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  1. Source Audio C4 synth pedal. Bought a few months ago, as new, never gigged. Original box etc etc. Only thing I've done is add velcro to the bass.

    Great pedal but tbh I prefer my future impact and could do with the space on my board for something else. I know this will sit on the shelf so might as well move it on.


    It's a great pedal and hats off to SA for creating a great forum and user base for sharing of presets, ideas etc. The C4 is really well supported so it's easy to quickly find helpful settings if, like me, you're not that into spending a lot of time with the GUI to tweak it (I think I prefer knobs on pedals!).

    Any questions let me know. The pedal comes with a cable to link to your phone so you can update/tweak if from the SA neuro app.

    The future is here now!

    Price to sell and no trades please

    Much love

  2. Glwts 

    I used the shimmer a while back, beautiful reverb and superb easy. Tough to get a bad sound. The shimmer goes almost synthy, cool effect 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Al Krow said:

    Thanks Si - I'm actually looking to go straight into a synth pedal from a bass via midi (without a laptop in between), so I think from what you have said that rules out the Focusrite option, if that needs to be done via a DAW.

    This is the holy grail Al, I have had no real success with it over a few years now. The sonnus does the job but to me it is a very mechanical process, not seamless at all. Sonicsmith had the squaver product which did enable direct pitch to midi (alongside their own synth module), it was good - a definate improvement on the sonnus - but still not there yet. Not sure if their latest product, I'm not sure it's out yet, will really hit the spot or not.

    Then there is the midibass and variations on this theme.

    Bottom line - it's either doesn't work well or it's very expensive or both. Personally I'm accepting that there are some great options out there that work really well with the bass - the C4, or FI or various pedal combos. Direct control of synths over midi is just not a realistic option though - much better controlled with keys or other dedicated midi controllers.

    It does mean that you don't have your bass chops as such but perhaps this is not a bad thing. A lot of these sounds work because of how they are played rather than the sounds as such so there is almost a requirement to change the approach to achieve the result perhaps....

    Others may have other views of info of course, this is just my take on it based on my experiences

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