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** SOLD ** Countryman Type 85 DI Box

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For sale is my very lightly used Countryman Type 85 DI box. I bought it on a trip to the States and think its only been used a couple of times since as most of my amps have DI built in. Below are some links to the specs etc but it's a high quality build and sounding DI that can take your signal from your bass or amp output (up to 2,800watts at 4ohm) and can be powered either by the internal battery or phantom power. It's pretty compact as well at 14 x 7.5 x 4.5cm and 0.52kg.

Countryman Website

USA Advert & Review

UK Advert & Specs


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This a heavy duty tool for a touring and recording bassist. You can literally drive over it. Mine is probably 30 years old, so some anodizing has worn out but other than that the box just rocks.

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    • By fretless bob
      So I'm gonna have to sell my Lovely small trees DI box, I'm quite sad to see it go but needs must and its not at all getting used right now like it should be. It's a lovely unit and something i take when i can't take my Jule Monique, the lack of control doesn't reflect in the tone it puts out, it just works.
      Ive gigged it quite a lot and have used it on some recordings, it adds sparkle and presence and depth to the tone without really changing anything. Comes with the power supply i got with it but is easily powered from pedalboard power as well. its in great condition and works perfectly and sounds great. 
      The Small Trees DI (TST DI) is the same class A, valve boost pedal as TST, but with a silky, Sowter powered DI output. If you are reading this you probably know all about TST, but what you might not know, is how well it compares to much bigger, much more expensive DI boxes.
      Suffice it to say, FoH will love you.
      Happy for collection or i post it anywhere in the UK or EU (Buyer pays postage) no trades as I'm just looking for the cash right now. 

    • By Marky Screen
      Got this in a trade recently.
      I'd like some cash back on this but trade wise a small format analogue filter (MXR BEF etc) would be of interest.
      Its a lovely thing, having tested it for a bit it sounds so good the temptation to squirrel it away was high, but it's just not something I'm going to use properly anytime soon so putting it up at a decent price for a proper Jazz Bass on 'roids aficionado to give it a good home.
      Couple of small chips to the paint, other good condition with box and manual.
      Not sure if it should have rubber feet on the bottom. If so they've been removed and aren't present and velcro has been attached.
      Includes UK postage

    • By Salt on your Bass?
      Rearranged my board. Fair bit lately and messed around with sounds for a current project and these are the ones that don't work or are surplus. 
      Echohead                £35  
      Palmer Di box        £45 (boxed used twice - as new - 2 channel passive DI)
      Pedaltrain Mini      £35 (Pic to follow) softcase with soft velcro on board 
      All pedals have velcro on the underside. 
      Drop me a line with any questions I'll get missing pics up in the next few days. Thanks 
      Dod flanger              SOLD
      Pedaltrain JR         SOLD
      Idiotbox blowerbox SOLD
      Megalith                  SOLD
      Moog ep3                SOLD
      Meatbox                  SOLD

    • By Jack
      Hello all,
      In an effort to curb my gear addiction I recently sold a few things off. (The clearout is ongoing if anyone fancies a couple of guitars or a White of Sunderland 4x12”!!) Anyway, one of the things that got the chop was my Triton Audio BigAmp. It was a great DI, small enough to keep around at all times, great sound, etc etc. The problem was, I find phantom power quite hard to come by in some situations. It’s no problem when it’s our PA system but sometimes other engineers get weird about it. The two most common excuses are that the desk is all or nothing with phantom power and that other devices won’t like it, or that the snake from FOH won’t pass it. Both strike me as various degrees of excuse, but the fact remains that passive DIs seem to suit my situation better. Besides, I have a Countryman Type 85 so other active DIs are sort of unnecessary anyway.
      This leads me on to our subject. Whilst browsing Thomann for new cables I stumbled across the Cordial CIW1. Like the BigAmp it’s a DI in something not much bigger than a jack to XLR adaptor. Unlike the BigAmp it’s passive, so it should suit me better. I was (and still am) very sceptical about the quality of the transformer that you can fit into a device this size, but I couldn’t not buy one for less than £50.
      The unit is TINY. TINY. Like, really small. In terms of features: none. There’s an input, a transformer and an output. No pad, no through jack, no nothing. It's good to know that the jacks that are there are Neitrik and locking. It's a solid little thing. Input impedance is roughly 50kR so it’s really not designed for passive instruments but it should work great with pretty much any buffered or active source. It works well with my Stingrays and after me pedal boards, but it does round off the top end of the passive P-bass quite noticeably.
      It’s a difficult thing to test objectively and properly. I tried just playing into it (with a Stingray) but then any kind of comparison has to deal with the vagaries of my playing. In the end I came up with quite a good test platform. I played a bassline into my Helix and set that on an indefinite loop using the looper. I then fed one 1/4" output into the Cordial and the other to either my Countryman or my Radial SB-2. I could then use my XR18 mixer to match levels and solo/mute channels to hear the difference between boxes. Please note, this setup obviously has 2 AD/DA stages (helix and mixer) and a few too many cables to be a perfect testing platform. I don’t have the technical nouse to properly scope it out, Cordial say it’s flat across its frequency range and I believe them. I’d be interested (if anyone was more technical than me) to compare its distortion and clipping characteristics compared to something more industry standard. My brain tells me that a transformer that small has to have limits.
      In terms of sounds, it sounds fine. I mean, actually it sounds really good. You do have to be careful not to clip the input as it doesn’t like really hot signals (and there’s no pad) but other than that it’s pretty honest representation of what the bass sounds like. Sometimes, I think the lower frequencies are ever so slightly blurred or smeared compared to the Countryman but I wonder if it’s psychosomatic because I know that the Cordial is less 25% of the size and price of the other box. It’s also quite a lot quieter than the (active) Countryman, and ever so slightly quieter than the (passive) Radial.
      I still believe that if you can only have one DI box it has to be
      1.    Able to handle any input, which really means an active box
      2.    Not reliant on phantom power, so it has to have the option of being ran from a battery or external PSU
      3.    As ‘clear’ and flat as possible. There are so many ‘character’ DI boxes, but you don’t always want the same character all of the time.
      In short, you really have to have something like the Countryman as your only DI box. Or the nicer, active Radials. Or even the Orchid DI box if you’re on a budget. But realistically the Cordial won’t be your only DI box, it won’t be an integral part of your main gig rig and you won’t take it into the studio to record with. You’ll buy it to chuck in the bottom of your gig bag and have it there to save your behind when something else breaks. And for that it’s absolutely perfect.

    • By mcnach
      It looks like my trusty VT-Bass pedal is no longer needed.
      This is the v2 version, with defeatable speaker simulation, and has had a DI XLR out added by Putnam Guitars.
      It comes with the original metal box... and instructions if I find them (available as PDF anyway)
      Used, but in good condition. Pictures to follow!
      £100 (+£5 postage if needed)
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