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  1. Testing power consumption

    [quote name='Steevo' post='1288912' date='Jul 1 2011, 11:43 AM']Thanks! Looks like i'll have to give it a try.... I've always been interested to know the power consumption of equipment so as to be sure that venues have sufficient power sockets available. Although an amplifier/speaker is rated at 500w at 4ohm or whatever....does it actually draw this power? i.e. can you have a max of approx 6 x 500w cabinets on a single 13a socket?[/quote] 6x 500w cabinets will not draw 6x 500w. 6x 500w amps is potentially a different matter. A 13A socket can deliver slightly over 3kw continuously. So, if by magic your 6x 500w amps happened to peak at 500w power draw too (I'd be highly surprised if they were anything other than valve amps!), then yes indeed you could run them all off one socket, just. I would suggest, unless it's more the curiosity that is driving you, that you not worry about it if you have a 13A socket all to yourself. Personally I'm very interested in the numbers as I work for a company that provides solar power for festival tents and stages. Sadly I enjoy hearing how much current someones gear uses.. I would however suggest using a plug-in RCD, it'll throw a fit on dodgy sockets protecting you from spikey hair and smoking shoes, or worse. If you attach a clamp meter to one core of the cable it will show a positive current, if you attach it to the other it will show a negative current. The magnetic field a clamp meter measures travels the complete circuit of positive and neutral equally, so it cancels itself out if the meter is around both positive and neutral cores. In that situation it should show 0.0A current. You can only measure one cable core at a time. Unless you build a bunch of extension leads with separated cables, the plug in meter is far easier for AC mains.
  2. Dog Bone

    I was listening to some old tracks I recorded, and thought this might be useful as I had a bass free version. Wrote this something like 6 years ago, me on guitar with some drum loops. Hope someone finds it useful to jam along with. [attachment=64124:Dog_Bone__master_.mp3]
  3. Build advice for cab material

    [quote name='Mr. Foxen' post='1003269' date='Oct 28 2010, 02:17 AM']Sound absorbing is all about converting the air movement energy into other energy, usually via friction producing heat, so the bamboo fiber absorbing sound is because the fibers are free to rub together. Doesn't apply when they are glued. Bear in mind weight and durability issues aren't there for monitors, because you aren't expecting to be moving them much. I'm pretty sure it will be equivalent to very high quality ply in most ways, as with most things, the existence of cheap poor quality ply drags down it's reputation overall. Really, to achieve stiffness, you can do it with cunning construction, tensioning and bracing, have a look at aircraft woodwork to see how to achieve maximum stiffness for minimum weight.[/quote] Thank you for your explanation, makes perfect sense. I agree and think it's not practical for anything other than stationary speakers, but I've enjoyed the hunt anyway. I will be building a cab from plyboo, but it will be a stationary use sub. Mostly just for the sake of it! Thank you for your comments, it's appreciated.
  4. funk loop

    Thanks! Been having fun with this today.
  5. Build advice for cab material

    [quote name='Mr. Foxen' post='1003230' date='Oct 28 2010, 12:14 AM']What you want in cab material is strong, stiff, non-resonant and light. That website doesn't actually give any details at all on it's actual properties, which indicates marketing and style over actual physical usefulness. I'd imagine it is quite a high proportion glue due to bamboo only coming in strips, so it probably disproportionately heavy, and bamboo is known for springiness rather than stiffness. I think a cab made out of it would bounce better than most. Flooring and furniture benefit from spring, I think traditional hardwood ply would be better for a cab, but you could do it just to be different, it wouldn't end up heavier than an MDF cab (which benefits from being very non resonant, and cheap, but loses out on the weight and strength). Oh., and when you are working it, it will have the most vicious splinters going.[/quote] Thank you for your reply and advice, it has prompted me to delve a little deeper. I totally agree with your weight and difficulty of working comments, the weight alone could well be a reason to forget this whole thing. It's about 20% heavier for plyboo over plywood, hmmm don't know if I can accept that.. Bamboo is seriously stiff in one direction though, and with opposite directions working in the ply I'd imagine it should have a good overall stiffness. After finding a set of $18k speakers made from bamboo I searched more, as this seemed to indicate bamboo is good for audio. (or they are just trying to show off with alternative materials) [url="http://www.ascendacoustics.com/pages/products/speakers/SRM1/srm1.html"]http://www.ascendacoustics.com/pages/produ.../SRM1/srm1.html[/url] - Bamboo speakers seem to be fairly high price range items. Now I'm just confused though - [url="http://library.witpress.com/pages/PaperInfo.asp?PaperID=18"]http://library.witpress.com/pages/PaperInfo.asp?PaperID=18[/url] - This is related to fibres, but absorbing sound? Guess I'm doing lots more research. I'll save that for at work, if I don't forget it totally over the weight.
  6. I so hope it's the drill version.
  7. Seriously considering building a J12 using Plyboo. Plywood made from bamboo. [url="http://www.plyboo.nl/bic/5_info2.html"]http://www.plyboo.nl/bic/5_info2.html[/url] Sounds strong and quite dense to me, have a feeling it'd make a good cab. Although I'd love to hear from anyone who disagrees?
  8. Band Website advice (from Oldgit)

    This is some really excellent information! I never chatted with you Oldgit, but there is definitely some of your spirit still working in BC. I've been doing SEO for a few years now as part of my job, our site gets 1500 visitors a day on average. We're highly ranked, totally independent, and never pay for any advertising. If anyone would like any additional assistance, I'd be honoured to add my offer of help to this thread gratis. Feel free to PM me, and make use of my very boring skills.
  9. Quick Courier Posting Question

    Or put it in one of these. [url="http://www.peliproducts.co.uk/cases/1770.html"]http://www.peliproducts.co.uk/cases/1770.html[/url] Have used the small cases, sent one up Everest as part of an expeditions solar power kit. Shockingly strong. Probably quite expensive at this size though.
  10. Quick Courier Posting Question

    Ask for insurance, most couriers will insure non-glass items for a premium (something like £12 extra for, I think £1k cover). Even Royal Mail does additional insurance up to £500 for a premium, but most couriers will go higher. I ship £500+ glass solar panels almost every day by courier and we've have had very few breakages. Admittedly we do pack them very well, but not enough to cover a serious drop or the fork-lift running into it. Not really practical to totally protect sheets of glass with up to 1.6 x 1m involved. Might as well do the suggestion below when it's high value and fragile.. If you want something to arrive safe, have it strapped to a pallet and sent (clearly marked as DO NOT STACK!). A bass would probably fit on just about a standard euro pallet, so roughly £75 UK to UK (remote areas cost more). Luckily everything we send is covered by 3rd party £35,000 insurance. This is for our company, but it covers everything in transit, worldwide, whoever the courier, glass or not. With a £200 excess though, unfortunately. I bet someone would do a personal goods in transit one off insurance. Still, if I had a nice bass in transit, I'd rather have it arrive in perfect condition than get an insurance payout.
  11. Chris Squire Electra Evolution

    That looks excellent, very well done. Congratulations on a fine build.
  12. Bass Shapes

    [quote name='AnalogBomb' post='998527' date='Oct 23 2010, 11:00 PM']What I'm trying to say is, do people go for looks, sound or a combinations of both. I love the sound and warmth of Warwick basses, but cant stand the looks! I'd love a Sadowsky, but although they have a Jazz-esque shape, I just can't get used to the lines on the body! Am I mental?!? [/quote] Whatever feels right. If something feels off, if there is something you're not comfortable with, whatever it is, then probably best to walk away and keep looking.
  13. right hand finger speed

    [quote name='Old_Ben' post='998569' date='Oct 24 2010, 12:27 AM']That's what she said.... Anyone found using a powerball can help to build up stamina? I've got one and definitely helps me keep up a pace. as for getting to a pace, probably just practise to a metronome? fast songs you can learn; battery or master of puppets, both good for string changes at a fast pace. I agree with the muse and maiden too![/quote] I agree, if time is spare and a bass isn't available, something like this will help. I use a home made version of a powerball, rather - made at work. A ball of elastic bands left by the postman. It's great to throw in times of frustration too, loves smashing things after randomly bouncing off at a tangent. Plus I can make it large to strengthen on long finger stretches, if the postman would get in gear and deliver more elastic bands! Helps with my left and right hand strength, when otherwise I'd just be wasting my time working! I'm a reformed guitarist who's not been playing bass that long, finger strength and consistency is one of the things I work on very regularly.
  14. Nervousness

    [quote name='beyond' post='996959' date='Oct 22 2010, 12:48 PM']I know there is probably no answer to this but here goes. How can I overcome nervousness. I am new to the bass and at the moment only play to myself in front of the computer, but the minute anyone comes into the room to watch I go to pieces. In my day job I have meetings in top boardrooms, meet and have discussions with all types of people including top celebs etc. and have no problem at all, but the minute I pick up the guitar................. Why is this?[/quote] There is the old 'imagine the crowd naked' one, but wouldn't it make sense to go out and play naked yourself? Surely you'd be too busy trying to cover yourself with the bass to worry about playing. In all seriousness though, I suggest you sit down in front of a webcam and record a video on your PC, with full intentions of showing others. You'll screw up in the anticipation that others will see it at first, but keep going, you'll get it how you want. At least you get to screw up in private. Next I'd move on to playing in front of someone you trust with your feelings. It'd actually be good to screw up in this situation. The right friend will show you how your fears are unfounded, and people actually realise you are learning and will be impressed by progress and not the lack of it. As long as you don't go around harping on about how awesome you are at bass, instead mentioning that you have only recently taken it up, you'll pretty much always get a decent reaction. If you don't, then I suggest getting new friends. Then I'd suggest playing with others, maybe a duo jam, moving onto a band. Bit by bit. I wish you good luck.
  15. Is a truss rod a hard thing to fix?

    Remove fret board.. [url="http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/removal.htm"]http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/removal.htm[/url] Do magic to truss rod. Replace fret board.. [url="http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/attach.htm"]http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/attach.htm[/url] or, maybe.. [url="http://www.guitarrepairshop.com/repairtrussrod.html"]http://www.guitarrepairshop.com/repairtrussrod.html[/url]