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How To Make Your 2-Feel Swing


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If you've ever played a Jazz tune at a jam or a gig then you're probably aware of what a '2-feel' is. If not, and you want to play Jazz bass then you have to know how to play a 2-feel and more importantly, how to make it swing.


This is one of the most overlooked areas of Jazz bass playing, often overshadowed by a focus on learning walking bass. But when you hear the masters bassists like Ron Carter or Ray Brown play Jazz bass, you'll notice them playing 2-feels that compliment the band and that really swing hard!


The 2-feel comprises of two notes per bar instead of the usual four notes that you find in walking bass lines and is often used at the beginning and end of Jazz tunes. If you're a budding Jazz bass player then you have to master the 2-feel and I've laid it all out in my latest YouTube video.


Find out my 5 tips to make your 2-feel swing and also a step-by-step guide on how to lock in with the rest of the rhythm section by clicking below. 



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