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After hearing about the passing of Rocco Prestia, I had a night of playing his awesome bass lines. 

He has such a unique sound which I found pretty hard to get near. 

But all I same, I have pick five of his bass lines and made a lesson.  There are so many classics to choose from, but these are my particular favourites. 

Hope you like them. 



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      How are your transcribing skills?  
      I have put a video together to show you how you can start to transcribe bass lines yourself.  
      If you have always wanted to transcribe but felt it is too difficult, then check out my lesson and start using the five steps I outline. 
      There is also a free PDF with five very short transcriptions which your can go away and try and do yourself, then check with mine. 
      You don’t need to read music to be able to start transcribing. 
      Hope this helps. 
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