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Valve Amp - Adding extra cab

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A curious question regarding Tube amps ( heads )

I believe a tube amp gives out it’s output regardless of speaker load unlike A/B or Class D 

So is there any perceivable gain adding an extra matching cab in terms of volume ? In terms of power the tube amp is still the same wattage out but is the volume increased ? 
Example Ampeg V4B with SVT212AV with added SVT212AV cab ? 

If so that may become my main rig assuming I can get two cabs in the car ! 



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1 minute ago, Bill Fitzmaurice said:

Yes, because the added cone displacement of a second cab gives a sensitivity boost.

Thanks Bill 


Is it a noticeable increase ? I know it’s all subjective but a rough idea would help ? 

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Much easier to hear yourself with a tall stack also. I am pretty sure I started lowering my overall volume when I got stacked.


It's conceivable you could wind up with actual headroom that can be used for dropping the odd bomb, I mean artful dynamic accented low note. Use sparingly lest you inspire guitard to double his rig also.

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