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New Instrument 1 day. After the Artiphon Orba got mentioned in here, I went onto the website and the Instrument 1 fascinated me - a MIDI controller that can be picked/strummed, tapped, bowed, and drummed - one came up on Ebay and I bid and won it, then the seller cancelled the sale as "item lost or damaged", then a few weeks later it reappeared for £50 more, then increased to £30 more than that [1]. And then I saw one on FB Marketplace for £30 less than I'd theoretically won the other one for, so I bought that.


I have had a small play with it - took a little while to sort it out as it had been set to send multichannel MIDI which I didn't realise until I plugged it in to MIDI-OX. I have yet to explore all its ramifications. It has built-in speakers but not built-in sounds - it acts as a USB MIDI controller and also a USB soundcard. There's an editor for Windows/Mac and an app for iOS, nothing guaranteed for Android.


[1] I messaged him and offered him my original winning (and only) bid. He said he was running the auction to the end. No bids yet.

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