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Kinda' Black Friday....! Markbass Strings, basses, amps....

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Hi all,

As you may know, MSL is not a retailer, so we don't normally do this kind of thing...   We would normally be out there meeting you at shows and then selling demo gear off the gear from the stand and throw in a few other great deals over the weekend through our retail partners.  However, "normally" has gone by the board this year 😒.  We have a reasonable amount of ex-show, ex-demo and ex-tour (there's still a couple of heads/cabs in the DV Mark section which were actually used by Eric Gales and Cory Wong before lockdown!), which we would like to offer at rather attractive prices, so do please take a look, and let your guitarist friends know too please!  The prices, as you will see, are pretty attractive, for gear which in most cases is in "new" condition, and will carry a new warranty.

In addition, we are offering another opportunity to buy some great priced Markbass Strings.  The website shows full retail price, but the prices will automatically be discounted at the checkout.  Buy one pack for 25% discount, buy two and you'll get 30% discount and free postage, buy three packs or more (with no limit!), and you'll get 35% discount and free postage.

We would be grateful if you have time to checkout the offers by clicking here:   MSL "Black Friday" Sale

Many thanks, and let's hope we can get back to gigging and all meet up again at shows and bass bashes very soon!

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Thanks to everyone who have already visited our website, just to let you know these offers will be available over the weekend, and until Monday 30th.

Shipping is free on any order over £50, if you have any questions about specific items, feel free to click the chat button on the website, someone will get back to you pretty quickly!

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I got a set of the Vintage 4s a fee months back, and like them a lot, but as they are flats, I'm going to need to replace them any time soon!

However, I would to use them on my 5-string. Any new on if / when there will be 5-string sets on the Vintage available?

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Hi Simon,

We've had lots of positive feedback from the flats😁

No update as of yet, but we'll be sure to let everyone know as and when the range expands!

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      Back in May we hinted that they were working on new coated strings.  I am delighted to report that their LongEvo Strings are now available and we want you to have the opportunity to try them out.  They are available in Stainless Steel or Nickels, they use their own Markbass proprietary coating method which is ecological/biocompatible and ultra-thin, to give a smooth playing experience, without compromise of great tone and feel... We've tried them and they absolutely do the business!
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      MSL Pro looks after sales, marketing and service/support in the UK, working with the dealer network. We’re very happy to offer any advice/technical info you may need. If you want to talk to us rather than post here, it will probably be easier to message us or feel free to tag us @MSL Pro in your own posts (what we can’t do though is speculate for Italy on future products and other similar topics!).
      Some of you will already know us from various guitar shows, and we were really hoping to meet more of you at the Manchester Bass Show in March, unfortunately we all know what got in the way of that… 
      Our plan for the show was to launch Markbass Strings and a bunch of other new stuff and, as usual for us, put some great show deals in place through our retail partners. So, the guys at Basschat have let us have a sponsored post to tell you more about Markbass Strings.
      Rather than put a label on some good quality OEM factory made strings, they wanted to carry forward the local string-making tradition of the Abruzzo region and work with local craftsmen, so last autumn Markbass acquired D’Orazio Strings, whose origins can be traced back to 17th century. The machinery and the makers were moved to the Markbass factory and they are now in full production of handmade bass strings with five different electric bass options (flats, steels, nickels and soft touch in 4, 5 and 6 string sets with a selection of gauges) and double bass strings. They've already been reviewed here: http://www.mixdownmag.com.au/reviewed-markbass-groove-ns-5-045-125-bass-strings
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      Our Website can be found at www.mslpro.co.uk , shipping is free for orders over £50, but only £2.99 for orders under £50.  You’ll also find some fantastic deals on the ex-demo gear we would have had at the Manchester show.  We know this has been publicised here before (thanks for that!), but do have another look. It’s been updated because we’ve found some more! We’ve also updated some prices 😊.
      (All the amps, cabs and combos listed were un-boxed for the guitar show, ex-demo or returns, but are sold with a new warranty.  They range from “brand new but the box has been opened to put on the Birmingham Guitar Show/Manchester Bass Show stand”, to “been out to a dealer/reviewer/artist and come back… some of the packaging is a bit battered but what is inside is absolutely fine” and they’ve been priced accordingly.  It might even have been used by someone you’ve heard of!  Some of the DV Mark gear was used by Eric Gales last year and some by Cory Wong and his band in February!).
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