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Bi-Amping Bass & Sub (not guitar amp)


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Stanley Clarke does the same thing with a fender guitar amp fed from the high frequency crossover output on one of his preamps.  i hope one day to get to do a suitable gig with bi-amp setup. Each pickup to a separate cab and my roland jc120 on the hf out from the bridge pickup.

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11 hours ago, Bill Fitzmaurice said:

He used to do that, and a lot of other things with varying degrees of success, but he's been running a conventional Ampeg setup since at least 2011, when I last saw him.

It seems that, at the end of the busy day, we find the most efficient method to get the results that gets our mojo out there.

Less is, most of the time, more.

I'm still gonna get my optimal bi-amp, clean lows/gnasty highs,  accomplished. Oh yes. It will be mine... 

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