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  1. 2 hours ago, Velarian said:

    The bass has now been relished with a £50 higher starting price!


    Cloud-cuckoo land. 

    No changes to description other than the price, Ebay may have pulled it because of people reporting it, this person is either a chancer or deluded that it is the real thing. Its probably a decent enough bass but it’s no US Fender - at best a Bitsa - as a few comments have suggested there are many who don’t know much about Fenders who could get taken in by this. 

  2. Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Short-scale Bass Guitar USA 


    Bought very recently from a fellow Basschat forum member and selling at what I purchased it for. 


    This beautiful short-scale version of the StingRay bass has a roasted maple neck and fingerboard and passive pickup. It has a 30” scale and smaller body which makes it light and easy to play. It weighs under 7lbs and is in near mint condition with original case and tools. I bought it to help with issues with my fretting hand however I find I’m happier with my old Mustang bass. 

    This bass was produced in limited quantities in this size and finish, it’s a beautiful instrument and rare in the U.K. you can see the barcode sticker on the back so new it hasn’t been removed!

    Lots of reviews and information on the internet. No trades or offers sorry. 

    U.K. only, pickup preferred but I will post at buyer’s cost.


    From Ernie Ball -


    The Ernie Ball Music Man Short Scale StingRay bass offers a big thumpy round sound in a convenient smaller package. A 30” scale allows for easier playability due to the shorter spacing between the frets. The Ernie Ball Music Man passive humbucking pickup, equipped with higher output neodymium magnets, has been specially designed for the short scale bass, providing its signature warm tone. Electronics package includes a 3-way rotary switch featuring parallel, true single-coil, and series modes. Like its big brother the Stingray Special, the short scale bass comes standard with a modern classic bridge, 22 stainless steel frets, and new lightweight Music Man tuning machines with a finer gear ratio.











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  3. This bass has served me well, a real work horse, comfortable to play and sounds great. The classic black and maple combo. It has been regularly gigged and as such has some scrapes to the back and blemishes and a couple of dings on the back of the neck and headstock. Nothing structural or major just honest play and gig wear. Frets are in good condition and the neck is straight with a working truss-rod. It has the original truss-rod tool and Allen key in the case pocket with the owners booklet and inspection tag. There is a service note from Jack’s instrument repairs of Manchester. It had a replacement bone nut fitted some years ago and the S1 switch circuit was replaced with a normal pot - the S1 switch and original knobs are included. It weighs 4.4kgs and is well balanced. The case is worn and has stickers on it, the cloth tags that keep the case open at right angles have become detached although it still works and it even has its original key! 

    I have used this bass exclusively for some time however owing to an issue with my fretting hand I have had to switch to short scale basses and have invested in an expensive shorty! Reluctantly this has to go.

    No trades sorry. The bass is for sale in the U.K. only. I’d rather it be picked up but I can post at your cost. I will of course entertain sensible offers. 















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  4. Nano amp now sold 

    Markbass Traveller 121 H 400 watt Cabinet 

    Moving a few pieces of spare gear on. 12”8 ohm cabinet with switchable horn and cover 

    The cabinet is near mint and is very powerful for the size.

    I’d prefer pickup from Lancaster 
    Cabinet - £230





















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  5. Looking more closely at it it is a very early Marathon Mk I. These basses have the extra large pickup route under the scratchplate as they are made up from remainder Hayman body and neck parts. The trussrod access is located under the little serial number plate you can see beneath the neck plate. A warning as these can be difficult to adjust and can easily seize or be badly worn.  Hayman type necks are much chunkier than those on later Shergold basses. That said this is my favourite style Marathon bass. My first full scale bass was like this and we added a Dimarzio Jazz bass to it. Great sound and feel. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Newfoundfreedom said:

    I'm assuming this has been corrected as it's on at £500 now. 


    Zero feedback seller though. So I'd still be wary. 

    £500 is more realistic but yes I’d be wary given the lack of feedback and the daft price of the original listing. 

  7. I’ve had a couple of these, they are a bit of a one trick pony with the big mudbucker pickup. Certainly a nice looking instrument in a classic colour scheme however if you haven’t played one be aware that the neck is fat and clubby and they are generally over the 4.5kgs mark weight wise. I like them personally and would love a black and maple one as in the pics above but I wouldn’t pay more than 2k. I think Dust and Barley on here still has one of mine, I miss that bass! 

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  8. I’ve used this as a spare for a while but other than a couple of gigs where my old amp blew a fuse it hasn’t done much service. I bought it used and it had been serviced by Real-electronics Sheffield who are the recommended service centre for Markbass in the U.K.  There is some cosmetic damage to the finish on the top of the amp where it has been in my gig bag and the gain control could do with a squirt of cleaner but the amp is loud and punchy and works as it ought to. The DI and fan works properly too.






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