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  1. Lovely little amp, lightweight, plenty of power and tone shaping. Frankly sounds great and nothing not too like. 

    I'd don't really use it though hence moving it on... 

    Has the original box for shipping however I've also kept it in an old Panasonic camera kit case which is perfect for the job. You're welcome to this but I'd have to check if it would all fit in the box. 

    Rest of the story is pretty standard but worth noting these amps will drop to 2.67 ohm load if you wanted to use 3 8s or an 8 and a 4....






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  2. I've had a few questions about pricing without the flightcase.

    The pricing is kinda £350 for cab then you get a free flightcase! If you don't want it no problem though, I think for most of us we don't need that level of protection and the increased bulk/hassle.....

    Call it £300 for the cab without the flightcase - no offers though at this price.......

    Hope that clarifies but please shout if any questions. Also, if anyone needs the flightcase let me know, if the cab goes without it then I'll be giving it away....

  3. OK so here are the pics.

    To expand a bit on the previous comments this is fabulous cab, it’s compact, plenty of power, super clear and whilst it’s not uberleightweight it’s miles from heavy and the dimensions, wheels and handle make transporting it very easy indeed.

    The flight case is a full tour type. Bombproof and mega slick to wheel around. Of course the trade off is the extra size and weight.

    Tbh it’s exactly my kind of thing but I’m using a BF BT2 now, it’s a little larger but not much and frankly it’s covering everything I would use the PJB. Other stuff incoming so cash helpful, etc, etc.....

  4. Matey, are you moving it on because of how it works strung E-C? I only ask because I'm a big E-C fan but have always found that this works really badly on jazz basses. It could need a different set up perhaps to get it working right?

    Or you might just want to move it on anyway. Frankly it's non of my business and I should keep out of it.

    I'm off to slam my fingers in the door, GLWTS, these look like great basses for the money to me.....

  5. For sale, my Helix LT. Awesome machine, sounds are great and the routing/control options are fantastic.

    Will add some pics shortly but condition is excellent, just the usual minor marks and a bit of dust from use. Has been gigged but lives on a board in a mono case so well looked after.

    Boxed with power cable. I'm in Norwich but happy to ship, I'm guessing around £20 in the UK, further afield is ok but I've no idea on pricing.

    Firmware is 2.8 - I believe they have just released 2.81 but I've not got into that yet....

  6. New to the BC forum but a great guy to deal with. Just sold my Frantabit, good coms and prompt payment. The pedal took slightly longer than expected to get to Germany but keziahj was patient and kept in touch while we were waiting. Deal with confidence!

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  7. It's been suggested to me by a couple of folks that because of the damage to the rear of the bass it's priced too high.

    I'm not sure about this, personally I was happy to take it with added mojo as that was part of the appeal but I fully appreciate it's horses for courses. The feedback is welcome.

    Ebay had a promo at the weekend so the bass is now on there as well at a 'full fat' price but I'll drop here to:

    £600 collected from Norwich

    £625 posted to the UK (please see above, no case but there will be an old tatty one to protect it in transit)

    Hopefully that brings it more in line if anyone was wavering due to the battle scars!



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