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  1. Lovely looking bass! I can recommend David as a great seller having bought a Lakland from him in the past. GLWTS
  2. Hi - what is the scale length on this please?
  3. After nearly doing deals on a couple of previous occasions, finally closed on a trade, swapping US Lāklands - my BG for his JO. The transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mikkel to anyone on basschat. A pleasure to have made his acquaintance on here:)
  4. Sold my StingRay Classic to Christos today - great guy to deal with. All went very smoothly
  5. Thanks BaconCheese I've had one or two questions about trades - looking for a cash sale on this one though, but thanks for the emails. Just to point out - the bar code label in the Flickr pics on the back of the bass has been removed (it was from when the bass was new). No marks or anything remain, don't worry. It was one of those easy-peel labels
  6. NOW SOLD ========== Not sure I should be selling this, but here goes… It was hard to get hold of and so I’ve agonised over it but I just can’t escape the fact that the StingRay isn’t quite my thing. I was very disappointed as I had wanted this bass for so long. Haven’t we all wanted to play/sound like Bernard Edwards at least once in our lives? I wish… The bass has the sound, but I don’t! I should have known better. It took me a long search to find this particular ‘Ray as I didn’t really want one of the regular colours that were available in the UK, plus I wanted one that wasn’t the usual 10-lbs or more. It was hand-picked in the USA for its lightweight one-piece ash body – and of course the trans-white finish that really shows off the grain. Imported to the UK, brand new, by me. Nice subtle birdseye maple on the neck. All original stuff included (HSC etc.). Near mint condition. Weighs just 4.2kg – not super lightweight but very good for a ‘Ray. Prefer collect only from Herts, UK please. £1500 No trades on this one [attachment=234356:DSCF4179_FL.jpg] [attachment=234357:DSCF4174_FL.jpg] Photos here: [url="https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157661524811482/with/23244118381/"]https://www.flickr.c...th/23244118381/[/url]
  7. JCB

    Feedback for jhamler

    Sold my Sadowsky RV4 to Jonathan - thanks again:) The whole transaction went very smoothly - great guy to deal with.
  8. [quote name='Norwood' timestamp='1480086275' post='3181589'] On hold [/quote]
  9. My main bass is a PJ and I'm not really playing this one enough to justify keeping it. Great bass, featuring Vintage Tone Control, also benefitting from Sadowsky supplied drop-D tuner and black pickguard (currently fitted). All original stuff included - case etc. Original tort pickguard available. Cash sale £1350. Prefer local pickup or arrange something nearby (based in Herts). Only trade might consider is US Lakland JO4 passive [attachment=231162:Sadowsky 2008 Metro RV4 sn M1858 - sBLACK.JPG] More pics here: [url="https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157664499032679"]https://www.flickr.c...157664499032679[/url] cheers, Jonathan
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