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Cali 76 Compact SOLD

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A Cali 76 Compact for sale. These are sadly now discontinued. An ideal pedal for those who just want to set and forget with the fantastic Cali compression circuit with a simple control layout.

This is in excellent condition and has original box and paperwork.

I'm looking for £160 £150 delivered to your door (UK - PM for shipping outside)

  • 100% Class-A discrete signal path
  • Classic, ultra fast “FET” response
  • Studio-grade discrete-transistor preamp
  • Combined Attack/Release control
  • Dual-position Ratio switch
  • Optimised for guitar/bass but can process any source
  • High-current, low-noise electronics
  • Ultra-wide frequency response
  • Ultra-high input impedance
  • Silent switching
  • High-quality “signal-conditioning” bypass mode
  • Premium components throughout
  • Advanced power supply filtering and protection
  • Flexible external power requirements (9-18V DC)
  • PSU Spec. 42mA @ 9V / 58mA @ 18V
  • Designed and built in England






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