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***SOLD***Mooer Bass Sweeper Envelope Filter
South Beds

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Awesome little pedal with a great range of tones. 

No original box but item will be packaged securely. 

Price includes postage to UK. 


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    • By 3Gorillas
      WMD Super Fatman for sale
      "The mother of all envelopers" – crazy piece of gear. I am the first owner, like-new condition with original packaging. Please check the pictures
      Has "all there is to have" around filters, enveloping etc.
      Asking 180 GBP (200,- Euro)

    • By jjay69
      Got a couple of pedals for sale that i don't seem to get around to using, rather someone else gets some fun out of them. Never gigged either of them.
      DOD FX25B Envelope Filter ala Flea no box for this - £55
      Boss RC3 Loop station, super useful, loaded with various beats too. Very little use, Original box, bag and instructions, like new £85 - now SOLD
      or Both £130
      Postage £5 each or if buying both ill send free. Collection no problem of course.
      There will also be a TC BH550 up soon too, so if your interested in that PM me.

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So I am pondering on getting either the Mooer Radar or the HoTone IR Cab cab simulator pedal for going direct.
      They both got a ton of features and both supports use of 3rd party IR's.
      The HoTone got more bass cabs to chose from from stock though, and while they are both using 24 bit digital audio resolution, the HoTone does use slightly higher sample rate 48 vs. 44.1KhZ for the Mooer.
      The Mooer got 11 mic types to chose from and 4 poweramp types, while the HoTone got 10 mic types and 8 poweramp types, and while the Mooer got a dedicated EQ function,that allows you to chose from either a guitar or a bass specific 5 band graphic EQ, or a a fully parametric 4 band one, both kinds including a HPF and LPF, , the HoTone doesn't have a dedicated EQ function.
      The HoTone has a maximum truncation time (IR sample length) of 20ms,  the same number for the Mooer, with the newest firmware update, is 23,2ms.
      For some reason, even if I don't really have much to base that assumption on, to me the HoTone seems of slightly higher quality, despite actually being slightly cheaper (I might be completely wrong though, a dedicated EQ section would definitely be a nice addition, which the Mooer got, and I am probably going to load whichever pedal I end up buying with some third party IR of the exact cab I want anyway, so the HoTone having more stock options for bass cab simulations might not be all that much of a real advantage after all).
      So to sum up what seems to be in each pedals respectively favor over the other:
       HoTone IR Cab:
      - More stock IR bass cab simulations
      - Double as many poweramp models than the Mooer (8 vs 4)
      -  It utilizes an ever so slightly higher sample rate (48kHz vs. 44,1kHz)
      - Allows to easily swap between different saved presets on the fly with your foot (though I personally will have absolutely no use for this)
      - (Not sure if the Mooer doesn't have this in some form as well, but it seems like the HoTone has a form of room ambience simulation too that can be applied in more or lesser degree)
      - (Also seems to allow for a bit more precise mic placement/disstance than the Mooer, but again not 100% sure if this is correct)
      - Slightly higher maximum IR sample length (23,2ms vs 20ms)
      - Got 1 more mic model
      - Has a dedicated stand alone EQ function, both a bass and a guitar specific 5 band graphic EQ, or a fully parametric 4 band EQ, both kinds including a LPF and HPF.
      Both features 24bit digital audio quality, both allows for use of 3rd party IR's, both allows you to chose from several different microphone models and types, as well as the volume, position and distance of the mics, or choosing not to have the cab miked up all together, as well as both allows you to chose from different emulated poweramp sections, and tweakable input, output and presence controls for these, as well as you have the option for choosing between different tube types, or chose not to use a poweramp emulation at all.
      Anyone with more knowledge about these two pedals, or even first hand experience, who can advice me on which one I probably would be best off buying? 
      Other suggestions at about the same price tag are welcome too.
    • By paul_5
      Built another one of these for a project that is unlikely to see the light of day so I might as well sell it.
      clone of the chunk systems filter with controls for pitch, sweep and squelch, also one for adding in a little bit of dirt (up to lots of dirt!).
      This little unit will do up sweeps as well as down, so it’s a really versatile filter tuned specifically for bass.


    • By Mattbass97
      Mooer Fog - £20
      Full working order Original packaging Royal Mail 24hr Tracked
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