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  1. What a pleasure to have the opportunity to deal with David again. Great communication and always helpful and responsive. Highly recommended!
  2. No worries - I can totally relate since I can no longer afford to keep it and certainly couldn't afford to buy it given my current situation. Just hoping someone luckier than us out there somewhere...? Hopefully the Sadowsky price breakdown might help someone more fortunate realise this is one of the cheapest ways to acquire one of the best basses money can buy... (imho)
  3. Thanks! Hoping someone will realise it's not so expensive when you consider that if you ordered this today from Roger, he is quoting $5800 for a NYC 5-string, plus $1500 for Brazilian Master Grade fingerboard, plus $150 for vintage style, plus $200 for matching headstock. That's $7650 in the US, so for UK customers add, say, $200 shipping & insurance, 2% import duty on that and another 20% VAT on the whole lot. At today's exchange rate (£1=$1.37), that comes to just over £7000. Bear in mind too that this bass is in close to mint condition and Roger won't export any instrument with Brazilian rosewood outside the USA anyway... Just saying... 😉
  4. Photos added. A kind Basschat member has pointed out that there is a loose piece of debris near the bridge in the sixth pic below that looks like a chip in the finish. Please rest assured it is not a chip! The finish is immaculate as can be seen in the main pic above. Thanks for pointing this out David (Risk101)!
  5. CIJ Jaguar bass in very good condition. These are notorious for neck dive. I fitted genuine USA Hipshot Ultralites to counter this. The back of the neck has also been given a nicely subtle satin finish. The hipshots required that the original tuner holes be filled, but the effect is subtle, as per photos. Balance is much improved. I've found this Jaguar to be very versatile, tone-wise. The neck on this one now feels great. Weight c. 8lb 13.5oz (about 4kg). Prefer collection. Shipping quote on request. Location Herts, UK.
  6. Could you advise the scale-length, approx weight, nut width and string spacing on this beautiful bass please?
  7. Lovely looking bass! I can recommend David as a great seller having bought a Lakland from him in the past. GLWTS
  8. Hi - what is the scale length on this please?
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