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  1. Wow - great to know and thanks for sharing the story matey. This was a lovely bass but tbh I agree re the electronics and I bet the changes really work. Great job on the respray too!

    Very pleased that it's in a happy home and undergoing some real TLC. As Hannibal Lecter said "it's all about transformation"...!!

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  2. Wow. So virtually identical to one I bought new over in the US back in 2007 I think. It was a work of art and sounded as rich as glorious as a grand piano. For many years I strung it E-C which never really quite worked somehow, switched to conventional B-G and it was amazing.

    A very serious and beautiful instrument, I'm sure you won't need any of the usual 'GLWTS' to sell it!

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  3. Agree. I never owned the tubepath but I did use one frequently and for quite a few years had a Quad VI. These were fantastic amps, built on the brand name for sure (although I always liked the light up W!) but I think they really hit the spot in that tube hybrid place. Not actually that heavy either although it won't slip in your gigbag like some of the modern class D amps.

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