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TC Electronic Sub N' Up Octaver - £65 inc UK shipping - SOLD

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Only been used at home so in good condition.

Up for sale as I've bought a Helix so I'm starting to sell off my old pedals, hence no trades, sorry.






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    • By Horrorhiker
      Hello folks. 
      I received an RH750 today, looks and sounds great on first impression. 
      My only concern is that the fan isn't turning on. I've read in a couple of places that the fan on these should be running all the time. Is this true? I'm not really able to test it out at volume for ages so was hoping someone who owns one might let me know if their fan runs from startup, or kicks in only when getting hot. 
      Many thanks! 
    • By angelagnostic
      SOLD SOLD TC Shaker Mini Vibrato - £40 SOLD SOLD
      SOLD SOLD - AMT Japanese Girl Bass Wah - £55 - SOLD SOLD
      SOLD SOLD - EHX Nano Small Stone phaser (w/ replacement rate knob) - £35 - SOLD SOLD
      SOLD SOLD EBS Fuzzmo - £40 SOLD SOLD
      SOLD SOLD EHX Bass Soul Food Overdrive - £40 SOLD SOLD
      Raygun FX Dual Tap Tempo - £20
      Eden i-90 Chorus (w/ proprietory power supply) - £40
      SOLD SOLD Joyo D-Seed multi-mode Digital Delay - £40 SOLD SOLD
      Tone Gauge TG833 Distortion - £30 (one for g*****ists)
      Boss PS-5 Super Shifter - £70
      Single loop true-bypass looper - £10
      All sorts in here, happy to discuss, listen to offers etc.
      Link to other pedal sale thread:


    • By Marky Screen
      Ubiquitous bass comp pedal.
      Use it with the editor for tweaky MC tweaks knob twiddling emporium's wet dream.
      Or just load a preset and play if that's easier.
      Comes with usb cable.
      Price includes UK postage

    • By Osiris
      Up for grabs is my TC Electronic Hypergravity compressor pedal. This is the big brother of the Spectracomp and works just as well on bass as its little brother. It's in very good condition and comes boxed although it's not its original box. 
      Looking for £45 delivered in the UK please. 

    • By DWeekes90
      Decided to sell my trusty Aguilar Octamizer octave pedal. I've had this pedal for several years and love all the sounds this thing can make. Unfortunately it's just not getting the use it deserves at the moment. 
      Condition is very good considering I've had it for some time now and it still works perfectly. Unfortunately the original box is long gone but I will make sure it is posted in a secure way.
      These look to be about £175 new so at £90 I think this is a great deal.
      UK postage included in price.

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