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  1. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKCwH3amLaU[/media]
  2. As already suggested, the value of things change. I bought a Trace V4 combo on here for £250, sold it on for about £400 less than a year later (to an admin, no less). The same amp then went for £700 a few years ago and I'd fully expect it to be worth at least a grand now. No-one's profiteered there.
  3. [quote name='Big_Stu' timestamp='1360507173' post='1971349'] Make a ban of reselling something on BC that was bought on BC in the previous year. It doesn't have to be a rigid ban, but would be easily policed by other BCers who would remember it being up for grabs previously. [/quote] A year? That would be a good idea if you wanted to kill the BC marketplace stone dead The whole place is basically a giant swap-shop with small ammount of cash going each way.
  4. Well it's just one of those things. Not really in the spirit of things but impossible to make rules against. Nice to see someone from the Wirral, btw
  5. Was expecting something a little more....well, interesting to be honest. I'd be suprised if this hasn't happened to every ebay user at some point, one of the reasons why I gave up on it long ago.
  6. When I started gigging I came to the conclusion pretty quick that having a monster rig was pointless as I'd be getting DI'd into the house PA anyway. Plus it was bad for my back.
  7. Lots of people mentioning Assclown which doesn't suprise me. I had one of their guitar amps which was actually decent.....until it broke after one week of use.
  8. [quote name='Antiloco' timestamp='1360252469' post='1967443'] Not really. [/quote] I guess some people just don't appreciate art when they see it. No biggie. We're not all perfect
  9. [quote name='Antiloco' timestamp='1360252168' post='1967435'] Good for you. [/quote] Thanks, hope you enjoyed it as much as I
  10. [quote name='Marvin' timestamp='1360251469' post='1967412'] Not exactly the way Steve thought his thread was going to turn out I imagine. It could do with deleting tbh, it's not a good advert for Basschat, it just looks like a lot of childish bickering. [/quote] Then allow me to get things back on track: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rutyA12z3Ok[/media] Expression. Greatness. Beauty. Honesty. Amazement. This video has them all. When I watch this I cry; not out of being entertained but because of the sheer trancendental beauty of it. Like being connected to God himself.
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