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  1. Filthy sub bad boy dirt noise generator regarded highly by those that appreciate filthy sub bad boy noise generating devices.

    Comes with the original box and case stuff, velcro on the bass, excellent condition.

    Covered with a picture of an Octopus orgy just in case it wasn't already cool enough.

    Packaged and ready to go. Shipping (UK) included, what's not to like?




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  2. Hello all,

    Bought this a while back from Hammeron. I cannot resist a nice jazz bass and this is truly excellent, however at the time I was really after a 4 string P bass. The P is what I keep coming back to hence looking to move this now. Live and learn. Or perhaps don't learn in my case!

    Hope Hammeron doesn't mind me referencing his original thread which contains all the relevant details and pics.

    I have hardly gigged the bass at all since receiving it (due to lockdown of course). I records beautifully though and really does it all in jazz bass terms. Great B (everyone says this right?) and by this I mean it's clear and full, sounds like an extension of the rest of the bass.

    Anyway, the bass is for sale but I would also consider px against a decent 4 string passive P bass. I'll leave it there!

    Bass comes with a gig bag and I am happy to ship overseas at the buyers cost. UK shipping is included in the 2k asking price but anything would need to be agreed separately.





  3. Great buyer. Immediate payment, great coms and no fuss. Was very understanding in relation to a delay in the shipping which was most appreciated. Deal with confidence! Cheers Sean!

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  4. Hello all,

    Lockdown has been helpful for me in that I've finally started to work on some basic audio and video recording skills. I've done a few so far with varying degrees of success. Here's a very quick version of Joni Mitchells both sides now from the other evening. Hope you like it. Feedback is welcome, please be kind!


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  5. Surprised this is still here Carl. It's a stunning neck and bernies basses are simply quality in every department. 

    Tough times for everyone right now I guess. 

    Have a bump from me 

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  6. At the risk of derailing the cat/dog thread could I ask a question about the amp please!

    And seriously, I'm not judgy, very happy for you to kiss cats and dogs. So long as it's consensual of course.

    Re the amp I'd just like to check each mode:

    1) Stereo, use separate inputs on the front, each signal goes to each channel, 250W at 4 ohms?

    2) Biamp, single input on the front, crossover splits at the setting from the rear panel, each signal then to each channel, 250W at 4 ohms? Or do the lows get more juice somehow?

    3) Bridged, single input on the front, full range to a single combined channel, 500W at 4 ohms?

    Frankly I'm sure you can start and finish a small war with one channel full range but it'd be good to understand exactly how it works. From memory the 'X' models were not so straight forward to bridge but perhaps that was something else.....

    Thanks matey!

  7. What a great thread this is. Some fantastic music referenced here and terrific playing. I didn't know it at the time but loads of this stuff was influencing how I thought about music and the bass. Thanks all!

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