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Pedal Sale - Elektron / Empress / Mark Bass

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For sale are a selection of effects pedals.

All in good working condition, though some baring the signs of use, and some with Velcro attached.

No original box unless noted. 

Can arrange collection in/around Belfast. Postage will be an additional £10

Elektron Analog Drive £160

Highly underrated box capable of delivering all manner of drive tones, and even clean boost. The Harmonic Fuzz circuit inside isn't particularly pleasing. Has the possibility to be run in preset mode or "WYSIWYG" for more classic pedal functionality. The three band EQ with sweepable Mid Band allows for all sorts of tone shaping, and having access to presets on the fly can make this a one stop shop for all your dirt and EQ needs. Has a chip in the paintwork, shown in the pictures below. Comes with original box and Power Supply Unit.

Empress Compressor £160

An absolutely wonderfully compressor, offering studio-grade functionality. Clean/Transparent best capture it's tonal presentation. Whilst it's wide range of controls and comprehensive metering allow for precise setting of all aspects of the compression. I have used the sidechain functionality extensively for live sidechain/pumping effects, feeding it a signal from the Kick drum, which was massively rewarding.

ON HOLD - Darkglass Vintage Microtubes £120 - SOLD

Not sure what there is to say about this. A now iconic drive pedal - there is magic in the ERA control which is sadly missing on all other iterations of the Vintage Microtubes (which is a shame as I feel EQ doesn't capture all that this control does). I have often used this as an always-preamp, and even run two on the same board for a wide range of tones. Unsurprisingly I have ended up with more of these than needed, and so I am letting this one go.

Malekko Diabolik £130  SOLD

Incredible sounding Maestro Brassmaster derived (by way of Malekko's own B:Assmaster) fuzz pedal. Condensed to it's simplest and most necessary form. Independent clean and fuzz level controls allow for a wide range of sounds, with subtle blends given almost overdrive-like tones. Don't worry though, this pedal is practically begging to be opened up and let out to room the fields of fuzz glory. Delivering a wall of squelchy, squishy, octave-harmonic laden fuzz. A perfect foundation for synth tones, or more than enough to make ears bleeds, and level buildings.

Mark Bass Compressore £100

Another wonderful sounding compressor. Warm and rich on the tonal front, with enough control to cover most compression-based needs. It pretty much never sounds bad and offers studio level compression, fully utilising the Tube/Valve unlike some other designs. Comes with original box and it's own 12v Power Supply Unit.





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Items Sold

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    • By Marky Screen
      Great compressor based on the classic orange squeezer. In excellent condition.
      This is V3 or the pedal, so no DI or grit but has buffer on off switch on the inside.
      Volume, blend and comp controls for easily dialing in your preferred setting.
      Price includes UK postage.

    • By Marky Screen
      One of the best in the biz for natural compression and features for the money.
      Great condition, a couple of tiny chips to the paint only.
      Feet still on the bottom
      Price includes UK postage.

    • By paul_5
      Up for grabs are 2 from my private stash of home-made clones, so both have Velcro on and are powered by 9v centre negative adapter (standard pedalboard supply).
      Left pedal is an EQD Cloven Hoof v1 fuzz, with the usual gain, volume and tone controls, but with an added mid control to ensure you’re heard in the mix. My favourite fuzzzzz. All dressed up in a My Little Pony finish with light-up eyes!
      The blueberry is just that a lovely dark overdrive that will do gentle break-up to mid gain. I played about with this one so that there is more control over the lower gain sound to really nail the ‘edge of dirt’ sound. 
       Price includes delivery to a mainland Uk address of your choice.

      £25 each or £45 for both.
    • By 0175westwood29
      So this pedal has alot of hype!
      have seen it selling for honestly silly money online! snagged one cheap of amazon so had to just crack on and make a video!
    • By Marky Screen
      In excellent condition.
      Beast of an all in one drive solution.
      Huge range of models on here, does it all from low gain drives via Darkglass style distortions to full on synths fuzzs and beyond.
      Save 6 presets. Connect to the editor to load user presets and edit hugbarray of parameters.
      Comes with power adaptor and I also had a unused mini jack lead to connect it to a neuro hub or expression pedal you can have with it.
      Trade wise looking for analogue octaves:
      Cog T16, either version
      MXR Bass octave deluxe
      Boss OC5 
      EBS octabass, newer versions, studio and the latest one.

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