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big rob

Vintage V74 icon fretless bass setup.

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Hi All,

Need some advice really, i can set up a fretted bass reasonably well, however in a trade i have just completed i picked up a vintage icon V74 and the notes are choking out only on the G string from the 12th fret upwards.

Any ideas on what i need to do to cure this? 

I raised the bridge height on the saddle but that does not seems to be working.

Kind regards



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I had one o' they. Nice bass. Go through things systematically. It has to be said people vary widely in their ideal fretless settings. I like my fretlesses to sound more or less like fretted basses so the settings are not dissimilar from how I'd have a fretted. First look down the f/board to make sure it isn't twisted. Check the nut slot heights - I like the strings at the nut to be a business card thickness off the board. Check the relief - I like to have around 0.3mm at 8th 'fret' with the strings held down at 1st and 12th fret. String heights - I like similar heights to a fretted, perhaps a little less. Is string touching the pups when you're fingering the strings?   After that I run out of ideas.

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