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Jazzy Synth Player Wanted For Beautiful Originals Project


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Hi Folks,


For my own original music's gigs, recording & touring I am struggling to find the right keyboard player.


I need a musician who is:

  • UK Based (ideally Herefordshire, Bristol, Cardiff or North Wales but I'm open to all suggestions)
  • Interested in Jazz, World Music, Ambient Music
  • Has a poly synth as well as a synth for lead lines with a passion for programming each
  • Experienced Jazz chops for comp-ing and soloing
  • Willing to memorise tunes rather than sight read
  • Willing to come along for the social media ride (allowing me to film videos etc.)
  • Open to doing gigs that do not pay a great deal but that never make a loss
  • Friendly

Importantly, while a fully-fledged jazz musician is fine by me, I am also genuinely open to working with the right inexperienced young player if they're genuinely passionate about the music.


The music I write is certainly jazz-adjacent with a need for a keyboard player who can improvise but a key passion of mine is that I am endeavouring to create Jazz that involves synths but in a pursuit of beauty rather than in the pursuit of heavyness or funkyness. Think Weather Report and Joe Zawinul's solo work rather than Herbie Hancock's Headhunters. There is a ban on piano and Fender Rhodes in this group.


I have hours of fully-written music demo'ed up, venues in mind, years of experience and I'll personally be doing all the boring admin once I find the right person. I am also hosting a jam through the tunes in Bristol early November if anyone does show interest.


Although it has not yet gigged, the touring line-up of the band is drums, myself on keyboard bass, front-line horn and then said keys player on chords + top line counter melodies.


Two representative tunes for a ballpark:

Little Lions - Il Mare

Weather Report - Brown Street


Please let your keys-playing friends know by sharing this post and let them know they can contact me via any social media outlet if they have an interest in doing some playing.



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