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Spraying a Bass Issues

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Hi all,


I sprayed my red bass white but have (possible stupidly) used cheap rattle cans from Wilko. It's all white now, after lots of coats of primer, gloss and lacquer, looks great but doesn't feel solid enough. Putting the pickups back in again yesterday, I lightly scraped a screwdriver on the body and it's left a big rip!


So, what do I do now? Sand it back and start again or just find a decent lacquer to seal over the top of the current paint?


Thanks in advance for any help,



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Did you sand the body down before you started painting? 

How many coats of white did you put on before lacquering?

Did you "flat" the white before adding another coat?

Only done it a couple of times, I'm sure someone else will have more experience, but, you do need to sand the original paint to allow the new paint to have something to bind to. You don't necessarily have to take it down to the wood.

Having plenty of coats of paint will add to the finish. Thing is, you do need to let the previous coat dry out, then "flat" it back with a fine grade sandpaper/wet & dry. Just like with car spraying, it's all about adding layers (had a couple of mates who played and were also working in car repair places, inc. re-sprays).

I'd sand it back and start again.

Importantly, take your time.


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