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Walking bassline to Dance Monkey


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I want to create a walking bassline for Dance Monkey.


Chords are F#m, D, E, C#m.   So, is the key A, or C#m? 


I know to play a leading note (one tone or semitone?) below or above the root note of the next chord - so,

F#m              D

F#, E, D, C#, D. 


However,  what would work for the D to E?  Chromatic notes? 


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It would be either A or F#m as A is the relative major of F#m. I would go along with F#.


You could approach from above which would lead smoothly in the direction of C#. Hence:

D(1)                                E(1)

D(1) A(5) F#(3)  F(Chr) E(1) 

The "F" being a chromatic note. The scale degree is in brackets. G(4) would probably be better on beat 2 rather than A(5) as it would sound smoother and it doesn't necessarily have to be a chord tone

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