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Cross overs and other stuff help please .

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I recently purchased a McKenzie 150watt bass speaker locally , the chap who sold it to me had fell out of a tractor , injured his back and was in very poor health , so he was just trying to off load his stuff. I agreed to buy the speaker , and he asked if I was interested in some crossovers . I don’t know much about crossovers , but he started just giving me stuff , I think he just wanted all his music related stuff out of the house as he could no longer play ( keyboards ) There is one eminence crossover , the other 3 way one does not come up on google , so I have no idea about it .There are 3 pod type things and a small transformer .I suppose I just want to see if I can re-coup some of my money spent on the driver .Any help appreciated , many thanks in advance .






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The first picture: a three way X-over.

2nd: relays.

3rd: a woofer X-over (LPF, or rather a hi-cut)

4th & 5th: a power transformer.

edit: Sorry, my small phone missed the 3rd picture.

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Many thanks for the replies , the 3 way cross over is quite a weighty beast , but apart from the serial numbers there is no other identifying features or labels .

Many thanks to itu , I did not know they were relays . 

Seems the best item is the eminence cross over , any idea which speakers it would be best suited to , I have a few dotted around the house .I have a soft spot for old vintage drivers .

I suppose eBay will decide their market value , any sale will be a profit .




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