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  1. Looks like we're swimming in yamaha 6ers at the moment! 

    I'll bump this a couple of times then it'll be at the gallery from end Jan at which point I'll withdraw from here. 

    Get in there while you can. 

    Sale preferred but offers entertained! 

  2. Thanks guys. 

    Apologies in advance for my rubbish photography skills, here are some shots. If anyone needs to see anything more specific then pm me of course. 

    There are a couple of dings as you would expect from a gigged bass but they are minor, I've done my best to capture them in the last couple of shots for transparency... 


    Happy New Year to you all! 

  3. Original v1 model in Amber, excellent condition.

    So this is this first JP model, 34 scale and non-perloid tuners. 24 rather than 26 (I think) fret neck on the v2. All original Yamaha preamp, pickups etc

    Ebony board, maple neck, ash/maple sandwich body with flame front and back. JP custom inlays in MOP

    Truly excellent 6 string bass. Sustains like a piano (with the sustain pedal on), very clear and even over the whole instrument, great response. Tonally it's deceptive, always sounds like a Yamaha to my ear but it's very, very flexible. I've used it on many different kinds of gigs and it always just, well works....One of the few basses that gets compliments from others

    Spacing is just over 18m, very comfortable. It has enough space to not feel crowded neither does it feel wider than the M1

    I played the V2 model at the gallery when John himself was there doing a clinic. Other than the scale length the changes on the v2 are neither here nor there imo, I have to say though that I'm not sure the 35 scale helps. In fact whilst its still a supreme bass it's more playable at 34 and the B does not suffer in any way.

    I acquired the bass from Binky on here. Not sure where it came from beforehand. In any regard it is a cracker.

    Anyhow enough rambling, you know what this is anyway. So why am I selling? Well despite Jesse-Js assertions to the contrary sometimes it is about the money unfortunately. Sale is therefore best but I would px the bass against a decent quality P or PJ (4 strings and 34 only please) so long as I can still clear at least 1k.

    Frankly I would prefer not to sell this. It's a classic and whilst I don't play a lot of 6 these days I know I will miss it if it goes. I have a few non-essential internal organs for sale on other sites and if one of these sells first I will withdraw the Yamaha.....

  4. Mint ottobit with box

    It's awesome, just after something smaller and cool thought it is I don't need the sequencer 

    Srr and bit crush are terrific. The filter though totally rocks, lovely lovely stuff 

    Price includes UK postage. For 260 I'll include a chase bliss trs midi control box



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