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Moondance by Van Morrison is such a classic that you're bound to get asked to play it at some point. I must have played it 100's of times live and I haven't played the same bass line once!


The original bass line is one long improvisation and for this reason you don't really need to try and learn it note for note. I did transcribe the whole bass line this week though so I could analyse it and I learnt some interesting things about it that I hadn't noticed before.


This week I've made more of a 'bass line deconstruction video' for Moondance because this way I can show you how to go away and improvise your own bass line which will fit with the song and which frees you up to be more creative.


There are some key musical ideas and scales that the bass player, John Klingberg utilises and once you know these, you can use them yourself to pick out notes that will sound great when playing Moondance.


Find out more in my latest YouTube video and download free free PDF transcription. 



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