31 2010, 04:28 PM']My lakland has a slap tone to die for IMO haha. I prefer it over a MIM jazz by far. P bass has a nice chunky slap tone. Whats your budget?[/quote] what im looking at is doing a trade/swap for my warwick bass, ive also got an ampeg svt 450h head and svt 18 cab in very good condition that i dont need anymore, i would like to find a maple neck musicman stingray if anyone has got one to trade? black or natural colour body would be nice! thanks mick.
  19. hi all, im looking at buying another bass, im really getting in to slap/funk style, im using a markbass head 2x10 and 4x10hf cabs, ive got a warwick lx streamer jazzman, very powerful active bass! which i could be selling soon, im not keen on warwick sound, so not sure what to go for yet? is there any expert slap players that could give me some solid advice please! many thanks, mick.
  20. very good amp, used for practise sessions only! needs to go to someone that can make good use of it! got it 2 years ago from new, amp is located in west sussex. £275
  21. trace elliot 1818x cab and 150watt head, a few scuffs on cab due to age, caps are missing on graphic sliders but all work perfectly, i bourght it on a whim and it has sat in my spare room eversince! the chap i got it from replaced the standard 10" speaker with a brand new 350watt eminence speaker, xlr speaker lead incuded. £200
  22. hello mate, im looking for a markbass 2x10 cab, ive got an ampeg svt 450h head, 4x10he cab, 1x15e cab, classic series, i have not listed it yet anywhere, am willing to split for right offer, 2 years old and never gigged! practise sessions only, very good condition, would you consider a deal?
  23. hi all, im new to basschat, ampeg svt450h head, 4x10he, 1x15e classic series, 2 years old and never gigged! just practise sessions! excellent condition, willing to do a straight swap for markbass 4x10hf cab! just purchased little mark ii head, if interested you can contact me on 07764538228
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