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  1. Check out the first issue of the new online Mark World magazine! In the first issue there are interviews with Joe Dart, Marcus Miller and Richard Bona, and an article about their basses and the new Markbass Vintage Preamp... enjoy! Mark World Magazine
  2. Hi Simon, We've had lots of positive feedback from the flats😁 No update as of yet, but we'll be sure to let everyone know as and when the range expands!
  3. Thanks to everyone who have already visited our website, just to let you know these offers will be available over the weekend, and until Monday 30th. Shipping is free on any order over £50, if you have any questions about specific items, feel free to click the chat button on the website, someone will get back to you pretty quickly!
  4. Hi all, As you may know, MSL is not a retailer, so we don't normally do this kind of thing... We would normally be out there meeting you at shows and then selling demo gear off the gear from the stand and throw in a few other great deals over the weekend through our retail partners. However, "normally" has gone by the board this year 😒. We have a reasonable amount of ex-show, ex-demo and ex-tour (there's still a couple of heads/cabs in the DV Mark section which were actually used by Eric Gales and Cory Wong before lockdown!), which we would like to offer at rather attractive prices, so do please take a look, and let your guitarist friends know too please! The prices, as you will see, are pretty attractive, for gear which in most cases is in "new" condition, and will carry a new warranty. In addition, we are offering another opportunity to buy some great priced Markbass Strings. The website shows full retail price, but the prices will automatically be discounted at the checkout. Buy one pack for 25% discount, buy two and you'll get 30% discount and free postage, buy three packs or more (with no limit!), and you'll get 35% discount and free postage. We would be grateful if you have time to checkout the offers by clicking here: MSL "Black Friday" Sale Many thanks, and let's hope we can get back to gigging and all meet up again at shows and bass bashes very soon!
  5. Hi folks! Further to a number of questions we've had regarding comparisons of tension, feel and durability, Markbass have now updated their website with considerably more information in answer to this. Check out the details in a selection from one of the series you are interested in and hopefully this will be useful! For example the Balanced strings: http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/mb4bans40100ls/ there you will see charts comparing them to all the other strings. Hope thats helpful!
  6. Markbass are running a competition through November-December with signup required before the end of October, with prizes of strings and the brand new Vintage Preamp/DI Pedal, which will be in UK shops next month (It is based on the Vintage head EQ, has a 12AX7 valve and solid state blend-able preamp , with drive and boost, audio input/headphones out for practice, a DI output for the stage, and Digital output for recording, switchable up to 96KHz. More info to follow). Check out the Mark Duel competition on the Markbass website or click below:
  7. Hi All, Thank you to all who gave the new strings a try - we really look forward to hearing how you get on with them. Just a quick update to let you know our promotion will be ending tomorrow at midnight! But watch this space, we plan to do something again soon! - The MSL Team
  8. We'd love to say yes, but thats down to Markbass! We'll certainly ask, as you make a very good point in that there is definitely a growing market of short scale instruments. I guess the challenge for string manufacturers is to know exactly how long the ball to taper length needs to be to fit the widest range of instruments, given that the average is around 30.7... In the meantime, the length between ball and taper on all Markbass strings is 94cm. I don't know how you currently tune, and what gauges you use, but if its a fairly conventional 30-130, the only potential issue I can see is whether the B (and possibly E) strings would sit comfortably in your tuners, because as long as you bend the end before you cut them, then roundwounds will work absolutely fine shortened...?
  9. We asked this of Italy, and Riccardo Damiani replied "they are treated after being wound, it is a special innovative nanotechnology process, you don't see or feel that... looking forward for your feedback when you'll try them". We understand it is an ecologically sound and biocompatible coating, using a new Markbass proprietary coating process.
  10. I've not personally used Elixirs so can't comment. But love to know how you get on with the LongEvo's!
  11. In a word, yes but absolutely not... Markbass acquired D'Orazio last year, so the tradition, expertise and some of the guys/makers are the same. However, the people and machinery was moved from the D'Orazio factory to the Markbass factory in Chieti, and in the last few months the team has grown, they have made considerable new investments in plant/machinery, fired by Marco's boundless energy and passion. With this expertise, innovation and increased capability they have developed new series, including the new LongEvo strings and the new "Balanced" strings. So essentially no! I would suggest perhaps give some a try and tell us what you think?
  12. Thank you to all those who pulled the trigger over the weekend! Hope you enjoy your new strings, we look forward to your thoughts!
  13. Glad to hear you enjoyed the set of Grooves last time, do let us know how you get on with the new coated strings!
  14. The Markbass string range is still growing, so keep your eyes peeled.
  15. Currently we only have full sets, but we are hopeful singles will arrive in the future!
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