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Rythmline Bass


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Out of the attic...this nice piece of asian craftmanship. Rythmline (spelled wrong) on the headstock,
along with a crown decal. Must be from the 70s, probably early Korean production with no quality
control since the position dots are placed on the wrong places and the highest frets are placed rather random.
Scale is 30"/69,9 cm; bolt-on (ofcourse) neck looks like mahagony, plywood body. I've seen only one other Rythmline
bass on the Internet, a MIJ Les Paul Bass copy. Anyone seen one before?

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Excuse me, I just have a panic reaction to these... My first-ever bass was nearly identical to this - slightly different headstock & branded Grant. It was diabolically awful - it sounded vile, was near-unplayable, impossible to tune & intonate & had such a misaligned bridge the G-string was off the fretboard up the dusty end... At least I think the dots on mine were in the right places! With a start like that it's a miracle I played bass for longer than a fortnight.

Unless this one's a significant upgrade over mine, I don't think the bridge is original, mine had a crude 2-saddle design. Perhaps that's why the strings on this one are over the fretboard rather than thin air...

Mine was Japanese - it had an MIJ-stamped neckplate, but lots of low-end Japanese & Korean guitars turn up with identical designs so Korea's equally possible with this. Mine was purchased brand-new in mid-1978, so this might be later than you think, it seems these crude-looking starter instruments were sold throughout the 70s and possibly even beyond.


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