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Need some hints on a PJ build


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, I'm having a Buzz PJ built by Restauracja Gitar in Poland. I'm a bit undecided on some options, including the finish, so a bit of brainstorming, experiences and maybe pics would be much appreciated. 

It will be a PJ, with the thickest neck they have, alder body. Nickel hardware, I really don't like the look of chrome. Hipshot D-tuner. Bridge probably Omega Badass clone. Maybe a vintage type with threaded saddles. Shortlisted pickups are either DiMarzio model P/model J combo or the Geezer set. Maybe Aguilar if I can stretch cost-wise. Other recommendations welcome. J pickup needs to be hum-cancelling and in general they need to be fairly full range, I don't like the hyped overwound types such as QuarterPounders (based on very recent experience). I would love to hear some feedback on the DiMarzio. I know they are known as dark, but I do like yt samples I hear. The circuit will likely be a 3/4/5-position (depending if I go for serial/parallel thing etc) rotary switch and a tone control, to keep the classic 2-knob look. Now the finish. They are best at this. They follow the old Fender recipe, a layer of ultra hard Fullerplast grain filler/primer followed by this, well cured nitro. They are rather good ad relics too, and it's tempting, especially as I wouldn't be charged extra for it. At the moment I'm thinking reliced metallic black, dark tort pickguard, rosewood board, black or cream DiMarzios for slightly sinister look. But I do love a tobacco burst too, can't do a classic sunburst with opaque black edges and "German flag" transitions. Or maybe dark aged LPB, but then with a mint or aged pearl pickguard. Please challenge me intellectually! Not that I'm not already... 


Examples of what catches my eye:










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Cant go wrong with a classic Dimarzio model P or Model J. I've only tried the series/ parallel on the Model P that's on my SD Curlee bass but it makes a big difference to the sound so that would be a good idea in my opinion, even if at the end of the day you completely prefer one of the options. Oh, and they've got to be cream covers - it's the law. 😀

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